32 thoughts on “Upcoming Apparatings…er… Appearances

  1. robert says:

    brent please come back to san francisco

    1. brent says:

      SF is very possible sometime this fall. Can’t confirm yet, though. (But it feels good to be wanted, so thanks!)

  2. Tim says:

    I know you’re probably really sick of hearing this after being nagged so often, but if I stop nagging you might forget about us.
    So I’ll whine once again: Please come to Australia

    1. Koi says:

      Tim…..I like you 😀

  3. Kevin says:

    Cannot freaking wait until January.

  4. Jacob says:

    Well this makes me extremely happy. We never get anything here in Michigan and I’ve only seen one author i like signing books here. Sounds pretty cool.

    1. Keegan says:

      Ya i cant wait. Im even toying with the idea of getting new copes of The Night Angle Trilogy for it just because my copes are kinda well traveled cause of how often i reread them.

  5. Onion says:

    I am extremely excited to see DragonCon on your itinerary. Yay!

  6. Martin says:

    Mr. Weeks. Y u no come to Canada? 🙁

    1. brent says:

      Martin, I have one possibility there (in 2012, sadly), but not sure about it yet. I would love to come to Canada, but try 1) not to schedule so many things in a year that I don’t get books done, and 2) to go places I’ve been invited! Since Canada counts as a foreign market, my American publisher doesn’t have nearly the financial incentive to fly me up there. (Shrug.) Eventually I’ll get there, though. Which part are you in?

      1. Martin says:

        Toronto. You want Toronto. Its nice.

        P.s. It’s not cold in the summer.

  7. Mary says:

    If I get Obama to read your books, will you come to DC?

    1. brent says:

      If he likes it!

  8. Yesenia says:

    With my luck, its no surprise to see that he’s not coming anywhere near Texas.

    1. Jacob says:

      Funny that you say that when that was one of his biggest books signings on his big book tour for the release of The Black Prism. I think hes deciding to reach his fans in all areas of the country (and hopefully canada and outside of north America) instead of just revisiting the same places over and over again.

      1. Yesenia says:

        Really O_O I hate myself right now….

        1. brent says:

          Yeah, I am trying to systematically hit new places, but not travel so much that it interferes badly with my writing. Texas was an awesome stop on the tour–although 90 degrees at midnight? Whoa, this Montana boy wasn’t built for that kind of heat!

  9. The Endgame says:

    Dear Brent,
    COME TO NEW YORK!!!!!!!!!
    But seriously it would be so awesome to be able to meet you in person and ask you all kinda questions that you wouldn’t have time to answer. I know you probably love doing stuff like that, so New York would be an ideal place for you to come to.
    The Endgame

  10. Darakna says:

    Dear Brent, Slovenia!

    Okay, don’t do it. That would be the shortest line ever. XD (NOT enough English Books, yours do sell, but others I have to order online -.-)
    But when I’m gonna be rich, I’m gonna visit one of the bigger countries to see these things … if you’re still gonna be alive to sign anything XD.

  11. Mike says:

    Well I would have too second, Toronto ON, Canada. Hopefully you visit in 2012.

  12. Deanna says:

    I’d love it if you could arrange to visit Corvallis (Oregon) sometime in the future. It’s so much harder for me to get up to Portland.

  13. Cody S. Owens says:

    Brent, please come to Philadelphia, PA….you have plenty of fans in the NorthEast!

  14. Nikki says:

    Looks like I will be checking out the World Science Fiction Convention in Reno. I live close by, so I’m not going to miss this opportunity. I missed the book signing in San Francisco last year, but my daughter was able to meet you and get a signed copy of the Black Prism for me. I’ve never been to Science Fiction convention (only anime conventions), but sounds like fun. (Btw, I lived around Great Falls, MT up until the time I moved to Nevada).

  15. Lilly says:

    Since you’re coming to DragonCon I don’t think I can justify a beg to just come to Atlanta…w/out the DragonCon price sticker XD

    However, I would like to bow to you right now for that lovely Potter reference. I love you even more now 😀

  16. ryan says:

    come to the UK

  17. Koi says:

    Hey Brent,

    Just sayin’, but you should come “Down Under.” Y’know? Australia and such. It’d be really awesome :3


  18. Kevin says:

    Can you come on a USO tour to Afghanistan?

    That would be the absolute awesome, just so you know.

    I’ll be waiting!

    1. brent says:

      I’m pretty sure I’m not big enough yet for the USO. But dude, if they did invite me, I would be there in a second!I really appreciate what you guys do. Thank you.
      – Brent

  19. Shadowbane says:


    I know people would like you to do a tour of Canada. I also know your fan deomographic. What about hitting Toronto Comic Con? That would be an ideal place for you to make an appearence. Even though Canada is a foriegn market it would make sence that you expand your fanbase by visiting a place with thousands of potential fans. And it’s not like Toronto is a small city. It would be a great place to advertise for the next book in the Lightbringer series and whatever else you have planned (ideally another Midcyru book :P). I was there (at the convention) this last year and it was packed and full of epic nerdieness, and there was a guy in there as a wetboy. A wonderful place full of nerds with too much money. It was an experience that I will never forget and plan to make new ones this year and would recomend it to everyone.

    Yours truly,
    Justin Blakney

  20. Kirk says:

    I would like to tell you that you are my favorite author and my inspiration for writing. I have never been to DragonCon but I will have to come this year if for no reason than to meet you. I will close by saying I love your writing style and I really like the writing advice sections. I’m highly anticipating the character building section because I’ve actually been looking for some good advice on that and I love the characters you create.

    Kirk Thalmueller

  21. sulleneyes says:

    @Kirk – if you’ve never been to D*Con, you are in for a treat. It is nerd-o-licious

    Dear Mr. Weeks,
    I resigned myself to not being at D*Con this year due to committing my life to grad school and knowing the impending doom that will be Labor Day Weekend homework assignments. For you, I will shuck the hobbles and come out to fangirl it up.

    P.S. – Yes, you want some apple pie. Or any other pie you are offered. Make sure you ask for some and don’t stop asking until someone smiles knowingly at you. It is epic goodness and should appear in a story, but do some personal research before you take my word.

  22. Jessica says:

    Whoohoo! Can’t wait to see you at Dragon*Con!

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