The Blinding Knife: Trade Paperback


The Blinding Knife is available today in trade paperback online and in bookstores everywhere. Go HERE to order yours if you haven’t already.

What will you get?

1. TWO exclusive chapters of The Broken Eye, the next book in The Lightbringer Series (remember THIS? Now you can actually read it!)*

2. A complete glossary, character list, map and appendix of The Lightbringer world.

3. A more compact version to hand off to friends and family:


4. And look how well it goes together with The Black Prism trade paperback!



*UPDATE FROM BRENT for UK READERS: Those of you who get the copy distributed from the U.K. WILL NOT find the extra chapters. I’m really sorry about this — I only found about it about a week ago (after the printing was already completed). I hope you really enjoy Brian McClellan’s chapters of Promise of Blood, which is there instead. All the other extras are there.

2 thoughts on “The Blinding Knife: Trade Paperback

  1. ZimboFan says:

    I study economics, so I know that having the only available copy of the first two chapters of ‘The Broken Eye’ in the paperback version will allow Brent to capture some of the ‘consumer surplus’ that he would otherwise miss out on; HOWEVER, I am both in the UK and usually buy the books on iTunes. If its not possible for me to get the chapters in the paperback copy of the book, how else (or how soon) till I can? Could it be solved by buying it on the US iTunes Store?

    Dying out here!

    1. brent says:

      Yeah, I’m really bummed that this happened. I had assumed all along that the U.S. and U.K. texts would be exactly the same. I’m checking right now to see if the e-reader versions have the extras. They SHOULD.
      It’s really not my intention to make anybody have to buy my book twice — I want to give you an amazing value for your dollar/pound/euro. It’s more that I had some extra time in between the releases and I wanted to give readers even more of my world. Of course, how publishers end up releasing things is their call, not mine.

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