Other Gemmell Awards

I wanted to let you know that besides the Legend Award, The Blinding Knife has also been nominated for an award that I have absolutely nothing to do with! And that is the Ravenheart Award, which celebrates fantasy cover artists and their work. Congratulations to Silas Manhood, who illustrated The Blinding Knife’s cover. I noticed that the voting page for the Ravenheart Award doesn’t have the cover art listed on the voting page, so I thought I’d put those amazing covers up here. Click on any one to see it full size.


Black MausoleumpressStormdancerUKBesiegedLegion of Shadow
















Go HERE to vote for your favorite. (Psst! Blinding Knife!)

While we’re on the subject, there’s another category, the Morningstar Awardfor new fantasy writers. Congratulations to finalists Saladin AhmedMiles CameronJohn GwynneAidan Harte, Jay Kristoff. To vote for your favorite debut author, go HERE. This is also a great place to find wonderful new writers for your wishlist!


One thought on “Other Gemmell Awards

  1. Cam says:

    I wanted to vote for Blinding Knife but… that dragon… Epic cover.

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