3 thoughts on “Brent Muses on the Plot Twist

  1. Darakna says:

    GodDAMN, Brent, if about Ironfist is true ……. don’t SPOIL it like that!

    And you can twist it as much as you like as far as it concerns me (but I am not all your readers and you won’t get much richer just from people like me :P), if there is Brent Weeks written on the book, I will read it from cover to cover.
    With you it is about the plot, yes, it is about the twisting of the plot, it is about your style of writing, your humour, your characters, your world building, but most of all, what I really really love about your writing is your description of fights (from simple taunting to life and death thing) – it’s better than anything any cinema can show and I’ve been obsessed with reading such ‘action’ since I could read (means that I went through a lot of it).

    You stay cool, twist that knife in our backs a little, and be sure to make us know when the preorders are out.

  2. Dan says:

    A twist that the characters don’t see and that won’t ever realise is good. Maybe it has something to do with Ironfist?

  3. Angela says:

    I love a great plot twist. It’s one of the reasons I adore A Song of Ice and Fire and why The Night Angel was right up my alley.

    After The Blinding Knife, I can’t wait to see what direction the series takes. I agree with Darakna. You can keep twisting the knife a little.

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