Suvudu Cage Match 2012: Kylar vs. Gimli


Round 1 of Suvudu’s Cage Match 2012 is now live, featuring Kylar vs. Gimli.

Go HERE to read about the face-off (fight scene written by Brent) and vote for who you want to win!

Also, check out and vote in Monday’s new poll!

10 thoughts on “Suvudu Cage Match 2012: Kylar vs. Gimli

  1. Steven says:

    There’s no sub-red option on the poll!! This is madness!!

    1. Brent Weeks says:

      Clearly, an egregious oversight. CAPSLOCK will be fired forthwith. She will henceforth be known as Happy Feet. (Well, until this poll is finished anyway. Plus, she hates the monicker.)

      1. Imel says:

        I don’t think Brent wrote this one it says How WE think the fight will go The past two written by Brent said How BRENT WEEKS thniks the fight will go. Which makes it funnier that I think this has been the write up that had Kylar most in character (though I really enjoyed Brent’s satire of Gimli and Harry)To address the idea of the Black Ka’kari not absorbing other forms of magic, it absorbs light and IIRC heat (but don’t quote me on that I can’t quote why I have this impression of the Ka’kari so I may be mixing in some of the Black Prism universe) so it stands to reason that it would be able to absorb any type of energy thrown at it. Also, you would have to completely destroy the ka’kari to keep Kylar from simply coming back. Or convince him NOT to come back might work if the sacrifice were too great perhaps we’ll see Vi as a hostage. Can’t expect Kylar to give up BOTH of his soul mates now can we?

    2. Meral says:

      Well I voted for Kylar before daireng the comments, based on the fact that he has the Black Kakari which eats magic and was fighting a mage. Then I read PouncySilverkitten’s comment, and regretted my vote. With magic of that subtlety and power, simply being immune to magic isn’t enough. Look at how Mat from Wheel of Time got killed by a lightning bolt from Rhavin despite being immune to the Power at the time. Furthermore, I think it’s highly debatable whether the kakari would be able to absorb magic from different universes. Remember that magic is just a catch all term we use for a certain subset of supernatural things, while magic in the Night Angel Trilogy is a technical term for a specific force. A force quite different in its use and effect from say, Harry Potter’s magic, the True Source in The Wheel of Time, The Force in Star Wars or even more strikingly, one of Brandon Sanderson’s magic systems like Allomancy or Hemalurgy. That said, I do think it’s entirely plausible that Kylar could poison his opponent in such a way that they would die during their match. I also think that he’s capable of surviving the match for long enough that the poison would have time to take effect, even against a mage as powerful as PouncySilverkitten describes assuming that they don’t open with a Rand/Weatherwax style obliteration of the entire stadium. On the other hand though, surely a mage who could shapeshift into a dragon would be able to neutralise a poison if they were aware of it In conclusion, I have to say that this felt like a bit of a copout on Mr. Weeks’ part, especially when Julia’s description includes the term genius. And magic missile seems like a bit of a copout on the part of Suvudu. Have either of the aforementioned read the books? I confess that I haven’t the reviews put me off.

  2. KayFlame says:

    Both characters are awesome and can hold their own in a physical fight, but Kylar totally has the edge over Gimli with his Talent and the ka’kari. Go Kylar! 🙂

    1. Lucimara says:

      You people are ziinmiming a few facts when it comes to Rake He’s an EASILY MORE POWERFUL (although probably not as versatile) magic-user than Quick Ben, who, you may recall, won this tournament last year The Dragon he transforms into is more powerful than any save the Otataral Dragon He’s the ultimate planner/strategist (save for perhaps Shadowthrone) as NOBODY gets over on his plans in the end He’s arguably the greatest swordsman in the world, having had 300,000 years to train, he’s defeated guys on Drizz’t’s / Skilgannon’s/ Lan’s level, had guys on Conan’s level declare that fighting him would be suicide, and stood toe to toe with the aknowledged greatest swordsman in the world until he decided it was time to go He the LITERAL Son of Darkness, His mother being the Godess/ Entity of Darkness And on top of all that, he wields Dragonpur, which is a sword that can kill you and steal your soul with a single scratch. Those of you that know anything about melee combat know how much easier it is to defeat any opponent if all you have to do is hit them with no regard for how much damage you do Kylar is a cool character, and admittedly quite powerful but Rake is simply on another level.

  3. Bryce says:

    Kylar had a hilarious fight, and now its time for Harry Potter to die as well!

  4. Tom says:

    Brent, after reading your depiction of how such a battle would ‘go down’ I believe that someone, somewhere has copy pasted the link into the internet’s ‘permanent script’. It’s like the matrix, but with 4chan!
    And surely there has to be somewhere on the internet (if you searched ‘annals’ and scrolled past 50 pages of p*rn) that these events of awesome are stored.
    Plus, those guys who voted Gimli clearly hadn’t read the Night Angel Trilogy, they were voting out of loyalties sake.

    Oh, and I have also fallen deeply in love with you despite being straight not five minutes ago!

    1. Takia says:

      Expecting Kylar to win, but disappointed with the write-up. Magic slimsie and fireballs? Might as well replace Julia with a generic D&D mage. She’s the underdog, so let’s find a few reasons to vote for her.*SPOILER ALERT!*Magic in the books: Mayakovsky reverses entropy; Josh creates a black-ish hole-ish thing; Quentin walks naked to the south pole (he could have flown to the moon, if he really wanted to); Failstaff almost accidentally flips the magnetic poles; Alice focuses sunlight into a laser, isolates a photon, and shape shifts into a dragon.Julia is on par with these characters. She doesn’t throw out much flashy battle magic, but she also doesn’t go around fighting magic-immune wetboys. Given her genius-level intelligence and later apotheosis, she could certainly do better than chucking rocks. Would the Black Ka’kari save Kylar from asphyxiation if Julia sucked all the oxygen out of the air, as Quentin does in The Magician King?The Pyrrhic victory scenario: Julia recreates Josh’s black hole and flies off into space as the planet collapses. Oversimplified? Absolutely. But the outcome should at least be debatable.

  5. Rou says:

    A few points (note that these will be ltctasainalfy biased towards Kylar):Pouncy: If she sucked all the oxygen out of the air, Kylar simply wouldn’t be able to breathe, right? Which would give him plenty of time to kill her, even assuming he didn’t/couldn’t use his Talent to negate the effect (e.g., by separating the air around him from the rest, kinda like Eragon did in Inheritance when he and Saphira were flying at some ridiculous altitude. There’d be other ways too, but that’s the most obvious, and I’m fairly sure it could be done with Kylar’s Talent (although that would assume he knew what was happening and thought to do it. Alternatively, he can work body magic, he might be able to rig something up to allow him to either not breathe or not breathe oxygen or something, but that would probably be assuming Durzo level knowledge and experience. So best bet’s probably still to hold his breath and kill her before he dies). It also assumes he gave her time to do that in the first place, as does your black-hole-and-fly-to-space scenario. In that one, he might be able to just eat the black hole too.Jam: The Black doesn’t eat magic, it just eats. It eats Kylar’s clothes and weapons, remember? It eats that dagger someone throws at him at some point (I can’t remember anything other than it happening, not how). He could have killed the ferali just by walking through it if he’d thought to do it.On who could beat him, Revan’s got me worried. I think Kylar could beat him, but he could also get absolutely slaughtered by him. Moirane less so, I think Kylar could probably just avoid her attacks and kill her , or kill her before she had a chance to attack without too much difficulty, but she is one of the few who definitely could kill him if he wasn’t careful. Rake probably somewhere between Kylar and Moirane. I think Kylar would probably beat him, but could be wrong (haven’t read the books on any of those characters, but from what I’ve read of Moirane and Rake here, and what I already knew of Revan, I think he’s the greatest threat to Kylar, followed by Rake, followed by Moirane).

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