The winner is…

Wow, do I hate being a judge. CAPSLOCK and I went through all the entries, and I kept saying, “Yeah, that should definitely be one of our winners.” At the end, I realized I’d said it for every competitor. The ‘dual entries’ that we allowed were particularly hard. “Oh, do we give this one to Vi or to Kylar, which Blackguard of this pair, which twin? Crap!” So, thank you for all your hard work and dedication–and forgive me if you were robbed in the prizes.

But as there must be winners, here’s what we chose:

First Place: Red-Yellow Color Wight

Red-Yellow Color Wight #2

Second Place: A Tie!

Blue Monochrome Blackguard

Blue Drafter #1

Kylar with Black Ka’kari

Kylar and Ka'kari

Third Place: Garoth Ursuul

Garoth Ursuul

Fourth Place: Vi Sovari


If you disagree with any of our choices, that was probably a case where CAPSLOCK convinced me to go against my better judgment. 😉

And because everyone was so great, we will be giving signed and personalized bookplates to everyone who submitted an entry.

Also, Germany gets a special mention for sending more awesome than any other country. Germany, FTW! (The rest of you are on notice.)

7 thoughts on “The winner is…

  1. JM says:

    post the rest!

    1. T. Scarlet Jory says:

      I most agree. Would love to see the rest of the entries.

      1. Jesslyn H says:

        Post all the entries! That Red-Yellow wight is freaking awesome!

  2. John says:

    Wooooo Blackgaurds!!! I’m a little sad I didn’t place, but that’s okay because my awesome partner did. His will must have been stronger than mine this time haha. And I get a bookplate! Wow, thanks so much Brent!

  3. :-D says:

    Western Europe must have been a theme then, Momma K’s was taken in The Netherlands (About an hour from Germany). Beautiful and inspiring places for sure! Totally miss the people – too cool to know there were Weeks fans nearby!!

    1. Galewan says:

      Are you momma k. Or now here ? I’m the German Viridiana ! (the first in brents blog of the costume contest, the one on the horse )
      Contact me >.<

      1. :-D says:

        I’m the Momma K entry 🙂 I’m actually back in the U.S. after living in Holland for a year. I did visit Koln and a couple smaller towns in Germany while I was there. I miss the Christmas markets!! I loved your costume entry! Beautiful horses too – I think it was a nice touch to be horseback!

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