La Daga de la Ceguera now available!



The Blinding Knife is now available in Spanish (as La Daga de la Ceguera) — if you haven’t pre-ordered your copy, go HERE to buy one today. You can check out the new imprint, Fantascy, that published La Daga de la Ceguera HERE.They have lots of other great fantasy titles as well.

Brent has also given an interview to Spanish-language book blog La Espada en la Tinta. To read about how having a daughter has changed his writing routine, how Night Angel came to have such cinematic pacing, and whether he would ever write in another genre, go HERE.

**UPDATE: Per the comment below (thank you, Loren!) La Espada en la Tinta has graciously posted the original interview in English on their webpage, just after the Spanish-language version!**

Finally, if you don’t speak Spanish and you’d like to read this or other interviews Brent has done in your non-native language, we hope the following will help. Though there are plenty of translation options available online, the relevant links below may help you get started automatically translating foreign webpages — including Brent’s interviews!

If you use Internet Explorer, try THIS.

If you use Firefox, use THIS add-on.

If you use Google Chrome, lucky you! There’s a built-in translation bar. Not working? Go HERE for help.

If you use Safari, go HERE to download an extension.



2 thoughts on “La Daga de la Ceguera now available!

  1. Loren says:

    Hi, Brent! I’m Loren, La Espada en la Tinta’s editor-in-chief. I want to thank you personally for asking all of our questions. It’s been a great pleasure having you at the blog, really. 🙂 Furthermore, I want to make you know that I just have added the original version of the interview in English, so all non-spanish readers can take a look to it. I’m sorry for not adding it earlier! All of you can find it next to the translated interview:

    Congratulations for all your novels, I’m enjoying them as a usual fantasy reader that looks for a fast-paced story plenty of interesting characters and good magic system. We’ll wait your next novel with too much attention. 😉


    1. Marcy says:

      Hi Loren, hope you’ll see this here. My Spanish isn’t very good, so I wasn’t brave enough to comment directly on La Espada en la Tinta, but I think I *may* have found a translation error. It’s not a huge deal (a tiny piece of a long interview!), but it kind of amused me, and I thought you might want to fix it.

      (The description of the interview intrigued me, so I clicked over. I read this post in my RSS reader, so I didn’t see the update about the original English interview, and I don’t really like automatic translators, so I decided to attempt reading it in Spanish. It was hard for me, I skimmed over some and I definitely didn’t understand everything… and then at the end I found the English version! So I read it again, in English.)

      Where Brent says in English, “And I think I’ve gotten ridiculously lucky in having a daughter who’s been pretty easy so far,” the Spanish is “y creo que he sido ridículamente afortunado teniendo una hija tan bonita.” Unless that’s an expression I’m not familiar with (very possible!), I think that would translate back as, “and I think I’ve been ridiculously lucky in having such a pretty daughter”??

      While the cuteness factor can help a little in the middle of the night when they won’t go to sleep, I don’t think that’s what he meant. On the other hand, I could be totally wrong about my translation!

      Thanks for asking about writing as a father — I feel like novelist mothers are asked those kinds of questions all the time, but fathers hardly ever.

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