What’s with the Hooded Man?

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Aidan Moher of the influential fantasy blog, A Dribble of Ink, has often expressed his hatred of the over-abundance of Hooded Man covers in fantasy.

He interviews Lauren Panepinto, creative director of Orbit, and designer of my covers (which the eagle-eyed among you have noticed feature hooded men) about a design that became a trope that became a cliché.  Check it out HERE.

One thought on “What’s with the Hooded Man?

  1. Steven says:

    I’ve had a thought and I would like it if someone could clear this up for me. I know this isn’t about the lightbringer series but its been bugging me for a while. Kylar and Durzo wouldn’t wear loose fitting hoods that almost come over their faces would they because it would narrow their field of vision which seems a bit strange for a wet boy that has to keep his eyes on anything and be alert to danger? Or am I just nit picking?

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