6 thoughts on “New Interview — and a Giveaway!

  1. Nathan Wirth says:

    I hope I win! 🙂 Great interview. Keep up the great work!

  2. Tim says:

    Brilliant interview. I especially liked question 14 =P

    There’s a video game in the works now? Didn’t you say not very long ago that there wasn’t much chance of that because a movie studio would want video game rights and games for movies always suck? Has there been a new development or something, or have I just confused myself?

    Also, has the movie situation changed since some guy bought the rights just to sit on them for ages? Or is he still just sitting there?

    [quote]”The Blinding Knife may be my best book yet” [/quote] (I know that the code won’t work here, but I thought it worth putting it in to clarify anyway)
    They all may be your best book yet – and that would hold if you’d written them in rEv3rse order too.

  3. Brum says:

    197 will now be the answer to every question I don’t actually know the answer too. My wife is going to hit me a lot…

  4. jeorge says:

    well, im not much for paranormal romances so im tnot too sure if ill read them mself. but i do know sum1 who is a big fan of them. so ill let her know. ne1 whos linked to brent weeks has got to b an excellent author.


  5. bts says:

    “After I finish the Lightbringer books, I plan to return to the world of Night Angel and write more there.”

    It would be AWESOME! I’ve never read a book before like Night Angel Trilogy. There are a lots of things i wanna know about the world of Night Angel. I’m looking forward the new books. You are a great writer, keep it up!

  6. That Canadian Guy says:

    Probably one of the best interviews I have ever read. I’m so pumped for The Blinding Knife to come out 😀 I also think a movie and video game will be mega sweet, both of which I’ll buy too lol. Keep up the amazing work! My absolute favorite author ever!

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