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The Geek of Oz has just posted a new interview with yours truly — I let slip a few details about The Blinding Knife,  the sources of my snarky humor, and even a few words about the possibility of  a Night Angel movie. Check it out HERE.

23 thoughts on “New Interview!

  1. Nat says:

    If anyone is going to make a Night Angel movie, it better be Peter Jackson! He did an AMAZING job with Lord of the Rings!

    1. shadowbane says:

      peter jackson would be perfect

    2. Colt says:

      That is EXACTLY who I was thinking as I was reading the books for the first time, back in 2010. lol. That would be amazing.

    3. EleneStern says:

      yes!! pj definitaly should direct the night angel movie!!

  2. JM says:

    Please, Please don’t just give the movie to anyone! Your books are my favorites by far and i’d hate to see the Night Angel trilogy given to some hacks that would do nothing more than destroy this great story just to make a few quick bucks.

  3. John Westcott says:

    The “Shadows” trilogy is one of the most enjoyable book series I have EVER read and Weeks is a personal inspiration of mine. I seriously doubt a movie could do it justice but I’d sure like to see them try! Why the hell not if we can have crap like Twilight and The Hunger Games made into films? The Shadows trilogy is far superior!

    1. Joseph says:

      ya but it could always go into a HBO show and turn out like the game of thrones did and that was pretty awesome

  4. Luis says:

    I rather not want it into a movie. I much prefer a series like how they an HBO series of Game Of Thrones. A movie isn’t long enough to really tell the story of the Night Angel Trilogy and if it did become a movie it’ll be to rushed and may not even be as good.

    1. shadowbane says:

      well the series would be a short series with very long conversations so they could add time

  5. Joseph Mondragon says:

    I too would prefer an HBO series to a movie, however, now that Mr. Weeks has the rights back, I trust his judgment. Any person that he would say yes to now would be fine in my book seeing as he plans to be more cautious from here on out.

  6. Fuu says:

    I would prefer a well done series over a movie, mostly because of time allowance. Movie adaptations these days have terrible truncated storytelling which don’t do the original any justice. I’d hate to see the NAT suffer from anything less than the very, very best.

    Now a GAME on the other hand….. Have you considered a game adaptation, Mr Weeks (skipping over any motion pic adaptations)?Third person action adventure with RPG elements 😀 I understand the dev processes are very different between games and movies but…….. I’m sure you’ve played a lot of games and realise that they are great, interactive, FUN storytelling mediums?

    (Can’t wait till September!)

  7. joey says:

    I’d love a movie or a mini series of The Night Angel. Read these books a few years back and got plenty of people to read them as well. I really don’t think I would be disappointed by someone else’s interpretation, else will have to wait and see.

    1. shadowbane says:

      id love to see a good movie with well directors not disney crap

  8. Erick says:

    Please, please, please, for the love of God and all thing holy, DO NOT give the movie rights to M. Night! Don’t let him do to The Night Angel trilogy what he did to The Last Airbender! I love your books, and I will be crushed if it gets ruined by him or people like him!

  9. Killer :3 says:

    HBO series would be beast!

    1. Preston says:

      I really dont think an HBO series would be good because it could always turn out like the True Blood series wich were great books and a great tv show but not really much alike after the first season. And I personally think that if it ended up like the GOT series it would be a travesty because the show is nothing but loose plot and sex, and mor sex. I would prefer nothing but the plot in the movie. A movie keeps the director from deviating where as a tv show is contracted for a season, and if it gets bad ratings they will twist it into basically a porno, then discontinue the series. And if that happened nobody would want to touch the series, therefor effectively ruining the series for those of us who want to see it on the big screen. I think that Peter Jackson would do a great job based off of the LOTR series, but based off of the Hobbit I would rather it just remain a book so as not to tarnish it. Plus do you really think HBO could get actors that would do Durzo, Kylar, and Logan any justice? I dont think so. A high rep movie with a good cast thats not afraid to stick to the book and wow the target audience would be more effective. Ontop of that it is more likely that people will read the books if they see the movie, and we need more readers in the world, not just people who masticate and masterbate on the couch watching HBO. So I think either a close-knit movie or nothing at all.

  10. PheonixAsh says:

    I to prefer a TV series but then I would have to wait 6 months after USA release to watch it and the changes of it being sold here in the UK would be slim as not many US series make it to region 2. Also US TV recording quality always seems abit poor when played on a UK TV (sorry it just does). I really would like to seen Night Angel up on a screen some how if only to see how Brent Weeks sees it abit.

  11. Adam says:

    Peter Jackson or Christopher Nolan would be my first picks for a Night Angel series of movies. And with the breadth of story and the incredibly important character development it would probably have to be done in five or six movies, or have each movie be four or five hours long. The visuals in my head were astounding… anything less that magnificent would be a travesty. I just finished re-reading the trilogy and had an even better time the second time around. And I cried just as hard. And felt just as proud of the heroes as I had before. I really hope the story of all the things foreshadowed in the trilogy gets written. I can’t wait 🙂

  12. Thickness says:

    If they make a movie i think Durzo should be played by Nichoals cage and if a game was made lets hope it turns out like the wolvorine one good movie kick-ass game thats what the night angel trilogy should be

  13. Mystery Penman says:

    If anyone shoul direct it, it should be Steven Spielburg! With Peter Jackson as an assisstant diresctor, of course. Maybe Micheal Bay for the explosions.

  14. Rubber R says:

    i wont watch the movie if Sharlto Copley doesnt play Dorian. *stamps foot*. :p

  15. Andre says:

    Do not give the movie to Peter Jackson.The Lord of the rings and the Hobbit is his. Chronicle was a good movie. Mind you its not Fantasy its since fiction. If anyone has watched ringers you will understand that Brent needs a director that is up and coming. And someone young that has the respect of the Night Angel Trilogy.

    Someone old like Jackson just wouldn’t he would call it a bad copy of Lord of the rings. The same goes for Singer trying to mess with BSG you just don’t remake shit. Wait a few years there will be a bigger following after Hobbit dies.

    2015 is a good year to bring this to the big screen. Like I said just find a young and upcoming director . And shoot it somewhere else not New Zealand not that NZ isn’t good but we need to make this our own thing.

    Try Canada we have lots of bad-ass hills and stuff like that here. Make it between June and September.

  16. quin says:

    I think an anime adaptation of the night angel trilogy would be the best all action scenes would be able to be preformed exactly as thw book reads. Also brent weeks could aid in the creation of the way the characters look not having to rely on actors.

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