Writing Advice Update: Fireworks & Reading Your Novel

Happy 4th of July (early)! And for those of you not in the U.S.A. this weekend, I pity you and your lack of fireworks. 😉

Here’s what I’ve got coming to my backyard…


…well, on a slightly smaller scale, perhaps.

Fireworks aside, it’s Writing Advice time again, and this month we’re addressing the most important question you may ever email me:

Can I (Brent) help you be a writer? And perhaps the second-most important question: Will I read your novel/screenplay/poem/magnum opus? Go here for my response, as well as some thoughts on Sparkly Vampires, Edgar Allan Poe, and the Main Thing.

8 thoughts on “Writing Advice Update: Fireworks & Reading Your Novel

  1. Grant says:

    Hey what about in Canada? We got Canada Day July 1st and we have fireworks too!

  2. Grant says:

    On a different subject, I purchased the limited edition of Perfect Shadow and was wondering approximately when I can expect it to arrive. The postal service here was recently on strike so I can understand if its a bit late but just wanted to check in and know when it should be here. By the way, I live in Alberta Canada.

    1. Oliver says:

      Yes, i have the same question, i ordered mine on the first day and it still has not been delievered… i live in Sydney, Australia 🙂

      1. Traci says:

        The physical copies of the books are not due out until at least August

        1. Tim says:

          Oh, I’d really hoped late Summer was before then =(

  3. Christoph says:

    You know, we have many US soldiers and their families in my town, plus July 4th is the end of the annual fair which always ends with a big bang (figuratively speaking, bad pun intended). As far as I know they plan to combine their fireworking prowess! Which means that the picture you posted could be just accurate. It will be great!

  4. DiGi says:

    I thought they weren’t making physical copies, only digital.

  5. Andrius says:

    I don’t know if this is the place to send my question, but I’ll give it a shot.

    Question: What importance do you give your characters names? How do you find/figure them out? This might sound ridiculous, but even thought I nearly have everything figured out for my own story, as soon as I try jumping in, the names get me; my characters have importance and value in my eyes and I can’t bring myself to say, “You are Mr. Secritive/Caring who has a dark and haunting past and does his best to care for others but occasionally mixes work with home and makes his loved ones pay for it. You are morally ambiguous but all you really want is the best for your adopted son who happens to be your best friends child. You have an enourmous responsibility resting on your shoulders that was put there against your will but you do your best with what you have… I think I’ll call you Jim.”

    Just in case this isn’t the right place to send my question, I’ll just copy and paste.

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