Perfect Shadow Cover & Release Date

Today Orbit has unveiled the cover art and announced the release date for Perfect Shadow. (Hint: June!)Β You can check out their full post here. We’ve been working hard to make this available to all my fans simultaneously (see, Australia, I’m not forgettin’ you guys) and found out that if we pull it off, this will be the first *ever* simultaneous international e-book release. So my kudos to Orbit for being on the forefront of electronic publishing. (We’re not betting the farm yet that every international vendor will have it up on their servers on June 1, but we’re trying!)

I’m also delighted to announce that Orbit is doing an unabridged audiobook version available for digital download voiced by the incredible James Langton. (You can hear more samples of his work here.) I’ve spoken with James about the work, and he brings a deep experience and keen understanding to this project. The audio book will be available on the same launch date.

*Update* We’ll post the pre-order page for the audio editions–and for all international editions–as soon as those come online. This is publishing happening in overdrive here, and when dealing with multiple online sellers in multiple countries (each with their own laws, taxes, etcetera) and in very different time zones, there are a lot of moving parts.

70 thoughts on “Perfect Shadow Cover & Release Date

  1. Mike says:

    Any Ideas as to what the cover of the limited release will look like? (sometimes they decorate leatherbound books, etc.)

    1. brent says:

      Not yet. As I understand, Subterranean is talking with artists right now. When we get commitments, I’ll be able to say more.

      1. Richard says:

        I hope Vincent Chong does the cover art! He is a fantastic artist and has done some darn good cover art in the past for subpress.

    2. Aaron says:

      Heya, Brent. I just wanted to let you know that Perfect Shadow is top priority for me. Durzo is my favorite character in my entire arsenal of fantasy/ fiction books. I can’t wait to read about his origins. I love your work, and this book will be spectacular. Thanks for the great books!

  2. Cody says:

    Is Perfect Shadow going to be published as an actual book, or is it strictly ebook (I don’t have an ereader)?

    1. brent says:

      Depends what you mean as an ‘actual book.’ There are no plans to make a paperback version. Someday if I write more novellas, Orbit or someone else might put them together into one paperback–but I haven’t even written any other novellas yet. So that’s at least 3-4 years off.
      So through the old way of doing things, no one would get to see this story for years. With e-books, many people can (though admittedly not all). It’s an imperfect world, but this is the best solution we have.
      Here are the versions there will be: e-book, audio book via digital download, and two collectors’ editions (which are leather-bound books with expensive paper and the whole nine yards).
      I believe that you can buy e-books and read them right off your computer screen, and I may well post directions for how to do that. Again, not perfect, but it is what’s available. Of course, anyone who prefers to wait can obviously do so. πŸ™‚

      1. Cody says:

        I can’t seem to find it anywhere, but when will the collector’s edition be available, and where can I order it at??

        1. Cody says:

          Nevermind, I found it! πŸ™‚ Bit pricey, though… But I can understand with it being a collector’s edition.

      2. Elisabeth says:

        To bad this won’t be released as paperback, was really looking forward to grab myself a copy of this one. And I know a couple of friends of mine that would aswell.
        Being new to this e-book thing (allways loved to have the book in my hand, ready to take it with me where-ever I go), I never sat down to fully understand how it works.
        As I understand, you don’t necesearly need an e-reader? But I can buy it and download it to the computer. My next question then is…does that work world wide? Or are there any restrictions? In general, how does this really work?

        Hope this story will come out in paperback someday! Holding a book in the hand is just so much more comforting and relaxing! πŸ™‚

        Regards from Norway

        1. Cody says:

          Uh, couldn’t agree more with you on the feeling of holding a book in your hand…

        2. Sandra says:

          You can download a Kindle for your PC here (and it’s FREE!) >>

          Enjoy !

          Sandra Ravenwolf

          1. Cody says:

            Sweeettt! Thanks πŸ™‚

          2. Kyle says:

            Is there a downloadable kindle for Mac? because I have a Mac, not a PC

          3. brent says:

            Yes, there is. Look on the right side of Perfect Shadow’s page on the Amazon site.

  3. Wellsy says:

    Just ordered my copy of Perfect Shadow, limited letter version!!!!!! Now all I need is my favorite auther to make his way to NY.

    If i don’t see anything scheduled in the Northeast later this year i will try to make it down to Atlanta.

    1. brent says:

      Wellsy, Thanks so much. Wow! Hope you love it. And believe me, a trip to NY is buzzing around the back of my mind. I’m getting more invitations to things now, I’m just trying to be careful so that I don’t travel so much that I don’t get writing done. Which, ya know, is sort of the point of my job. πŸ™‚ This week, I had excellent, worthwhile business (things valuable to me as a person and necessary as a professional) that took up four days–time I didn’t get to write. I have to be careful not to let that happen too much.
      So, New York… Wanna go, but maybe not this year.

  4. robert says:

    hey dosnt orbit take care of all your travel plans for book tours or is it all your job because you could write while on the road

  5. randi says:

    I am really excited right now πŸ˜€ Durzo has been my hero since I read the beginning of the way of shadows (which is now my favorite book. Just sayin) and it’s good to see his story! You know exactly what your fans want.

  6. Asmor says:

    Disclaimer: The following is not meant as a criticism of Brent Weeks or his works, it is strictly a criticism of the publishing industry and region locking in general.

    The idea that these bits being available worldwide simultaneously is some kind of achievement is at once ludicrous, hilarious, and depressing. A worldwide release of a physical product? That’s noteworthy. A worldwide release of a digital product? That should be the unexceptional rule.

    That vitriol out of the way, really looking forward to this! I’m glad we’re getting to see more from the Night Angel universe, as much as I enjoyed The Black Prism (and I do think it’s a stronger book than its predecessors), when you decided to give your most recent novel a new setting I was worried we might not return to the first.

    1. robert says:


      sorry, i couldent help my self but i see where you can get that assumtion but i knew that
      brent has created two worlds that people will constantly whant to revisite over and over
      even if he drops off of kylar and durzo. he can write the entier history of jorsin alcates
      and the originol bareers of the ka-kari and how they fell. i dont think brent has any idea what kind of world he has created (no offence brent)and the hidden storys that can come to frution. he could be stroys in midcryu for a very long time.

      1. Tim says:

        Unless Kylar kills it. There is a strong possibility of that, being that the next step up for him is killing continents, and that is what Midcyru is…

        1. Avieren says:

          You guys really need to start reading the forums where Brent in detail talks about what hell do when he returns to midcyru, other than asking about it on here, cause i doubt he likes answering it like fifty times. Just thought i’d share so you guys knew you could find your answer.

          1. Tim says:

            Honestly, I wouldn’t even bother with that one if I were you. On the forum there have been at least 5 new threads created in the last 2 months asking if there are plans for any more books on Midcyru… and that information is given in an interview in the back of the books themselves, as well as through links here, as well as in multiple posts on the forum,as well as in every single new thread on the subject.

          2. Avieren says:

            Im replying to my own since i can’t reply to yours?

            Then why are you guys talking about it? I meant that brent clearly stated his plans for the Midcyru books to follow. And ive answered almost all of those questions on the forums, giving my response. Just saying, if you already know what he plans that why question about what he plans?

          3. Tim says:

            It’s maxed out on levels of replies.

            I’m just pointing out that people going to the forum to find these things out seems to result more in new threads on the same tired old topics instead of people coming across the 20 other ones and having their question answered before they’ve asked it, so there’s not a whole lot of point telling them to go to the forum. They’ll just ask it there instead.

  7. Amanda says:

    Just finished reading The Night Angel Trilogy for the billionth time, and can not wait to read Perfect Shadow! I love your writing style and the way you created characters you want to hate for being complete ass holes *cough* Durzo *cough* but cant find the strength to hate. Your books made their way to the top of my favorite list very quickly ( Lightbringer: The Black Prism is right there with it).

  8. Jeremy J. says:

    Looking forward to seeing the French cover.

  9. Kyle says:

    OMG YES!! I have been dieing for another leap into that world. I have Severe Dyslexia and can’t really bring myself to read any book, i usually read a page, chapter… and dont know what I read, but with the Night Angel Trilogy, i Read it, it all made perfect Sense, and i could’nt put it down from page 1 to the end of the last book. It happened to be the only books that Could hold my interest enough to realy try and read them no matter how many attempts it took. I hope there is more to come..

  10. Kyle says:

    OMG YES!! I have been dieing for another leap into that world. I have Severe Dyslexia and can’t really bring myself to read any book, i usually read a page, chapter… and dont know what I read, but with the Night Angel Trilogy, i Read it, it all made perfect Sense, and i could’nt put it down from page 1 to the end of the last book. It happened to be the only books that Could hold my interest enough to really try and read them no matter how many attempts it took. I hope there is more to come..

    1. Tim says:

      It could be worth you looking into audiobooks. I don’t personally listen to them, because I enjoy the actual act of reading a book, but for someone who struggles with reading it seems like a really good, painless way to get the story. I know there are audiobooks out there for Nightangel, and I think the Black Prism. I have no idea where you’d find them though. Brent also mentioned above that Perfect Shadow will be coming out as an audiobook.

      1. Avieren says:

        Tim you’re completely right, though I would have to recommend Audio books for you. Like i’m just like you, i wont even read an e-book because i just love the phyical-ness. But, if you are one of those people like me who just wants to jump to different books, then they are good for books you have already read. I was able to listen to way of the shadows while i was riding my bike, mowing, and running, and still be able to concentrate on another book i was reading. Also, what id recommend is the “Graphic Audio Books” instead of it saying that it rained and thundered, youll hear those things in the background. And instead of one boring narrator droning away, its a whole cast of voice actors. Brent has lots of information on where to go and buy them up on the main site, so just look at some of his old posts. (That was to both of you btw)

  11. George says:

    Hi Brent,

    Im super happy since I managed to get my order though and secure a Limited edition of the Perfect Shadow book, since in my last post regarding perfect shadow it was a 50 50 chance! Anyway I was just wondering if the release date for subterranean is the same as Orbits (1st June) and will it also be an international simultaneous release?

    Thanks as always Brent for your amazing work and brilliant novels!

  12. Jess says:

    Hey Brent,
    I love all of your books it’s amazing on how you bring their worlds to life, When I first read The Ways of Shadows I was like “This is the best book I ever read.” now I have all of your books.
    I’m hoping that one day you’ll bring Perfect Shadow out in a paperback or hard cover book. But I have another question besides about this Novella, When will the second Lightbringer book be coming out?

    1. bill says:

      in fall, sad face, another 4-6 month wait i know but it’ll be worth the wait

  13. bill says:

    SO NOT COOL!!! i pre-order my collectors edition of perfect shadow like three weeks ago, now i get an email sayin there’s an uber-collectors edition…. SAD FACE!

    1. Fuu says:

      Haha yea that was my initial reaction too…. until I saw the price and was glad I didn’t impulse-cancel my order and buy the more limited one. Unless of course you can afford it… they do refunds, and if you go on to purchase the more expensive one, they’ll definitely welcome the refund.

  14. Fuu says:

    Nice cover πŸ˜€ It would fit perfectly on my shelf with my NAT but of course it’s not for paperback…however a leatherbound limited edition addition will look so great! Can’t wait to see the cover for the leatherbound limited edition πŸ˜€

    (If anyone plays… I bought the Limited Codex edition for ACB and I love the leatherbound codex book. The crackly page edge design is a nice touch πŸ™‚ Am now a sucker for leatherbound things even if its synthetic leather. πŸ˜€ Just looks and feels so nice)

  15. Rachael says:

    You have quickly risen to the top of my fav’s list! I do have to say I am one of those types that judges a book by the cover and if there is a map extra points πŸ™‚ So thanks for the great cover and for the map because you rock! I love your writing style and your characters and for jumping right into the story instead of playing around with it. The Black Prism held me so captive that when not reading it, it felt as if the story was continuing on without me and that I was missing something when I put the book down…. didn’t happen too often πŸ™‚ I have never read such a book as this and I have been reading excessively for over 15 years…. being that I am almost 23 I think that is pretty awesome πŸ™‚ You rock and I wish you would come to Gainesville, FL!!!!!

  16. Michael says:

    This is great. Brent I can’t wait for Perfect Shadow to come out. A bit pricey but being able to read about Durzo is well worth it.

  17. Fayt says:

    I just pre-ordered the limited copy of the book. I saw the post for the pre-order forever ago and had given up on the idea of getting it in a physical copy. I’m so glad it wasn’t sold out. I’m so anti e-books and will refuse to buy them unless absolutely necessary. Which I’m glad it wasn’t in this case. I love your books. You are definitely up there on my favorite author list. Can’t wait for the book to come out. πŸ˜€

    Btw, you should come back to Denver. I missed you when you were here in August.

  18. Hejdi says:

    It’s really cool that you go for the ebook version, however, you miss out on a lot of customers. I am from Denmark, and cannot buy your new book, because it will only be released to people living in the English speaking Countries such as the US or UK. I loved your Night Angel trilogy and would have loved to read about Durzo.
    I think that ebooks could be the best invention ever….if it wasn’t for the restrictions that keep all the cool and interesting books from most of Europe.

  19. Ginger says:

    All I have to see is weeeewt!

    1. Ginger says:

      Er… say.


  20. adam lee says:

    i was wondering how many pages this novella was going to be. i heard its about 17,000 words but i do not know how accurate this information is.

    1. brent says:

      Well, it’s an ebook–so the number of pages depends on what your font and margins are. It is 17,000 words. The physical book from Subterranean comes in at about 90 pages if I remember correctly. If you go with smaller, tighter font, obviously, it’ll be shorter.

  21. Nick says:

    Loved it. Quick interesting read and I just can’t get enough of Durzo. Write more Midcyru stuff ASAP!! I can’t get enough

  22. Seraph Tan says:

    Any idea when the Perfect Shadow ebook will be available to South-East Asia?

    I can’t wait!!


    1. brent says:

      Honestly, I have no idea… and the distribution chain gets so convoluted, I don’t even know who to ask. IF you are able to get my other books on e-book in your country, you SHOULD be able to get Perfect Shadow there, too. Supposedly in June, but I don’t have all that much faith in them being speedy. πŸ™ Wish I could give you a happier answer, Seraph!

      1. Seraph Tan says:


        Here I am in Singapore, still waiting for the ebook to be available in this region..

        Thankfully, the thought of me having ordered the limited edition is giving me the patience to wait for the ebook to be available here..


        Still, can’t wait to get a copy of the ebook so that I can read it stealthily in the office!!

  23. Kimmy says:

    Ohyes. Just bought a limited edition.

    I absolutely cannot wait, I won’t e-read it early either, I’ll wait patiently for my glorious hardcover.


    I truly love your books, they gave me a world to hide in when I had nowhere to call home. Only my favorite books do that. Only the best written ones at that.


  24. Mykas says:

    Hi all,
    when and where can I purchase the ebook in the States?
    I tried audible and got the response “We’re sorry. Due to publishing rights restrictions, we are not authorized to sell this item in the country where you live.”


    1. brent says:

      Mykas, I found out about that problem right away, and told my publisher, who immediately got to work fixing it with Audible. It MAY be fixed now, and if it isn’t, should be within a couple days at most. Just a publishing SNAFU. Also, it’s available as an eBook in the US through all of the major channels–Kobo, Kindle, Sony, etc. Audiobook also available through iTunes, etc. (Some might be lagging, though.)

  25. Ellen says:

    do you know the release date for the Limited Edition Leather Bound copy is going to be released? I have pre-ordered it through Subterranean Press, and they haven’t proiveded a release date, it just says “to be release this Fall”

    Any Idea? Thanks

  26. Fuu says:

    There is no set date, just that given range. Apparently they’re aiming for late summer now. Sooooo, August….. ish.

    1. Fuu says:

      Oops, that message was in reply to your question Ellen.

  27. Anya Elvidge says:

    Hi Brent,

    Probably had many irritating individuals such as myself ask the same question here, but what is the estimated date for the limited edition SubPress to be shipped? I’ve got December from somewhere….. maybe that’s right. o.O I’m in the UK so it might be a little different. Or not.

    Thanks a lot.

    Love your work to bits. Have it all.


  28. Ashley E. says:

    I try to follow your work closely, Brent, and I’ve seen a couple of people say they’ve read(/listened?) Perfect Shadow. I’m under the impression that my order for the leatherbound version will not be released until August or so, is that true? I’m asking because I can’t wait!!! lol

  29. Ashley E. says:

    Ahem. I suppose it helps if I read the previous comments. My apologies!!!

    Inserting foot in mouth…. Now.

  30. laura says:

    any idea when the subpress version of this will be released?

  31. Michael says:

    Well as it says on the description of night angel you’re as equal to the legendary writer David Gemmel! I can’t wait for Perfect shadow but I got a question: will it be in different languages? because I’m french and yes I can read English but I’m more comfortable reading in french.

  32. Bryce says:

    Hey i was just wondering what is the difference between the lettered and the normal collectors edition/limited edition. If you can reply with the answer that would really help.

    From one of your favourite fans – Bryce

  33. Alex says:

    Brent, I’m a 15 year old (Boy, just in case you wonder, after all the name is unisex) in Salem, AL. I’ve read the Night Angel Trilogy no less than four times, and I can say with complete confidence that I’m your biggest fan. You have no idea how excited I am about this book, though since I don’t have an ereader my question is, is it possible to download this new book of yours on a playstation3? If it is great, if not it looks like I’ll be buying one of the collectors additions. πŸ˜€ Love your work.


  34. Joshua says:

    Hello everyone I was wondering and hoping inside are there any copies left of the limited edition of Perfect Shadow I went to subterraneanpress and went through the check out process but when i hit continue after putting in my card info it goes to a server failure screen so I am a bit lost any suggestions?

  35. Beau says:

    Brent, waiting patiently for my leather copy of Perfect Shadow to be delivered. In the meantime you could always head north up to British Columbia and come to chapters! haha. You doing any book signings anywhere in Oregon anytime soon. Would love to take a trip down there (that is if you are still dwelling there)


  36. peter says:

    i enjoyed the original night angel trilogy and i look forward to finding out what the origins of the great durzo blint πŸ™‚

  37. Wollie says:


    I was wondering is there a hard copy of Perfect shadow yet, and where will I be able to get one?

    I really love Durzo, and I can’t wait to get my hands on this novel…

    quick q? Brent in the extras at the back of way of the shadow you mentioned something about you were busy with a new book that follows up with the shadow trilogy but 17 years after the shadow trilogy?

    What will this book be called? and or is it done yet?
    I am a big fan and would love it if you can create another action packed trilogy for Kyler and the characters in the shadow trilogy

    Please do let me know, I would buy it even before you start writing it…

    thanks for the excellent story….by far the my best and favorite

  38. Pretorius says:

    Of all the fantasy characters Durzo Blint is by far the most awesome. Thank you for doing more work on his origins, I’m sure it will be a rollercoaster of a book! Night Angel Trilogy is still my nr.1 book series!

  39. sylvain says:

    salut, je voulais savoir si ombre parfaite est disponible en francais parceque je ne le trouve que en anglais que ce soit sur amazon ou ebook.

  40. Aaron V says:


  41. Ryan says:

    I can’t believe I didn’t know there was another story in the series I have all 3 night angel books and I collect leather bounds and I really wisrelease all 3 in one leagher bound collection id buy it h you would

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