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Sword & Laser, a science fiction and fantasy-themed book club, has just posted their interview with Brent! If you’d like to hear how he went from writing on bar napkins to a New York Times bestselling author — you can find the interview HERE.


2 thoughts on “Sword & Laser Interview

  1. Emmy says:

    Even though similar questions are often asked (which must be a little draining) I enjoy them every time. I did love the mention of those “spoilers” on tour, having remembered dashing down to London’s Forbidden Planet to get my book signed and believing-but-not-wanting-to-believe the lie!!

    Thank you Brent Weeks, you joker you..!

  2. Tim says:

    I think those ‘spoilers’ had a lasting psychological effect on a lot of people, especially CAPSLOCK (if there really are lines connecting the dots I’m seeing, and they’re not just all in my head – the dots are a fake spoiler in which major characters die, and the slogan ‘Liv dies’, which seems to be some sort of catchphrase of our esteemed moderators, and CAPSLOCK’s attachment to that character). On that subject, I’m disappointed with the lack of votes for “Anything mocking his assistant” on the poll, but confident in Brent’s commitment to doing so anyway. I really hope that that fake one gets put up somewhere, I want to read it so much after hearing so many hints about it during and shortly after Brent’s tour.

    PS. CAPSLOCK, if you’re reading this (and I know you will be):

    Liv dies =)

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