The Blinding Knife Book Tour

In order to celebrate and promote the release of The Blinding Knife on the 11th of September, Orbit is sending me on my biggest book tour ever.

A book tour is the one time in an author’s life when he gets to pretend to be cool. Roadies, cocaine, thousands of screaming fans, panties thrown on stage… EDIT Driving yourself, coffee, tens of polite fans, washing your underwear in the sink… It’s the life.

I confess, it does always take me a few days to adjust to that fiery orb in the sky when they take me out of my hobbit hole. So if you see me blinking and wincing a lot, it’s probably that. Or the psychotropic drugs. Or possibly the PTSD from my edits. But most likely it’s the Hobbit Hole Eviction Shell Shock. (Henceforth, HHESS.)

This will also be the first time, ever, where I get to do an international book tour. And because it’s so close–I will be stopping in Seattle, after all–this year the tour will include Canada! EDIT Oops, no, no. They’re whispering in my earpiece…

England! I am returning! I know: you haven’t been the same since I left in 1997. Those months we had together changed me, too. So, without further ado, here’s my book tour schedule. (That’s shhed-you-ul, in UK-ese.)

United States:
Tuesday, September 11: Powell’s, Beaverton (near Portland), OR, 7 PM
Wednesday, September 12: University Bookstore, Seattle, WA, 7 PM
Thursday, September 13: Borderlands, San Francisco, CA, 7 PM
Friday, September 14: Tattered Cover, Denver, CO, 7:30 PM
Saturday, September 15: Mysterious Galaxy, San Diego, CA, 2 PM
Sunday, September 16: Barnes & Noble, Santa Monica, CA, 2 PM
Monday, September 17: Book People, Austin, TX, 7 PM
Tuesday, September 18: A Real Bookstore, Fairview (near Dallas), TX, 7 PM
Wednesday, September 19: Barnes & Noble, Orlando, FL, 7 PM
Thursday, September 20: Barnes & Noble, Atlanta, GA, 7 PM
Friday, September 21: Flyleaf Books, Chapel Hill, NC, 7 PM
Saturday, September 22: Joseph-Beth Booksellers, Cincinnati, OH, 7 PM

United Kingdom:

Wednesday, September 26: Forbidden Planet, London
Thursday, September 27: Waterstone’s, Nottingham
Saturday & Sunday, September 29/30 – Guest of Honour at FantasyCon, Brighton

With more UK stops to come! If you have a location to suggest, please contact Orbit UK via the form on

And as a parting gift, here are my favorite (only) memories from my last tour. Presenting The Black Prism tour in 24 seconds.

107 thoughts on “The Blinding Knife Book Tour

  1. Stacey M. says:

    Cincinnati is too far away. 🙁 Come to Cleveland! Or better yet, Akron!

    1. Rachel says:

      Or Columbus! I love your writing. 🙂

  2. Mary says:

    Any chance of more United States dates being added? Or is that section final?

    1. brent says:

      Sadly, that’s final… because I have to catch a plane to London where I’m a guest at a con. We just ran out of days! And touring a month after the book comes out doesn’t give bang for the buck to the publisher–who’s paying for it all!

  3. Mig says:

    could you please stop in Surrey???? wont even ask for croydon just somewhere i can get too without needing to watch the train

  4. Alas, nowhere near Minneapolis.

    1. Morgan Lavandowska says:

      Indeed. It is too bad that you won’t be passing by the Twin Cities.

      1. AJC says:

        Even with the Mall of America, we’re still considered fly over country….

  5. Dale says:

    Should do a couple of stops in scotland instead of just leaving it all to england :[

    1. brent says:

      You can still request stops in the UK. They’re open to adding a couple, they said.

  6. austin says:

    But but but Brent, there are hundreds of suave nerd ballers in Kansas who need you! All of whom are too broke to make the pilgrimage to another state 🙁 help a monochrome out bro! (Or else we’ll send the wetboys after you :p)

    1. brent says:

      I have heard of the mighty suave nerd ballers of Kansas. Hail, suave nerd ballers of Kansas! I bow to your greatness. (I will also suggest you next time ’round.)

  7. Trev says:

    Come to Minnesota. It is a lovely state to tour in.

  8. Isabelle says:

    How long will you be staying at each location?

    1. brent says:

      Usually arrive afternoon, do signing, fly out the next morning. At least one place (LA) we won’t even stay the night.

  9. allison says:

    UK is close to Holland…why not come to Amsterdam while you’re out and about?

  10. Megann says:

    Minnesota would be better on at least three of our budgets, I can ask my dad if he can go to one of the ones in CA but I’m not sure if he would be able to, or if he reads your books so that might end up being awkward for him. All in all looks like I’ll have to miss it this time.

  11. Loki says:

    Any chance to see you in France soon? =)

    1. brent says:

      Not _soon_, sadly. But I have a great relationship with my French publisher, so future trips there are quite likely!

  12. Andrew says:

    No Australia visit? We read you over here too Brent. In fact, I’ve suggested your books to everyone who would listen (and some people who wouldn’t). Come see us some time!

    1. brent says:

      Maybe next time. I did ask this time, but clearly, it’s a big expenditure. We’ll keep trying!

  13. Bethany says:

    I will be driving from Indianapolis. Without a doubt. I love your books! 🙂

  14. aisuru113 says:

    Why doesn’t anyone come to the DC area for book signings. All we get are stupid First Lady ones.

    1. brent says:

      Honestly, we tried DC. From what I hear (second hand! I take no responsibility!), you guys need a great genre bookstore there.

      1. Cameron says:

        how about somewhere else in Virginia? :O

  15. Kelly says:

    Wow, not ONE Canadian stop? Ouch.

    Edmonton would love to see you:)

  16. Alex says:

    Hey Brent, if your going to go all the way to Australia, might as well stop by in Toronto! You know it’s not all just ice and snow up here right? =P Love your books, I can’t count how many times I’ve re-read the night angel trilogy 😉

  17. Hatter says:

    Is there a chance that one day you will come to Poland? We want to see you so badly. Or maybe just me. My body is too far away from England…

    Heck it! I want to be on FantasyCon! You need to tell us how it was, ‘key?

    1. brent says:

      No plans to come to Poland right now, but I sell well enough there, I think it is a possibility for the future! I would love to come.

  18. Brittany says:

    This is probably a stupid question, but what’s the protocol on the book signings? Do we need to buy the books from the place your signing them at, or can we bring in the copy we already own, or what?

    1. brent says:

      Not a stupid question at all! You can bring in as many of my books as you want, and I’ll sign them all. MOST places don’t make you buy the book there, at least not at this point in my career. (I am going to some stores I haven’t visited before, though, so take that with a grain of salt.) On the other hand, the hosting store does go to a lot of extra trouble and expense to host me, so it’s nice if you can buy the book there. If you already own MY book, it’s nice if you buy someone else’s book so the store makes a profit for the night.

  19. Leanne says:

    Shame we won’t be seeing you in The Netherlands. Maybe next time! I’ll just have to console myself with a copy of your new book. Oh, the humanity!
    I hope you get the chance to actually have a little fun and enjoy the places you visit 🙂

  20. Brett says:

    That would be cool if you came home to Montana

    1. brent says:

      I actually will be in Montana seeing family right before the tour… but don’t have any events scheduled. When your state only has 800k people… hard to do a big book signing.

  21. Crystal McAndrews says:

    what about Canada??? British Columbia in particular please one day I hope..

    1. Crystal McAndrews says:

      P.S. – we love you Brent & appreciate all the hard work you put into your novels 🙂

    2. MJ says:

      Totally agree with you there! BC is pretty awesome…

  22. Tianna says:

    brent come to canada! ontario! toronto!!! we love you here!!!

  23. Alan says:

    Seriously? Nothing in the north east, no New York, no Pennsylvania, no Jersey or even anything further north. Tell your agent he needs to learn that there are 50 million people north of North Carolina and many of us would visit your tour.

  24. Michael says:

    Why not cross the border at Seattle and come up to BC for a quick signing. Victoria, Vancouver or Kelowna. I would make the drive any place in for your book signing.

    1. brent says:

      It’s more the time than the distance in this case. The tour has a couple of purposes, but a main one is to try to get strong sales in the first couple weeks so as to have a shot at making the New York Times Bestseller List. (Other reasons are to meet fans, meet bookstore owners and buyers, and let the author out of his cave to air out for a bit.) Why not just drive up there quick? Because I’ll already be on a plane somewhere else. It’s 1 city per day on these things. And because Canadian sales don’t count (to the New York Times!, I care about them very much, thank you!) So if my publisher sends me to Canada, it’ll be solely for purposes 2, 3, and 4. Which may be good enough, but since they had to get me to a commitment at a con in England, there wasn’t time. We were hoping for Canada this time, and I’ll hope for it next time, but I can’t make promises. I go where they send me.

  25. Anna says:

    I’ve sent a request to Orbit books but to reiterate here I’d love you to come to any of these UK locations: Hereford (preferably!), Worcester or Birmingham. I’d love the chance to meet you and get a few books signed! 😀 Love your novels.

  26. Brent, thanks for explaining above to another Canadian fan the whys and hows… At least now I understand. Just wondering if you are coming to Toronto in November. I did not see your name on the participants’ list but one can hope. And if it matters to the publishers, your fans here will try to get you on the Globe & Mail bestseller list – not quite the NYT, I know, but we do love you. Lots. Not sure about panties on stage but we do have a few good pubs worth looking into, you know, for research.

    1. brent says:

      I sneer at no bestseller list! I’m not coming to WorldCon in Toronto because I’m trying to finish the next Lightbringer book faster than I’ve ever finished a book, and I’m already going to be traveling for 5 weeks straight this year. Hard trade offs. 🙁

  27. Joël says:

    Any way to convince the people whispering in your ear to add a pit stop in Canada? Specifically in Waterloo, Ontario. I’d even settle if you came to Toronto, Ontario.

  28. Sheila says:

    I have been thinking of taking a long weekend soon, and I’m near Denver. Looks like I have an excuse now! I will have to figure out what to have you sign, though, because I have all of your books on my Nook!

    1. brent says:

      I’ve been investigating better ways to “sign” ebooks than to, you know, just sign the back. Most are still clunky so far… but I’m hoping–just hoping–that I’ll be able to personalize and sign a doc on my iPad to fans and then send it to you as a PDF that will show up in your e-reader. It won’t be attached to the copy of the book, sadly. But I’m doing the best I can!

  29. Troy says:

    I grew up outside of Missoula, now live in Ohio. I will driving to Cincinnati! Your the first author I have ever wanted a signed copy from. Keep up the good work!

  30. Danielle says:

    You should come over to Brisbane, Australia. We always miss out 🙁

  31. sara valentin says:

    How bout while in N.C. you make an extra stop in New Bern there’s a Books a million there…. It’s a lot closer to many Marines,spouses and other ppl that love you’re books. I would apeciate it as I have all ur books

  32. Mark Bongiovanni says:

    Ever considered an appearance in Australia?? 😉 I’m just saying 🙂 You’ve got a fan base down here!!!

    Best wishes!

  33. Michael says:

    Damn it, come to Canada!!!!!!

    1. Michael says:

      Sorry, I was too lazy to read the other comments. 🙂

  34. Karigan says:

    So excited! I will drive the three hours to Cincinnati for a signature and to meet you!

  35. Amala says:

    You’re coming to London? . . . Thank you for being awesome.

    You’re one of my favourite authors, and I thought I would never meet you because I’m a huge fan and the universe conspires against such things. (I’ve not had the chance to meet any of my other favourite writers yet.) I’m excited!

  36. Joseph says:

    You should come to calgary 🙂 that way i can get a book signed or all of them that i own lol

  37. Kimberly says:

    It would have been nice to see a date for somewhere in Connecticut or New York. I love your work!

  38. Krystal says:

    You just totally made my day when I saw you’re going to be in Ohio. Yes! *happy dance*

  39. Helen says:

    What! No visits to Australia!
    We love you here too.

  40. Lauren says:

    I wish you were coming to Canada 🙁

  41. Tim says:

    Wow already 50 comments.

    So… seeing as you’re going all that way to the UK anyways… Australia? That way you can just keep going around the world to get back to America…

    Great to see the people whispering in your ear are finally letting you go somewhere international, looking forward to buying Blinding Knife as soon as I can get my hands on it.

    1. Keischa says:

      That’s a brilliant answer to an intreestnig question

  42. Libby says:

    I am sad that New Zealand is so far away from everywhere 🙁 I’m pretty certain the whole 3 people who know how to read in this country only read your books….maybe we will have to hold a bake sale to pay for you to come read aloud to the rest of New Zealand 🙂
    Congratulations and have fun on the road trip! Take lots of pictures and then show them to the world!!! (Although that may make my depression on not being able to be anywhere near your book tour even more acute…so up to you really)

  43. Korvazor says:

    yesssssss Chapel Hill NC is less than 3 hours away from me! Now I must only convince my job that I need a weekend off…

  44. Carlos says:


    No Canada?…..Well sorry, eh

  45. Paxson Bachus says:

    Wha-!? But…why not Virginia? Or at least DC. I promise to make people come with me and pretend they know you! Pretty please? We can talk about Oregon since I lived there for 10 years.

  46. Muj Zaka says:

    Come to Birmingham UK!!!!!!

  47. Jake says:

    Brent! I’m looking forward to seeing you in Denver! I’ve never gone out to a book signing before (and I read a lot) so consider yourself special 😀

  48. Ryan says:

    Come to Canada! please!

  49. Jeremy says:

    Disappointed your not coming anywhere in the northeast!! Try to get to Baltimore sometime? crab cakes are bomb!!

  50. Trever says:

    Yes! You’re coming to ohio :DD I’ll be there!

  51. Random says:

    I suggest visiting Oxford, Bristol, or Dublin. Three lovely cities, worthy of such an author like yourself. I’d love to come meet you, if I can get away from studying. Have fun visiting our delightful country – and be sure to bring a rain coat!

  52. Gavin Patmore says:

    Damn! We have a Waterstone’s near my uni and I had my fingers crossed to see it listed… disappointment…. But I will definitely travel to Forbidden Planet and catch you there. I’ll be the fanboy staring at you with wide eyes and the recipient of the immediate lawsuit.

  53. Tom says:

    Come to toronto (the great white north)

  54. Jessie Rahl says:

    Dang! No where near the northeast at all? This makes me sad. 🙁 Ah well, can’t wait for the book! Have fun and safe travels.

  55. Thomas says:

    Why No Canadian Dates. You should have some Canadian Dates. Won’t buy book unless Canadian Dates are set.

    1. brent says:

      Ya got me. I’ll spend $500-$1000 to save a sale that’ll net me at least $2.50! 😉 Publishers set the tour schedule, man. You’re going to punish me for the places they _don’t_ send me?

      1. Brent T. says:

        *Laughs maniacally, then plans to contact one Durzo Blint or Kylar Stern to make Publishers into Deaders for having not included a Maryland Tour date.* Love the new story Mr. Weeks, however you will never convince me that it’s better than a “Once upon a time in Midcyru”….

  56. "Davvi" says:

    I also don’t like the way that publishers set their tour sites (they miss a lot of areas, which is bothersome to the readers/fans as well as the author). BUT, I’ll get the latest book either way since I really enjoy the series – sadly they know this. As a fan/reader, I’m buying the work/book because I enjoy the work and my focus is (a) my own pleasure, plus I’m supporting the author, not the publisher. Of course there is no way to visit every city/town/area due to budgeting – sometimes fans do get annoyed at that but in the end, “it is what it is”.
    At any rate, I really enjoyed the Night Angel series and look forward to reading more. (That’s a hint for Mr Weeks….) Due to how much I like it, I had to read The Black Prism – which is quite good as well. Looking forward to reading the next book – just hate waiting for it! LOL. Sadly it does take some time to flesh out a book if it is going to be good, so I’d rather wait a little more between books to allow for that.
    I do wonder a few things: (a) is “Gavin” going to be the tragic hero that dies or sacrifices his power for love? (b) is Kip to be the next Prism (or False Prism)? (c) Will the real Gavin get out? And if so will he be a help? an enemy? OR could the white dagger somehow combine the 2 brothers with its life-stealing energies (which could reconcile the brothers and ‘recharge’ “Gavin”)? (d) What of Orloham – will his presence actually be found/met/seen/understood??? OR will Orloham be proven to be just an ideal created by someone? (e) What of the ‘apparent’ appearance of more than 1 “prism”? Alas – many possible twists and turns that could come about…and my mind keeps flipping between them and wondering….HENCE I NEED TO GET MY HANDS ON THE NEXT BOOK! 🙂
    Bottom line – everyone should just relax and enjoy what is there and what is given. (No 1 man controls all, nor should he, both in the fantasy realms and in real life.)
    And if you ever happen to read this post – Thank you Mr Weeks for a different and enjoyable tale thus far. (And don’t forget to write more about the Night Angel!) There are many ideas I have in mind (if you ever hit a writer’s block or are curious), if you ever wanted to ask.

    1. Tim says:

      I respect you so much just for not putting a “why” after your “hence.”

  57. Kylie says:

    Please do let us know when and if you ever decide to come to Australia! We have plenty of cons here… best being supanova. xD

    Can’t wait for the new novel. Already pre-ordered on xD woooooooooo

  58. Shaheerah says:

    Northeast PLEASE!!!

    1. brent says:

      Have to be next round, sorry. We tried, for what it’s worth. (Also, I just go where they send me!)

  59. Anthony... says:

    Well… Just wondering if you might ever be sent to your Australian fans? 😛

  60. Steven P says:

    Damn you tour location planners!!! none in Michigan yet again!!!

  61. Martin K says:

    Wow, no Canadian dates again. That sucks 🙁

  62. lydon says:

    Another fan from the land down under. Sad to see you won’t be visiting us, but o man can I not wait to read your book sir 🙂 I don’t know how many times I read the night angel trilogy! And I only today found out I some how owned two sets of it!!! Can. Not. Wait.

  63. Alicia J says:

    I soooo wish I could take time off work to come see you in Oregon. I was just up there a week or so ago, darn it! Anyway, I am anxiously awaiting the new book, already pre-ordered from amazon. Have fun on your tour and hopefully I can catch the next one.

  64. Gimp says:

    Curious if there was a way to order signed books off your website? None of the book signings come anywhere close to my stomping grounds!

    1. CAPSLOCK says:

      There is a way to preorder the books. You can do so via Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or by calling your local bookstore (links below for Amazon and Barnes & Noble).
      If you’d like to order a signed copy, you can order one from The Signed Page, here:

      Barnes & Noble:

  65. Andrew says:

    Aw man. Bummer that you can’t come to Toronto. But have fun on your other stops! Maybe we’ll get lucky for book three? 😉

  66. Aenrot says:

    Damn , i wish some day you will come to Poland 😀

  67. Aegis says:

    As usual, Houston (Texas) gets short shrift. All those snobs in Dallas and free spirits in Austin aren’t the only humans who read.

  68. Nate P says:

    Why aren’t you coming to the Chicago area? You make me sad by not coming here:'(

    1. Nicole Bakirtjy says:

      I second this! TT^TT

  69. Ben says:

    Coming to Australia? We love your books down here too! And it’s a good excuse to come down and experience a really wonderful country.

  70. Marcin says:

    Please don’t forget about your fans in Poland! Maybe you can visit Warsaw some time in the future 🙂

  71. Kip says:

    I suggest coming to Norway, you could have lots of fans here! It is a beautiful country and really worth visting!

  72. DaveM says:

    hi Brent, Looking forward to seeing you in Edinburgh next week.

  73. Jay says:

    Hey Brent,

    Any chance of getting the publishers to send you to Australia next time round..? It’s lovely here this time of year 🙂

    Just finished the blinding knife and stinging for the 3rd book! I know you’ve only just released number 2, but any loose timeframes for book 3? It’s killing me!

    All 5 books are a great read and I think you’ve overtaken Raymond E. Feist as my favourite fantasy author!

  74. Michael says:

    visit Poland!!!! 🙂 we’re waiting here for next book, and to see you!! 🙂

  75. Zack F says:

    I am absolutely gutted that I missed your book signing tour :'(, I’m hoping you’ll do a UK tour again when the next Lightbringer book comes out (can I just add that I read Blinding Knife, one word: Amazing!), so yeah please come back to the UK so I can meet you next time!

  76. Rob says:

    I don’t find it very funny that you joked about coming to Canada. We can read up here too you know. If I wasn’t going through Brent Weeks Withdrawals (henceforth, BWW) I would curse your name for disappointing me.

  77. Max says:

    Come to Dublin or cork please!! So few non-Irish authors come to Ireland like and it would be amazing if you came!!

  78. Davis says:

    Hi Ho Mr Weeks, Congratulations on another masterpiece! This new world of drafting is completely amazing and is pure genuis. I haven’t been able to put down your book since I’ve gotten my mits on it. The night angel trilogy was one of the best series of books I’ve ever come across. When I read the Black Prism my jaw dropped and I couldn’t beleive how good it could be in comparison but it was, is and I think can be greater with the up and coming book/books due out.
    Please don’t stop bringing the world epic stories with characters that make you feel like you know them!

    Much love from the UK

    Mr Davis

    P.s please keep touring your fans adore you

  79. Sanija says:

    Australia ftw! We are rather mad foryou here… Come on over down under!!

  80. Sabrina Regier says:

    Come to Canada ….. It will be awesome i swear….lol

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