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My, who's that charming rogue?


If you’re not a Twitterian (and I don’t blame you if you’re not! Don’t go there, it’s like crack! It was on twitter that I found the sketch of me above by CSpainey!) you probably missed my on-Twitter interview with Bryan Thomas Schmidt. If you are on Twitter, you probably couldn’t  miss it because I clogged up your stream for an hour and half (*cough* sorry about that)! Now, Bryan and Grasping for the Wind have been kind enough to scrub out the hashtags and make it generally legible and have posted the full interview online over here. Due to the nature of twitter, you’ll notice that some of the answers are fairly truncated, but I did my best. And a big thank you to Bryan and to Grasping for the Wind.

2 thoughts on “New Interview

  1. Rob says:

    It’s that dude from Clerks!!!

  2. robert says:

    Holy shit your right lol any way hay brent any knowlage on when we will be reciving our copys of perfect shadow

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