Barnes & Noble : Best SFF of 2012


Brent’s made yet another “Best of 2012” list! This one’s over at the Barnes & Noble SFF blog, Explorations, run by Paul Goat Allen. The Blinding Knife came in second place, and Allen noted, “…honestly I could’ve chosen any number of the titles listed below as my #1 pick and been okay with it. The Blinding Knife by Brent Weeks was even better than The Black Prism (and that’s saying something!)….”

Check out the entire list HERE.

2 thoughts on “Barnes & Noble : Best SFF of 2012

  1. Adam Lane says:

    Wow another? well done Brent you’ve done some great work and the recognition is well deserved, keep writing at this standard and you’ll be “dancing on joes head” a lot more often =P

  2. Some guy says:

    This book deserves more of these. The writing is just, perfect.

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