Cage Match: Kylar Stern vs. Granny Weatherwax


Because of your support, Kylar Stern has made it to Round 5 of Suvudu’s Cage Match, defeating Erevis Cale in battle last week (go HERE for details). Now he’s facing Terry Pratchett’s amazing Granny Weatherwax. It’s up to you if you want Kylar to advance to the next face-off!

Go HERE to vote.

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18 thoughts on “Cage Match: Kylar Stern vs. Granny Weatherwax

  1. Steven says:

    This is supposed to be an April Fools?

  2. Brandon says:

    Brent how do you let this happen to the guy who should be dominating in this competition i mean this cant even be considered a fight.

  3. Tim says:

    I agree with Steven, kind of a lame write-up, hope the next one has either more action or more explanation.

  4. Weston says:

    Although that was a clever and somewhat witty write up, it in no way payed credit to Kylar Stern… it wasn’t even entertaining like the write up against Erevis Cale where Cale was predicted to win…

    That was a very disappointing write up

  5. Bryce M says:

    I agree. Why Brent? Why do you let them try use Kylar like a snotrag? Anomander Rake will put up a fight, the question is whether they will allow Kylar? They all seem to have no respect for the Nightangel and his abilities.

    1. Terra says:

      I agree. They don’t even seem to know much about him.

  6. Gintoki says:

    It was a lame writeup, I hardly have anything positive to say about it (besides being “well-written and gramatically correct). It really didn’t do Kylar justice. But I’m quite happy that Kylar has made it this far. Quite honestly, I didn’t think he’d make it very far (really I’m not trying to insult you). So I really hope Kylar wins and proves me wrong. If he does win, please give him a chocolate parfait for me and say it was from Gin-chan and that I’m sorry I doubted his greatness and popularity!

  7. Terra says:

    Basically all they wrote was that Kylar got busted in the head with a sledgehammer…
    >:( That write-up was really lame.
    Yeah, everyone knows “Granny” can talk people into doing anything, but seriously? Talking the black ka’kari into leaving Kylar? Yeah right. It can’t leave unless Kylar doesn’t love anymore. I didn’t see any positives in this write-up for Kylar and it really annoys me.

    I really hope he kicks Granny ass 😉

    1. Terra says:

      …and he wouldn’t just stand there like a dummy with a sign saying: “HitMe!”
      I’m pretty sure that Kylar would be the one bashing Granny’s head in with her sledgehammer.
      They really do underestimate him, don’t they?

      Well, win or lose, whatever. Go Kylar!

  8. Fuu says:

    Well that was…………. 2 lines of fight and the rest is just material from a one sided comments section. Even though the Cale fight write-up also had Kylar killed, it was dang fun to read and as acurate as characterisation can get out of the hands of Brent (actually all of Kemp’s write-ups were great!). This write-up, this made less sense than the Saphira vs Zaphod one :\

    Whatever, my vote goes to Kylar. Granny was killed before she was even aware of Kylar’s presence. What transpired was just the dream that flashed before Granny’s eyes, all in the two seconds before she died. There. That makes sense.

  9. Jessie Rahl says:

    I’ve read both “Equal Rites” and the Night Angel Trilogy, and I don’t really see how Granny would win here, especially not that easily. Headology can’t really be compared to the powers of a ka’kari, and I don’t think you could talk directly to one without being bonded to it, awesome witch powers or no.

    I love Terry’s books but I think Kylar would win here, in the end. Maybe if he were facing Death… I don’t know. “HE WOULD PROBABLY JUST CAPSLOCK-SPEAK HIM TO DEATH, ANYWAY.” Or maybe the Luggage… (afterthought) xD

  10. Mike Hogan says:

    i loved the night angel triliogy. never read the other books. but from looking over the comments of people that have read both it seem’s most people agree that this writeing was disapointing in the fact that, alright yes, headology is one of her “powers” but to completely end a fight based on one thing. im not a fan of that lol. voted for kylar.

  11. david says:

    I think the reason he has bowed out of writing more for the cage match is both schedule and fan boy based. Anyone who has followed brent will understand that as a fan of these series and there writers it is very hard to do a write up where you kill one of there characters because you feel like your stealing someones children from them…

    1. brent says:

      Not to mention enraging the fans of the other author if I forget some “crucial” detail. And it’s been years and years since I read some of these books, so doing full justice is nearly impossible. And having just wrapped up a book, I took a week’s vacation in the middle of this. And… well, there is an essential silliness to the crossing of universes. It’s fun, no doubt, but what are the rules for how things mesh? If, say, my universe were only 10,000 years old, and the guy who’s 300,000 years old shows up, do I just say, “Your existence is impossible. Therefore, POOF! I win.”? Or is the winner simply the guy who has the most powers? (Because Kylar clearly isn’t that guy.) Regardless, I enjoy it for what it is–but I prioritize my novel writing above marketing, so I’ve decided that I can’t sacrifice a few weeks of novel writing to write all of Kylar’s matches myself. (Especially because I haven’t read all the other books!)

      1. Bryce M says:

        Once again Brent Weeks shows up and throws a monkey wrench into our thought patterns.

  12. Sarah says:

    Well…. I liked it. Given that a lot of the people writing probably already have hectic and busy schedules, that write up was short sharp and made me chuckle a few times. I have one recurring through going through my head. “What little Granny knows of the person whose head she just mashed in.” I hope she is prepared for the onslaught. >:o)

  13. Luke says:

    What I love so much about that right up is that, even if Granny did win exactly as this write up said, Kylar would just come back in two days and slaughter her… Hehe…

  14. Adam Lane says:

    I do love granny weatherwax but even so i still think this is a very very poor write up, regardless it was the first fight featuring kylar where i’ve known both people and have had a hard time picking one although in the end kylar got my vote.

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