Lightbringer 3 Writing Update, Title, etc.

I know I promised you a writing update in September, and I hate to break my word, but here’s a quick update early. I have finished writing the first draft of Lightbringer 3 and we now have a title!

Lightbringer 3 will be called The Broken Eye.

The coming months will be full of editing for me. First, large-scale revisions on my own, then it goes to my editor and we begin the many rounds of work there. As I said before, barring any changes and subject to the almighty publishing schedule, publication will most likely be summer 2014.

Last, as some of you have noticed, I’ve not been posting my monthly writing advice column as I’ve been  spending all my time trying to finish Lightbringer 3. This will probably continue for a month or two, but after I’ve been doing edits for a few months, I’m sure I’ll have lots to say, so it will return sometime this summer. (Thanks for your patience on this. I’m just trying to prioritize what’s most important to most of you.)

When I’ve finished all the substantive edits and/or we have a firm release date for The Broken Eye, I will post another  update on that.



27 thoughts on “Lightbringer 3 Writing Update, Title, etc.

  1. Darakna says:

    Oh, we know what’s taking a lot of your time … Don’t worry, real fans understand ;P

  2. Garrett says:

    So anxious yet so sad. Finished reading the first 2 books for the third time yesterday. Just so many cliffhangers! Having to wait a year and a half just to read the whole book in probably 2 days (I try to make them last, but I think we know how that goes..) is saddening, but I will wait for perfection! Just not patiently 🙂

  3. Michael says:

    Keep up the good work! 🙂

  4. David Kowis says:

    W00t! Yay for more words from you!

  5. Mark E. Douglas, Jr. says:

    Hello Brent,

    Thanks for the update! I am a huge fan of your work, both the Lightbringer and Night Angel series. I check the website from time to time, mainly for two reasons: Lightbringer announcements and writing advice. Your advice has helped me to improve my own novel, The Prophet of the Dragon. The greatest advice you’ve given involves perseverance. I hope to one day follow in your footsteps – perhaps not to your degree of success, but at least in storytelling (I won an Honorable Mention in Writers of the Future this year, so I climbing that ladder, a rung at a time).

    Anyway, your stories are awesome. I look forward to The Broken Eye!

    –Mark E. Douglas, Jr.

  6. robert says:

    Any word on when you graphic novel will be released?

  7. robert says:

    Any word on when you graphic novel will be released?

  8. Elliot says:

    So excited!!! always recommending your books to friends. I cant wait!

  9. Matt says:

    Wow. It feels like you just published Lightbringer 2 last week. You, sir, are a prolific writer! Which I thank you for, because I am addicted to your books 😀 If I didn’t have a reason to live to 2014 this morning, I at least do now 🙂

  10. Peter says:

    Could you please make it less good than “The blinding knife”? Don’t get me wrong, I like great books but if “The broken eye” will be as good as “The blinding knife” and I’ll have to wait another 2 years for a conclusion I might go insane.

    I am not saying that you should make it bad, just not as great.

  11. Valentine Stamkos says:

    how many pages would be the book… in wikipedia is writen that you intent for the series to be 4 books… what kind of part will the 3rd book will have on the whole story… do you intend to end the 3rd book as the 2nd with all the characters in a position of as WORse as it can be ? what kind of mood does the 2nd book have … from bad too beter from bad to worce, bad and good
    bad to beter… stories have heartbets with the mood in them.. in the end of book 2 its like reders breathe out stumble and hit their chest loosing even more air from their lungs and on top of it a heart atack with no one around to help and are in this state untill you publish your 3rd book so what will hapen when the book comes out will we find that wen we reach the botom we can swim only up or do we find that even on the botom we can still be buried

  12. Ash says:

    Finished The Blinding Knife for the second time yesterday and i can honestly say it is one of my favourite books! Could not put it down.

    Roll on book 3. Without a doubt it is going to be AWESOME!

  13. dan says:

    Just purchased the graphic audio version of Blinding Knife, all I can say is , AWSOME! Will Definitely be listening to it again before I read The Broken Eye. So thanks again for yet another of your books that keeps calling me back for a re-read or three..

  14. Adam says:

    OMG!!!!!(orholam) I really thought it would be breaker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But zymun white oak!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was cheeky……….. Love it can’t wait!!!!!! I think gunner deserves a book title call it gunner:):)

  15. Stan says:

    Thank you for the update. I appreciate you making the series a priority.

    I’m of two minds about the subject, personally. For a writer to put out his best work, obviously he has to feel the passion, the creativity, to do so. Reading Pat Rothfuss’ blog occasionally, it seemed like he needed to take a bit of time away from book 3 of his series, just to charge his creative batteries. I can respect that.

    But by the same token, it can be frustrating, as a reader, to hear about your favorite author doing everything BUT finishing up the series you’re desperately waiting to read! :p

    So I guess I’m saying thank you, but also I hope the passion is still there even as you push to complete book 3.

  16. manuel says:

    That’s sounds great can’t wait to read your next books.

    However, I have a kind request . . . Is it possible to add a table with the different colors and their attributes at the end of the book? At the moment I think it would need these 4 rows: color, normal consistent, the exact color speciality and the influence on the mind. (similar as in brandon sandersons mistborn novels)

    that would help a lot for reading the first time.

  17. Seiridis says:

    Year. Time to wait for next book. Year. Oh my god, I’m gonna cry. I know, that you’ve done well with writing, but, oh, this is sooo much time for me now. :<

  18. Jamin says:

    Nooo! I’m just about to finish book #2 the Blinding Knife, and I can’t wait to read the third book. Hurry up Brent, we love your work, you are a god among mortals!

  19. Mike says:

    I really like how active this author is with his website and his fans. Keep it up!

  20. Lee says:


    I’ve read all your work to date three times. The depth and penmanship you place in each character both thrills and intrigues me every time I read your books. I have your collection on my kindle app on my iphone so i can reread each series at my leisure. Quality takes time and patience is a virtue but it is difficult holding out for the next installment.

    Good luck with the challenging months ahead with The broken eye and I’ll look forward to its release next year! Thanks again for your updates on this site enabling your fans to keep an eye on the books developments

    Regards and keep up the good work!!


  21. jeremiah says:

    Is it possible to bring the two series together…… maybe the night angel trilogy is actually a story found in a nine kings variation. I know I dream and I dream Magic. Every pun intended. ThAnks for the great works. Avid minds await thy next novel.

  22. Keith says:

    You, sir, are one hell of an author.. From about page 2 of The Durzo Blint books to the Lightbringer series, I find myself reading late into the night – loosing sleep on account of the literary genius. Bravo!!!! Never stop writing!

  23. Peter says:

    You should know that I’m waiting for the third book before reading the first two. I don’t want to get hooked and torture myself with the wait for the finale.

  24. Joshua says:

    You’re Night Angel Trilogy left a deep impact on me. One that only grew once I was exposed to The Lightbringer series. Both of which I have read at least 8 times with much enjoyment. I also enjoy writing, but whenever I write fiction the story seems to be flimsy and I see too much similarities with books I have previously read. Because of this I stick to poetry and expository writings. Do you have any advice or tips that could help me overcome this difficulty?

  25. Michael says:

    I’m a huge fan of your work. I have read every one of your books many times. I can’t wait for the broken eye to come out and I would LOVE to see a book written about the early days of Durzo Blint. Thank you for the endless hours of joy your book have brought to me. Keep up the great work!
    Your avid fan

  26. Konungr says:

    YAYAYAYAY !!! finally …
    You are now officially my favorite author ! And the Night angel trilogy is my favorite series of books.

    Well keep up the GREAT work with this series !! Kudos to you Brent Weeks 🙂

  27. Larry Bell Jr says:

    Great books, though the Night Angel Series is the best ive ever read. I’ve never found a book, or three, that I literally read over and over and over almost nonstop. I really see hope someone is begging you to be able to make a movie of that series. Same with the Lightbringer series as well. I find myself unable to stop reading any of your books. Keep up the amazing work I can’t wait for the next one.

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