Durzo Blint Novella Coming Soon!

It is with great pleasure I announce my new novella, Perfect Shadow, featuring Durzo Blint. Here’s the blurb:

The Foul, Unnatural Murder of Gaelan Starfire & the Birth of Durzo Blint


“I got a bit of prophecy,” the old assassin said. “Not enough to be useful, you know. Just glimpses. My wife dead, things like that to keep me up late at night. I had this vision that I was going to be killed by forty men, all at once. But now that you’re here, I see they’re just you. Durzo Blint.”

Durzo Blint? Gaelan had never even heard the name.

Gaelan Starfire is a farmer now, happy to be a husband and a father; a careful, quiet, simple man. He’s also an immortal, peerless in the arts of war. Over the centuries, he’s worn many faces to hide his gift, but he is a man ill-fit for obscurity, and all too often he’s become a hero, his very names passing into legend: Acaelus Thorne, Yric the Black, Hrothan Steelbender, Tal Drakkan, Rebus Nimble.

But when Gaelan must take a job hunting down the world’s finest assassins for the beautiful courtesan-and-crimelord Gwinvere Kirena, what he finds may destroy everything he’s ever believed in.

I’ve had a lot of fans ask for more about Durzo Blint, and much as I love Durzo and as intimately as I know his story, I’ve always resisted. The story’s dark and gritty–and I’m in the middle of a completely different trilogy right now! My brain is full!

But finally I could hold out no longer. Perfect Shadow is the story of how an idealistic hero became Durzo Blint. I had intended to dash off a short story quickly and move on, but I became deeply enrapt with the story, revisiting Durzo and Momma K and the ka’kari and even more minor characters like Scarred Wrable. Not surprisingly, my quick “short story” swelled to a long short story, then a novelette, and finally it bumped right against that novella demarcation–with enough plot and subplot that I seriously considered making the whole thing a novel.

Instead, I’ve kept it a novella, because I want every word to tell. I want to reward re-reading, and I think this story does that. Perfect Shadow does, I think, all I hoped for it to do: 1) gives fans another dose of a great character, 2) allowed me to experiment and stretch myself as a storyteller, 3) gives a ton of Easter eggs for the attentive fans who’ve read and re-read the Night Angel books, and 4) advances the main stories that I didn’t wrap up at the end of the Night Angel trilogy and to which I shall return after the Lightbringer Trilogy. If you can’t tell, I’m really proud of how it turned out.

I’m also excited about how we’re releasing this book. In a couple of weeks, I’ll be able to give more details, but here’s what I can tell you now: Orbit will be releasing Perfect Shadow for all major ebook platforms in June for a mere $2.99.

And for all collectors, I’m very pleased to announce that Perfect Shadow will also be coming in a limited print run special edition from Subterranean Press, signed and numbered by me. Subterranean Press is taking pre-orders now!

*UPDATE: a note of explanation*

I see that there’s been some confusion, some excitement, and even a bit of outrage, strangely enough, about the above. Publishing in ebook only is unusual, so I wanted to explain how I decided to do that. Some people seem to think I’m holding the story hostage or something, and my intent is exactly the opposite.

I knew the story I wanted to tell in Perfect Shadow, and I wrote it exactly as long as it needed to be to tell the story as well as I could, and that is 17,000 words–which is too long to publish in the magazines that do SFF short stories (usually, they top out at 7,500), and it’s too short to be published as a novel. If I had wanted to cash in and exploit you, I would have filled the story with fluff and published it as a novel. But I believe I should always publish only the best I am capable of, so my choices were to cut half the story and publish it as a short story or to wait a number of years, write some more novellas, and publish it in a collection.

I chose a third option: to publish the story electronically. I know from looking at the numbers that a large number of my fans do have e-readers, so this was by far the best way to get out my story to the largest number of fans inexpensively, without making artistic sacrifices that I wasn’t willing to make, or ripping you off.

If I can, I will make the story available other ways in the future, too. And I will announce those when and if they happen. I love the story, and I want to share it with you. So please don’t impute bad motives where none exist–we’re all doing our best in a rapidly changing market!

* UPDATE 2: ‘limited’ vs ‘lettered’ & what are the limits of ‘limited’, anyway?

I’ve had questions about what ‘limited’ means and what ‘lettered’ means. The limited edition novella will be leather-bound, signed by me, and numbered 1 to 1,500. It may have interior illustrations as well. No artist for those or cover artist has been signed yet. The lettered edition is A-Z, and is very expensive, for the super-enthusiasts out there. This will be bound in different leather, have different and more elaborate foil stamping, have a leather traycase, may have more interior illustrations, and will of course be signed. Subterranean has always had the rights to make the lettered edition, but they overlooked that when they put up their initial post announcing the acquisition. I’m sure they would have corrected it once they put up the full post with cover art, and pictures, and more details.

The next thing is something you have every right to be ticked off about. Subterranean is well on its way to selling out of the limited edition–before they even have cover art or anything. In other similar cases they’ve encountered, they find their books on eBay on the day after publication sometimes for four times the list price. So they asked me if they could increase the print run from 1,000 to 1,500. I said yes. If you’re buying this book purely to profit, I’ve just diluted your stock price–and I understand if you’re mad at me for that. If you want a refund, you can email subpress@gmail.com and get it. But against the interests of investors who want to sell the book on eBay, I was thinking of fans who just want to get the book. If they sell out ridiculously early, some fans aren’t going to be able to buy it at all. I mean, heck, the limited edition already IS expensive without someone’s eBay markup. I also understand that a person can be a fan and also an investor… so again, if you’re mad, I’m sorry, and please feel free to ask for a refund. I do my best to write great stories, but I don’t always get things exactly right, and I do my best to balance the interests of my fans and those I do business with, and if I don’t always get things exactly right here either, that doesn’t surprise me too much. An apology and a refund is the best I can do for you.

215 thoughts on “Durzo Blint Novella Coming Soon!

  1. Eli (Cara) says:

    W00t! Just placed my order for a signed copy. Can hardly wait!

  2. Becca says:

    Agh, Durzo Blint! Durzo-friggin-Blint! Why must I be poor?! I would give my eye teeth for one of those copies… and I’m not even sure what eye teeth are.

    1. michelle says:

      i totally agree that is extortionate!!!

      1. henrykissinher says:

        what is it with authors releasing these limited edition noevellas and rippin people off with extortionate prices, well thank you very much brent after buying all your books and enjoying them all you have royally pissed me off.

        1. Grant says:

          wow you are a total duech!!! Brent Weeks wrote a novella for us, you dont have to buy the limited edition for $45 wich will only have 1000 prints. you have the choice to get the ebook for like $2 so stfu and stop whining. its probably the publisher who is charging so much. and anyway wud u rather Brent had never written anything? cuz then u wudnt hav anything to complain about but everyone wud be missing out on something great so quit bitching

  3. Yesenia says:

    Yay!!!!!! I hope I convince my mom to order me one before they are all gone. I will cry if I don’t get a printed one T_T

  4. Becca says:

    Ah, found a way around my empty pocket! Hopefully they aren’t all spoken for by Sunday!!

  5. Kim says:

    OH MY GOD, YES!!!

    I can’t wait. Thank you Mr. Brent Weeks for being awesome. You have answered my fangirl squees.

  6. Erik says:

    Ugh! I’d give an arm and a leg for one! But no money :'(.

  7. Richard says:

    I can vouch for many book collectors who are big fans of weeks’ work when I say that this book will sell FAST.

    I ordered 10 myself for friends, family, and me of course 😛

    Keep up the great work Brent!

    1. Grant says:

      dude thats kind of selfish…. u can just share one copy with ur friends and family but now thats 9 other people who will be disapointed cuz there werent enough for them
      if u can cancel 9 of ur orders u shud. its the right thing to do so that othes can experience the joy of a printed copy too.

      1. Kylar says:

        I agree, dont be so damn selfish man, Durzo will strike down upon the likes o your wickedness! I pity da foo who orders ten copies of a limited edition novelette

        1. Richard says:

          I ordered 10 copies to save my family and friends shipping. I live in Canada and to ship 10 books separately would cost $120, instead of the…$30 I paid. Don’t they count as “others” as well? Each one of us deserves a copy of this fine book on our shelves just as much as any other Brent Weeks reader.

          There is more then enough copies for fans, and if people do miss out on the hard copy, the E-Book is still available…As I said in a previous post, at least fans of Week’s won’t get stuck scouring E-BAY and possibly paying $100-$200 for a copy JUST to read the story.

          1. Grant says:

            yes they count as people. i live in canada too and i hav friends and siblings who want to read it as well. so i ordered 1 book and we are all going to share it and take turns reading it. this way more people can order the book and share it with their friends and then more people can enjoy reading it. why dont you just share 1 or 2 copies with your friends and family instead of ordering 1 for each. im not saying that your some evil guy or anything cuz i understand that sometimes we do things on impulse. but if there is a way for you to cancel a few of the book orders than it would be kind thing to do for others instead of just you and your friends. dont you think that its nicer to let more people enjoy it than hogging a bunch for people you know instead of sharing a copy?

          2. Grant says:

            richard ur an idiot.. how is purchasing 1% of the total # of copies going to help other peoplenot have to go onto ebay to purchase it? think of others instead of just urself and ur friends. if u purchase 1% of the prints then that drives the demand up because they sell out faster and fans desperatly want a copy so they go online and order it for a crazy price on ebay. u got todays market backwards.

        2. Grant says:

          however if you are unable to cancel some of your ordered copies at least you can say you tried to. and i dont hold anything against you im just trying to help you see another way to share the novella without preventing other people from ordering 1

          1. Richard says:

            Grant, you may have good intentions and I applaud you for that. How ever, that is not how the world works. Where I will not order 9 other copies for friends/family, a book collector will take up those other 9 copies. I can guarantee you about 500 of the copies are going to be purchased by small book sellers and companies.

            I understand the thought of what you are implying. 9 others could have those books to read, share, and enjoy. But, that is not guaranteed. I might just be passing up those books for my own friends and family, just so someone else can make an extra buck.

            I’m not willing to take that chance. I order MANY books off Subterranean Press for friends, family, and people at work. I always order in bulk for those who want them to save everyone shipping. I’ve done it for 4 years for over 200 books. I’m not going to share 1 copy with over 8 people when it is my FAVORITE author publishing a book.

            It may seem greedy, but think about the whole picture. Me giving up not buying 9 other copies, does NOT guarantee other fans will get it. It may just give a book seller an extra copy or two to just make a profit on it later on.

            Anyway, you can go back an forth on a topic like this for ages. No one side is right or wrong, and neither will change their opinion.


          2. Grant says:

            ah ok richard now i understand you and yes you have some good points. while i still think 10 might be a bit excessive im glad that you were not just being selfish and trying to out other people. anyway good luck and enjoy the book 🙂

  8. Tim says:

    Does anyone know the likelihood of another contract for print copies being made? Because that would be ideal. I don’t want to spend $63 on a book, but I’d much rather a hardcopy over an e-book. So yeah. If anyone knows how likely it is that there will be another printing contract so that I can avoid either shelling out a huge amount of money or resorting to an e-book [many shudders here], any sort of answer would be much obliged. Or at least I’d know for sure that I wasn’t going to miss out on a third option.

    1. Ashley says:

      I feel the same way! I don’t have an eReader… Why is that so much cheaper?? lol I’m fine paying for a book, but that’s crazy!! A single mama can’t pay that much 🙁

      1. Jeff says:

        Yes, I am definitely anti-ebook and love paperbacks. So losing out on this sucks. Looks like I have to wait for that collection of novellas to come out many years down the line. 🙁

    2. brent says:

      There are no plans right now for a paperback. IF I write more novellas, it’s reasonably likely Orbit or someone else would collect them into a paperback eventually. I don’t plan to write any more novellas until The Blinding Knife is finished, and generally only plan to write one short work (maybe) between each longer work. So most likely, no paperback for four or five years. That said, if someone came to me tomorrow and said, Hey, I’ll pay you money for that thing… um, I’d be hard pressed to find a reason to tell them No.

      1. A.S.H. says:

        Just wondering if you knew when the new book in the LIghtbringer series would be finished? I’m guessing (or maybe hoping) that The Blinding Knife is the title? I haven’t heard anything about it yet, so I was just hoping for some tidbits…

      2. Ashley says:

        I had no idea it was going to be as fancy as bound in leather! I just purchased this novella, I’m very excited 🙂

        I think if you got someone to release some paperback novellas, they’d be scooped up very quickly. It’s hard to find good material to read these days 😉 I know a few people I’d purchase one for. However…. I can understand both sides. Keep up the great work, Mr. Weeks!

  9. Eli (Cara) says:

    June seems such an intolerably long time a way. It’s a shame there isn’t a fast forward button.

    I don’t do reviews, I don’t know how, but I am so stoked about this gem of a treat, I advertised it on my blog. I’ll probably end up a deader for doing it all wrong, but, if I have to die for something and all that…(please don’t assassinate me until after I’ve read the novella)

  10. Morgan says:

    So, I’m assuming with the e-book you will need a reader and it won’t be available in pdf? Because if that’s the case…

  11. Sarah says:


    Just placed my order. I’m stupidly excited about this! Birthday present from me to me in my birth month…freaking awesome!

    Can’t wait!!!!

  12. Ashley says:

    Is it really $45? I’m terribly interested, believe me, even though I just started Shadow’s Edge, but $45 for a 96 page book?

    1. Richard says:

      The reason why it is $45 is because the book is bound in leather, signed, and written on paper that wont yellow over a long period of time. It is the ultimate version of “collectable” you can find for such an amazing novella. Why would you want the story of Durzo in ANY other format?!

      Compared to the books you’d pick up in the store, those are made out of toilet paper when put up against the books Subterranean Press publishes.

      As a person, I’m glad it is being published as an ebook because now I can read it! As a collector, I am sad because the value and “limited”-ness wont be as high as it could have been.

      Hope this helps!

      1. Ashley says:

        Thank you very much, Richard!! That makes me want to go buy it now, I just thought it was a little paperback. As much as I love paperback and collect books in general, hesitancy was definitely present. Now I’m gonna go see if there’s any more books left 🙂

        I’m extremely intrigued that an author ACTUALLY comments on his own site… The only other author that I’ve seen semi-converse with fans is Jacqueline Carey. So, Mr. Weeks, if you’re reading this, I’m extending my sincere gratitude, respect, and awe. I haven’t even completed the Night Angel Trilogy (just starting the third book), and I’m not sleeping because I can’t put the bloody series down [pun intended 😉 ]. As an aspiring novelist, if you have a sec, how in the world do you write a series like that and maintain normality outside of putting pen to paper?

        Cheers to future literature from a fantastic author.

        1. Richard says:

          Your welcome! I’m glad I was able to help you out.

          Hope you enjoy the third book! I was the same way, I read all three books in two days. Couldn’t put the darn things down, haha.

          1. Fuu says:

            Wow, me too!

            A friend got me into the series and I was skeptical at first (the Wikipedia summary doesn’t do the series justice, at all!) but after the first few chapters, I basically didn’t look up from the books in a little over 2 days!

  13. Calrikc says:

    I’m so glad! Gonna place a pre-order!
    Scarred Wrable is actually one of my favorite characters. I like how he seems to drop into an accent, but speak without one sometimes. And Durzo? Can’t wait!

  14. Russell says:

    Are they all gone? I just tried to order it and im getting an error code 🙁

    1. Mary says:

      I got an error code too when I ordered; but then I found a confirmation e-mail in my mailbox when I checked. Just to be sure, I e-mailed Subtarrean with my order number and they said my order went through…so if you got a confirmation e-mail chances are your order when through fine.

  15. Jackson says:

    Oh my god! I’ve read the night angel trilogy about 8 times now, and the black prism 3 times, while I like the black prism, I LOVE how dark and gritty the night angel trilogy is! And though I am sad this is only 96 pages, I can’t wait! Keep em coming!

  16. Caius says:

    Perfect. I tend to hate full-length prequels, but a novella about Durzo is just what I would want. And $2.99 is just the right price for the length.

    For those complaining about the expensive hardcovers, I suggest you reconsider the ebook. Like pretty much everyone, I was extremely wary of the format, until I actually got an ereader. Now there are only a handful of authors I feel the need to buy physical books from, and even then, I sort of cringe when I think about how much more convenient it would be if I had them on my ereader. Even if you don’t have an ereader and don’t want to buy one, there are several free mainstream applications that you can use to read ebooks on your computer (or phone, or iPad, etc, etc). I understand that’s not the ideal way to read, but for such a short work, it shouldn’t be a huge deal.

    1. Sarah says:

      This is what I was wondering…I have kindle on my computer(but I don’t use it), will I be able to read the novella on my computer? I really can’t afford $62, being a poor student really sucks.

  17. Caius says:

    By the way, any guess when we might see the next Lightbringer book?

  18. Fuu says:

    OMG finally!! This gonna drain my bank D: As cheap as the e-version is I’d want a hard copy D:

    Also, Brent, you wrote “Lightbringer Trilogy”. TRILOGY. Trilogy?

  19. nicole says:

    yay Durzo Blint is getting his own story. I want to read this one *sqeek*.

    I am glad that there will be another book, I am so curious how it will turn out to be.

  20. Chad says:

    Very excited. Just placed my order, but unhappy with Subterranean’s checkout. Be wary when you receive the error message. I double ordered before I realized that it actually HAD gone through. Check your mail!

    And for those complaining about the price, I agree with Richard. Its going to be a great copy to have on my shelf. I may also be shelling out the additional $2.99 for an ebook just so I can take it with me. And ditch the eReaders, just get Microsoft Reader for your PC, works like a charm on my laptop. 🙂

    Brent, thanks for the work you do. I’ve never enjoyed a book series as much as the Night Angel Trilogy. I own every book so far, and will continue to support you with each book you write.

    1. brent says:

      I’ll shoot them an email letting them know some people are getting error messages. Sorry about that! -brent

    2. Chrissi says:

      I got an error message, while ordering, too. Luckily, I’d already read your post. I checked my email and it had gone through. Thanks for the warning!

      I’m so excited about this book! Durzo is such an intresting character and I’d been hoping to find out more about him. There’s nothing like the smell of a new book, so I shelled out for the printed edition. I can’t wait to read it.

      -Chrissi (UK)

    3. Grant says:

      same here Brent! 😀 you are possibly the greatest writer whose material i have read. in order of most favourit, it wud be:
      1: Brent Weeks
      2: Terry Goodkind (sword of truth series.)
      3: Gail Z. Martin
      your stories are exactly what i enjoy reading most keep up the great work \\m//

  21. Will says:

    Any chance of a UK version?

  22. robert says:

    brent you are comitting suicide yea the book is expensive but your NAT books were like around $10 and nice for low income readers i met you in san francisco and you seem to be a fan of your own books whould you pay $45 for a book with 96 pages you said fans have been bugging you for something like this. now people who dont have e-readers will go buy one for more than the book costs. not to mention only 1000 people will only the book i think you should find away to get this out in massmarket paperback after the expensive one is sold because it would ruin the look of many peoples bookcase not having the story of one of the most badass killers in the history of novel wring

  23. Elicius says:

    I’ve never been a fan of signed books. To me it makes sense to get something signed when you meet an author, as a reminder of the memory, but otherwise….I think it stems from OCD to keep my books pristine and proper.

    Basically, what that ramble is for; I’m just wondering if this story will ever be in print in another format? A short-story collection, a small-run hardback or paperback, part of a master collection way in the future when you’ve completed the series? Are any of those likely? I’m a huge dead-tree fan, so I hate supporting the medium that is cutting off a chunk of my book-filled-world….

    Any hope for self-proclaimed freaks like myself?

  24. nicole says:

    will there be a paperpack from this book also? or only the limited edition and on the E book?

  25. Bonfire says:

    OK i just ordered mine 🙂 how ever i forgot to ask mr weeks to sign it to a different name! Also I really dont understand why people are complaining about the price. I paid $62 (including shipping) and for a leather bound limited edition signed book i think that is a freaking bargin! even if it is only 96 pages. The paperback novels for the NAT sold here at around $35 each so I am very pleased with the price.

  26. Richard says:

    If you cant shell out $45 – “because its not worth it for a 96 page novella” – there is the E-BOOK Edition of the Novella for a mere $2.99 coming out for those who don’t want a hard copy and will only read it once.

    If you don’t want to pay $45+shipping and DON’T want to read it electronically, pay $2.99, put it on a USB drive and drive to Kinko’s(us) or Business Depot(canada) and pay $4-$9 and get it printed and bound.

    Be thankful that you have the option to read/print it electronically and wont get stuck trying to find a copy of it on eBay for less then $150-200+ which I assume will be the rough price of it 4-6 months after it sells out.

    Just my 2 cents.

  27. RAH says:

    got mine orderd and will now have all of brents books. next time brent is in san francisco ill have him sign my black prism, then all the books i have of his will be signed.

    by the way will the book have brents actual signiture or will it be printed like the principles do it in school. and if brent hand signs them he should put a qout or something from the NAT or Perfect Shadow.

  28. Lottie says:

    Wow this sounds awsome, Durzo is one of my favourite characters! However im a poor student in the UK and so cant afford it 🙁 , will this be available in the UK at some point in the future?
    Lottie x

  29. Kat says:

    Damn, e-book only release. T.T
    I wouldn’t mind buying a limited edition copy, if it wasn’t so expensive (the signing, numbering and leather…ing, I guess.) Any chance they’d sell just a regular, non-signed copy? Like with PV Brett’s Great Bazaar? I wouldn’t mind paying a few extra dollars (well, more like $10 extra) for something like that.

  30. Omar says:

    Please don’t sell out before Wednesday! I need sufficient time to break a $100 bill without my parents knowing (as in buying Dragon Age 2 without my parents knowing =3) and then trying to convince them to let me buy a $45 novella.

  31. Omar says:

    Oh and by chance I had this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-DPyW0TGqqQ&feature=related
    on as I was reading the summary and it made it feel so epic :O

  32. Korvazor says:

    You just made me on happy fangirl~

    Is it bad when you’re actually seriously debating whether to buy a limited print book or make the next months’ rent? I’m thinking yes…. but I can’t help it I waaaaaant. At least I’m finally working again, let the paychecks be nice please, I wanna buy one…

    1. brent says:

      No, seriously, you gotta pay rent first. I’m cool and all 😉 but, ya know, priorities. If I make you homeless over this, a 96 page book isn’t going to make a very good pillow when you’re sleeping on the street! Thanks for the love, though.

  33. Fuu says:

    I gotta ask before I order….is it synthetic leather? And will you actually sign it? That is, will you actually have held the book, opened it, dipped pen in ink, and signed your name? Also, are there chapter illustrations? I’m a sucker for illustrations no matter how simple or abstract :3

    1. brent says:

      Yes, I will actually be signing it. May not dip the pen in ink–I’m more of a rollerball guy–but yeah, it’s definitely NOT going to be a rubber stamp or something lame like that. And the site says leather, so I assume they mean leather. They’re still working to line up the art, so I can’t say anything more about that right now.

      1. Richard says:

        Really Brent? I always pictured you as a “dip the pen in ink” type of guy, haha.

      2. Fuu says:

        Firstly, thanks for your reply, Brent!

        And it’s good to know it’s not stamped or, God forbid, printed on. But I’ll be keeping an eye out for more details that will be revealed in the coming months…

        Also, I agree with Richard :3 Hence my choice of words XD

      3. Grant says:

        i also always thought you would be very extravagent with your autographs, such as an eagle feather quill and an ink well by your side as you sign the papers in large, renaissance era letters lol. but rollerball is a great way to get it done to 🙂

  34. tagno says:

    I think the only reason it costs 45$ is that is limited to 1000 copies and for that the production cost is heavier.
    I don’t think that Brent Weeks would charge anyone, fan or not, for his autograph.

    1. brent says:

      True. I have never charged for my autograph, and I don’t think I ever will.

  35. Wolf says:

    Well I will start by saying as much as I would love to read more about Durzo Blint this book is making me see red. I would much rather Brent Weeks to be spending his time writing the next book in the lightbringer trilogy rather then be writing a book about durzo blint.

    1. Tim says:

      I would much rather he ditched Lightbringer for now and wrote a series based around the events of The Alkestian first. Because that series would be SOOOOOOO epic.

      Besides, this gives us something more to read, and reread, and rereread, etc. while we wait.

    2. Eli (Cara) says:

      Seriously? You see red because he writes? Wow!

      I’m just very happy Mr Weeks decided to write stories in the first place and I feel honored to have been given the opportunity to share in the universes he’s created.

      Mr Weeks, I hope you never stop writing stories, short or long ones, series or stand alone – doesn’t matter I’ve loved all the books that have come out up till now. I believe I’ll keep on loving every one of the books that will come out in the future too =)

    3. brent says:

      I’m sorry you feel that way, Wolf. I do feel a duty to my fans to be working and producing the best stuff I can make–and when I sign up for a trilogy, I feel a duty to get it done. However, how I do that and how I can do that best is something for me to figure out. I was stuck on Lightbringer 2 for a couple of weeks where I wasn’t satisfied with what I was doing, so I took the opportunity to write something different and short to get my creative juices flowing again. Perfect Shadow was a blast for me to write; it stretched my skills, gave me a place to experiment, and it was something I needed to do artistically.

      It also helped me get back going on Lightbringer 2 (which, in response to another person’s question, is indeed titled The Blinding Knife).

      1. Omar says:

        I’m guessing that’s referring to the dagger that takes away Gavin’s colors…would be interesting to find out the history behind that in particular.

        1. RAH says:

          Brent dont stop you are a geniuse with a pen The Lightbringer series is gold you took magic to a physical level I dont beleve i have seen magic in a physical and yet untangible form at the same time BRILANT keep going. your gift for twisting the flow of the story and leaving every one on the edge of there seats(and thats not an easy thing to do with books) is a Talent all its own.

          are you shure that blints words of wisdom to kylar about while one person can speak 100 but can only do small amounts of non dificult math problems and the person that can solve really dificult math problems can speak only two. was really about you? you might not be able to calculus ( as far as i know) but your talent is with words.

          1. Grant says:

            ditto dude. its absolutly brilliant of Brent to have thought up this form of magic. and all your universes are so amazing i sometimes wish i could live in them lol. iv always wanted to live in the past so thats wat i love reading and you fit the bill perfectly.

            By the way Mr. Weeks, could you give us a date for The Blinding Knife? and also when we can be expecting the copies of Perfect Shawdow to arrive?

  36. Blase says:

    Brent do you know if by chance there are plans to do an audiobook or Graphic Audio version of Perfect Shadow? Shout out to Graphic Audio for doing a spectacular job with The Black Prism since I was so disappointed with the iTunes version of the book. As much as I frequently enjoy the Night Angel Trilogy on audiobook I was so pleased with GA’s treatment of BP (Sorry, I’m in the military, I speak in abbreviations) that I’m probably going to end up buying the entire trilogy as done by Graphic Audio. Really hope to hear their players do a treatment of Durzo Blint’s latest escapade, short as it will be.

  37. tristin says:

    Dang!!!!!!!!!! why do i miss out on these things

  38. Madureira says:

    Hi5 from portugal!!! Great triology looking foward for the durzo novel =) keep up the great work and thanks for filling this world with your imagination

  39. Blayne says:

    Very excited to see this story but i think if i had to chose one short story to read from this series I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see Brent write out a short story on the duel between Kylar and Garuwashi. That would make a great story and I hope one day to see that in print.

    But otherwise I cant wait till this comes out exspecially at $3 for the ebook version!

  40. JamesFaith says:

    It’s great you continue in Night angel’s world, Mr. Weeks. I’m hoping you will write more soon, I translated your trilogy to Czech and I will gladly continue with book of stories, if I got chance.
    It was good spended half year (aside from few really deadly English equivokes), I would like repeat it.

    P.S.: Don’t worry, my passive English is MUCH better then active. 😉

  41. Celine says:

    Well, I just ordered my copy !! So yep, still some left … unless I got the last one hehe.

    Thanks Brent !!


  42. Anna says:


    I’m a Dutch girl and just happened to pick up the first of your Night Angel trilogy books last week. Though I didn’t know the author and had no time to really read books for fun between my university classes, I couldn’t help but like the main idea that was presented to me. Needless to say, there’s a reason why I’m looking up this site now haha.
    The Way of Shadows was lovely, I just finished it today. Since I especially liked Durzo, this bit of news is great to hear! I hope I’ll be able to order a copy before it sells out. Until then, I’ll dive into those other books of yours.

    Either way, keep up the great work! Authors like you inspire me and make my day whenever I read their work.


  43. znhunter says:

    When should we expect a new Lightbringer Novel! because honestly, that was the best book I have ever read!

  44. Caitlin says:

    KUDOS for writing this Durzo novella Mr Weeks!!! Must be tough writing a brand new series PLUS this short book!!! 😀 Well done, you know all of us here (plus more, who aren’t as obsessive fans as us XD) think you are the coolest dooooood in the world for doing all you do, and we really REALLY appreciate your effort and devotion to your fans, characters, and books, and we wish you the bestest best for all that you do in the future!!!! Know that we got you on our pre-order list ;P literally, I begged my father to get me this new Durzo book for my birthday (which is in September YAYZ) so I hope he didn’t skive off and go for the cheap less-awesome-amazing-OMG-worthy version which isn’t signed and numbered and bound in leather XD *HUGS* (unless you think hugs are weird and not cool for a cool guy like you, in which case you get a knuckle-bump)

  45. William says:

    Just bought my copy, that was the quickest decision i’ve ever made 🙂 Also just thinking, some more on Ezra and Jorsin Alkestes and the whole krul war at black barrow would be amazing but i suppose you have to leave some mystreries. Reading it through again at the minute. Saw some comments about people who have read it loads, i can read fast but not that fast. I think someone said he/she read all books in 2 days. I can manage one in a day if i read non stop except for eating but with these books i love re-reading sections that bring up early events or bring lots of tangents together. Still best books ever and I doubt that will ever change. Thanks, i’ll be reading whatever you write 🙂

  46. Shadow Wolf says:

    Just ordered and paid for the limited edition copy 🙂
    Always willing to pay an artist who deserves it and this is well worth it! I’m looking forward to reading it, the anticipation is already driving me nuts and I’ve only just found out about this.

    Any signs of a visit to Australia in the future?

    1. Tim says:

      He’s said many many times that he’d like to, but there are no plans as of yet, unless something’s come up in the last month or so since the last update on potential for an Australian tour.

  47. Lilly says:

    While I would love to get a copy of this, I so cannot afford to with college looming. 🙁
    Best wishes to everyone who does!!

    Hopefully I’ll be able to read it on a friend’s e-reader at least!!

    So glad the know that the Lightbringer series is marching on!

    Keep up the excellent writing Mr. Weeks!

  48. fatal rebellion says:

    I just ordered my copy. I almost shit my pants when I heard it was gonna be personally signed and numbered, AND leather-bound <3 As a huuuuge fan of your works, I can't believe it!! (And normally I would hesitate to buy a book anywhere near $45 dollars, to say nothing of a novella) but… hell… it's fucking DURZO BLINT! I seriously can't wait, Brent, for another outstanding piece of work from my all-time fave author.

  49. Azoth Kylar says:

    hoping for a hardcover or paperback copy in the future..it’s hard to get your books due to being so far from the US and waiting for new copies to be available here in the Philippines..wanted to get an e-book copy but will cost me a fortune due to the currency exchange >_<

    btw, i named by kid Azoth Kylar due to my obsession with the Night Angel Trilogy ^_^

    1. Grant says:

      nice dude. i wish i cud change my name to Durzo Blint tho.
      or my personal creation of fusing Azoth and Durzo: Durzoth

  50. Michael says:

    Hey does anyone know if this is coming out on graphic audio i know that they have released all of Brent Weeks stuff so far. I don’t know jest kinda thinking out loud.

  51. Katherine says:

    Yes got a copy! First time I’ve ever bought something like this from an author, excited :). Brent any hints about when the blinding knife is going to be ready? The black prism became my favourite book, I’m inpatient for more other authors just don’t compare.

  52. Sam says:

    I was trying to order the book but I kept on getting a server error message, a little angry right now.Does anyone know why that is?

    1. Sam says:

      Alright,I was reading some earlier posts and discovered that I have run into the same problem as someone else. My order went through, however, now I have ordered two of the books.I only want one, I do not want to pay 90 dollars for two of the exact same books. I tried to e-mail the site that sells them, but I got a failure to send message.Please,can something be done about this, I only want one book.

      1. Richard says:

        You can cancel an order anytime by e-mailing subpress@gmail.com as long as it hasn’t been shipped already. I’d say you have a loooong time for that with this book 🙂

        Bill will most likely reply to you, he is a very understanding guy.

        Hope this helps!

  53. sarah says:

    Woohoo! Got a copy!

  54. sarah says:

    You have to go back and hit the Update button next to your order after you put it the amount you want… If not it’ll land you with 2

  55. Dave says:

    Can you not release it in a Small novel forum. Similar to Debt of bones. Seems the same to me. I dont go in for the e-readers so not an option. I picked up book one of the Night Angel triology and finished it in a night and ran to get the next 2. I like what you write and will give your others a try but Must say I dont think e-reader only is fair and not publishing it in a small book is a cop out. I have purchaced many such books written to fill in the gaps of stories…

  56. Jeremy J. says:

    Know what would be awesome?

    Doing another limited print that’s more affordable in straight up paperback for…oh, say $3-6. That’d be pretty boss.

    I mean, y’know…if you wanna.


  57. Angie Lenkevich says:

    I’m a big of the Night Angel Trilogy and the Black Prism books. I can honestly say I can’t wait for more books to come out. Durzo Blint’s story is one I look forward to reading more about no matter what format it comes out in. Keep up the great work with such awesome characters.

  58. kris t says:

    Just got my self on the list for a signed copy, someone mentioned it was a first for them and thats the same for me from the uk and the postage did up the price quite a bit but worth it if you ask me. Get a quick read and a bit of a collectors item. Look forward to the many other books that you bring out.

    PS read the new series book one but did prefer the first trilogy the action and characters i felt where slightly better but wont make a full judgement til the end of this set 🙂 keep up the good work.

  59. megin says:

    I love Durzo!!! He’s kinda the more darker version of Halt in the Ranger’s Apprentice for YA. He so deserves the love and affection after serving the Kakari for like ever!!! Durzo’s past would definitely be interesting…So waiting for the second novel of the Black Prism series!!! And I remember BW saying he will continue the sequel to NA when he finishes this trilogy…..two more books to go….two more books to go…..*chanting that time will pass by quickly*…..

    1. Matt Hayes says:

      He is a darker version of Halt, isn’t he? I didn’t realize that until you said it.

      1. brayden cornish says:

        he is but durzo is stonger and halt cares more

        1. Tim says:

          Not when you look at personality. All the similarities are superficial – father figures for an orphan, master of said orphan, royalty. Durzo himself is completely different from Halt.

          That said, I can imagine him being sort of similar earlier in his life, while before he got so completely disillusioned and sick of life.

  60. Nicole K says:

    Just preordered mine as well….Wish it was gonna be released other than ereader only cuz $45 is a little expensive to me, but it is a collectors item and I want to be able to read the book. Since I don’t own an ereader and never will (I’m more into the actual feel of holding a book and turning the page, etc. etc. lol) so for people like me this is the only option right now to read it, and I’m looking forward to reading it 🙂 Can’t wait for the next book after Black Prism I want more!!!

  61. kevin shortt says:

    🙂 just got my name on the list. cant wait to get my hands on it. just seen on the website that they have sold over 650 of them as of the 18th of march. so if anyone else wants one best hurry

  62. Fuu says:

    Hi Brent,

    Can I ask how the books will be numbered? Will we get a number in the order we purchased them in or will it just be completely random? I’d love a specific number for my copy though =w=


    1. brent says:

      Great question–and I don’t know the answer. This is my first time, too!

      If you shoot it over to subpress@gmail.com along with details of what you’re looking for, I’m sure they’ll help you out.

  63. Alicia Jones says:

    WooHoo!! I just ordered my signed copy of Durzo’s story. So excited. I haven’t decided to get an e-reader yet, still thinking about it. I love the feel and smell of books too much, I guess. So I am very grateful that there is the option here of getting the story in book form. Can’t wait.

  64. Ashley says:

    I am super excited to hear that you have expanded on the story of Durzo! He is by far, one of my favorite characters.But I have to say I am extremely disappointed that I wont be able to read the story or obtain a copy of it. A limited and signed published copy is nice, but it is just that limited. And I do not own or do any e reading so, like I said I wont be able to enjoy the story, and I have a feeling there are countless others in the same boat as me. I hope you change your mind and decide to have it published and accessible to everyone in print so we can all continue to enjoy your stories, because lets face it, they’re amazing!

    1. Richard says:

      Most e-books can be read with a standard program and not require a specific e-reader like the Kindle or Kobo and so on.

      I’m sure you will be able to download it straight to your PC and read it. It will only be around 90-100 pages, as is the length for most novellas. It can be read in an hour on the computer, and if you have adobe acrobat (which 50%+of the population on this planet does, lol) then you can make it read it to you, like an audio book.

      You also have to understand that as an author and a very good writer, he made one of the hardest decisions he could in his career. Sell you short and publish a paperback novel with 300 pages of fluff and 90 pages of real content and call it a story? Or publish a limited novella, personally signed by him on each of those 1000 copies, numbered and leather bound, with 90-100 pages of REAL story minus the fluff, along with an e-version for those who don’t want the hard copy.

      Just a thought =)

      1. Tim says:

        He could have published it as a novella in a not so limited form that doesn’t cost $62 including postage. It is possible to publish something less than 500 pages long.

        Also, most of those of us who don’t like ebooks don’t like audiobooks either. We just like books. As in, real books.

        1. Richard says:

          If you REALLY like Brent Weeks as an author, you would put up with the fact that it’s an e-book and just read it on your computer/e-reader and suck it up. Your never always going to get what you want in life. He cant please everyone, and thats just that. If you cant put aside 40-60 minutes to read an e-book for an author you like, well, obviously you have a different opinion about his writing then the thousands of readers who are ordering the book and waiting for the e-book.

          Of course, you have your own opinion and are free to express it.

          1. Greg says:

            I completely agree with Richard. It is accessable to anyone who can post on this forum. If you have this much computer know how, then you can read/listen to it here. Personally I use Aldiko, a free ebook reader on my phone and I love it that way. Portable and easily accessible. On the other side of this topic, I am extremely excited to have a limited edition, high quality, signed copy. While I agree that the story needs to be accesible by fans (and it is electronically) I for one appreciate the collectible nature of it. I read Brandon Sanderson’s Elantris and Mistborn series via Aldiko and purchased signed personalized hardbacks directly from the author afterwards.

          2. Tim says:

            BECAUSE I really like Brent Weeks as an author, I could refuse to settle for an e-book and pay $62US just so I could actually have the book. As I did. And hated myself for it, because I was stupid enough to pay that much money for a 96 page book. Because I let myself get ripped off, and I knew it, but paid up like a good little fan anyway. Because Brent Weeks is one of the most amazing authors ever and I will not put up with anything less than a book for his work. So as excited as I am about having this limited edition, leatherbound, signed copy, I am extremely frustrated, because I would have been happy enough with a standard paperback and had to shell out for this. I didn’t pay $63 for a collector’s item; I paid it for a 96 page Brent Weeks book.

          3. Fuu says:

            I agree with all of you.

            It’s true that $45 for a 96 page book is rather extortionate (even compared to the other books by SP, so Brent, given that there’s still some time, please make the final product flash and ornate and just awesome and justified for its price 😀 I suggest adding a velvet drawstring bag as packaging? Lol), but as a die hard fan you can still moan and complain because aside from wanting the whole set of the author’s works, most of us are still either relying on parental charity or working our asses off to pay the rent. We shouldn’t have to compensate a little by drawing from survival funds.

            That said, the e-version is the cheaper alternative for those who can’t get the limited edition at all (assuming the story is the real draw). Given it’s the year 2011, any Dick, Jen and Bill should have access to a computer/laptop and maybe even a smartphone. If you don’t have or want to buy an e-reader, those are your alternative readers. You can also print it out for a material copy if you feel better turning pages. Either way, you will be able to read the story, and it’ll probably be read in one sitting, less time the average young person spends staring at YouTube videos.

        2. Grant says:

          Hey Tim just a thought. Buy the e-book, save it to word, print it yourself, and then bind it with string or staple it or whatever. that way everyone wins and you can stop whining

  65. Harold says:

    Months ago I read the Night Angel Trilogy, and this week I couldn’t resist just looking at it on my bookshelf unread. I had to pick up the first book and didn’t stop until I finished the third. When I got to 241 on book 3 and read how the current Black Dragons wanted Kyler to apprentice Blue, a girl member of the guild, I couldn’t help but imagine what a story would be like if a continuation existed where Kyler actually does take Blue as an apprentice, and the story told through her eyes.

    When I looked up your website and saw this I couldn’t help but yell out, Yes! right in the middle of the night which caused my dad to wake up. It’s not exactly what I was looking for, but in some ways it’s even better. I can’t wait for it to read it!

  66. James says:

    FINALLY :D!!!! I was feeling pretty bummed out today after I finished Beyond the shadows for the third time, knowing I’d have to wait ages for the next book in the series, then I saw this. It made my day and I’m super excited :). Looking forward to the next book in the Black Prism series too.

    Also, I just like to thank Brent for publishing this book an ebook format and making this affordable. I don’t know about you guys but I don’t always have the cash to buy books and I don’t really have a local library, so when an author does something like that to help out fans, it means a lot.

    Hope more authors follow your lead Mr. Weeks and thanks again.

    Ps. To all those who don’t own ereaders… Check out the mobi pocket website from your computer. You can read from your phone, computer, ect. Convenience is great and you can access your own library of books from just about anywhere :). Plus it cuts some costs.

  67. Steven says:

    Ordered it today, just please…for the love of God, don’t end this series with a song…..PLEASE DON”T

  68. Anna says:

    i love the night angel trilogy they are the best. cant wait till this novella comes out

  69. Luke says:

    I’d rather have a book with 90 pages of story and another couple of hundred of fluff that I could afford to buy as a real book, rather than one I won’t get to read at all since I don’t own, can’t afford, and wouldn’t buy anyway, an ebook reader (and hate I reading stuff (as in books, not websites…) on screens anyway.) Was really looking forward to the novella ’til I saw this.

  70. brent says:

    Hey, for those of you who are frustrated by the choices (wait, ebook, or collectors edition), I do hear you. I am working behind the scenes to try to expand the choices. (And that’s really all I can say right now.)

    1. Matt Hayes says:

      Hey, Brent, I’ve read all 4 of your books and will probably buy PERFECT SHADOW when it comes out for the Nook. I was wondering when we could hear something about Lightbringer #2.

    2. Jeremy J. says:

      Thank you.

      This is why I like you. You try.

  71. Barb Walker says:

    NO NO NO NO NOVELLA make it a full novel a prequel tot he trilogy plz plz plz plz

    1. brayden cornish says:

      yeah a novella is a cheap prequeal

  72. Barb Walker says:

    or make it a separate trilogy
    Luv your Books just started to read the night angel trilogy and am hooked

    1. brayden cornish says:

      ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo yeah

      1. brayden cornish says:

        even better

  73. John says:

    Hey Brent, I’m a big fan from Spain and currently reading the Night Angel Trilogy -I’m loving it! Hope you end up making it and give us another choice to buy this new book; the most important is you’re trying though. I appreciate it.

  74. Luke DeCasas says:

    Thank you! I just finished Beyond the Shadows again and it was sorta a buzzkill thinking I wouldn’t be able to read about Durzo anymore. . . He is amazing! He really is a great character, and i feel attached to him. I can’t wait to read this book! I wish it could be a novel, but I’m still just glad I can read more about Durzo

  75. Darakna says:

    I beg you, try to publish it on paper as well. Not from England, and my only connection to the world of English books is Book Depository. Plus, I don’t have e-reader. =(

    Anyway, hope for the best. Night Angel trilogy is my favourite trilogy out there.

  76. Saul says:

    Anybody know what the difference is between the $45 Limited edition and the $250 Lettered edition?

  77. kevin shortt says:

    ok just clicked on the order link and seen that it says (lettered $250) whats that about?

  78. Fuu says:

    Yea, I just saw the Lettered edition ($250) too… that and the number of copies of the Limited, numbered, edition has increased to 1500… what’s happening Breeeent~~~~?

  79. Joe says:

    Brent man if there is a way you can make this into a book that would be awesome i respect your judgement you know how to get this out the best way but i dont have the ability of getting it from ebooks just yet so let me know if there is another way you are selling this.

  80. Sami says:

    Woot! I am excited for this book. It’s a good thing I decided to come visit the site to check on any news with Durzo’s tale; otherwise, I would have never known what was going on, haha.

  81. kevin shortt says:

    ok bad news i just got a reply from sub press saying the lettered $250 edition will have the same text and illustraions as the normal edition but it will be bound in leather and housed in a custom traycase. the regular edition $45 which we all bought thinking it would be bound in leather will be hardback but bound in cloth no traycase. he did say the regular would be numered and signed

    1. Fuu says:

      Maybe it’s an extended April fools joke. Hopefully…… They contradict themselves on their page:

      We’ve only been able to secure the rights to produce 1000 signed limited copies of this tale—the only print edition under contract. Given the fact that the individual volumes in the trilogy have sold hundreds of thousands of copies, Perfect Shadow is likely to be in very high demand.


      Limited: $45
      ISBN: 978-1-59606-415-7

      Lettered: $250
      Length: 96 pages

      leads to

      Limited: 1500 signed numbered copies, bound in leather

      ????????????? Incomplete site update? I misunderstood something? Dear God….

      Anyway, I’m still awaiting their reply.

    2. Fuu says:

      I got reply back, the guy says both will be leatherbound but different leather is used for each edition. And Lettered one has a foil stamp on the cover and, as said above, comes in a tray case. Will likely have illustrations.

      Is disappoint ._.

      But on the brighter side, you can get refunds.

      1. Richard says:

        I just got the same reply as well. Both are going to be leather-bound, but the limit was increased by 500 and a lettered edition was added. I guess they upped it to help those who “might” have missed out on ordering it. It might be getting to the point where it is not so “limited” anymore.

        Only time will tell! Oh and yes, as Fuu said they do offer refunds. I wouldn’t see why you’d want one though! It’s still the same book, just 500 others will have it as well. Chances are out of that 500, 350 will be book sellers/collectors, so really its not that bad. Lol

        1. Fuu says:

          Definitely can’t afford a lettered edition…. Want it very much though.

          But aside from that, isn’t the point of limited edition: LIMITED? As in it’s rare and, childish as it sounds, makes you feel special if you have it. Grab it before it’s gone etc etc. If they’re just going to make more when people demand it then they should just term it: Intended print number or even Initial print number. Yes, the print number is currently predefine and set and relatively small compared to sale numbers of a normal book but hey it changed didn’t it? For a chance to make more money? Out of hand number of complaints that it’s gone? Won’t know….

          I mean the price is the main deterrant for people not buying it but it’s gotta keep the “limited” value in it at least, for those of us who do buy it.

          1. Richard says:

            I completely agree. Limited should mean limited. Maybe if enough people who bought it complained, they might lower it back to 1000? Who knows. Haha.

            An e-mail should be sent out when the status of a book you purchased changes. That’s all that is really bugging me.

            That’s like announcing a book with 5000 copies, charging $45 for it, and then right before it sells out, adding another 5000 copies. Most people bought it because it only HAD 5000 copies being made.

            That’s life though….

          2. brent says:

            Richard, Tim, robert, Fuu, and Kevin,
            I’ve addressed your questions (and your concerns, I hope) in Update 2 above. I do keep up with the comments on all posts, but had to wait to hear back directly from Subterranean–and I’m also working on writing the next book!

          3. Tim says:

            I totally agree with you there. One of the key reasons it was possible to convince me to buy the expensive limited edition was that it was, you know, a limited edition. Something special. Now, not only is it less limited, but they’ve added a more limited one? It just doesn’t seem right.

            Also, they really need an edit feature for these.

          4. Tim says:

            Thanks for the update Brent. Helped clear things up a bit, and I’m back to being more excited about getting the limited edition than annoyed at not having a standard choice, or having the edition a bit devalued. Even at 1500 copies, and a new, much more valuable copy which I could never afford, it’s still going to be pretty cool.

  82. Bethany says:


    I just really, really want to read it and I don’t have an e-reader so imma whine cuz I’m a whiner. :'( Nor, for that matter, do I even know anyone who owns an e-reader, so I can’t pay them the money for the novella and read it on their screen and save it to their library thingie where they’d see it in a few months and say to themselves, “Oh, how’d that get in here?” and read it and love it and buy all your other stuff and become addicted just like me. That’s bad advertising, y’know. ;D


    1. Amber says:

      We can be whiners together lol.

  83. robert says:

    hey i dont care im getting perfect shadow its the $45 but its perfect shadow its all that matters

    1. kevin shortt says:

      true.i am happy with my $45 edition one, but it made out that the $45 one was the limited edition leather bound one. really need brent info on this because i have an email that says the $45 one wont be leatherbound just hardback bound in cloth. at the end of the day i dont really mind once its hardback and signed, really want it signed:)

      1. robert says:

        well if the $45 is not bound in leather and we paid for the leather at first than subterainien press is going to have one big problem.

        brent you need to find out whats going on.

        1. Fuu says:

          I think maybe they saw that problem and reconfirmed with the rest of us who emailed slightly later than Kevin up there (I did anyway) that it WAS leatherbound… but just… maybe the cheap variety that crackles and peels off??

          Otherwise we can call them for false advertising and all.

  84. Richard says:

    The $45 Limited edition WILL be leather-bound. It will just be a “different” type of leather.

    A number of us have confirmed this with Subterranean Press. If your still not satisfied, shoot subpress@gmail.com an e-mail about your concern. I’m sure they’d be more then happy to give you peace of mind =)

    1. robert says:

      ok thanks but brent should still confirm wtfs going on.

  85. Grant says:

    ok dont mean to complain too much, and maybe I’m just cheap. But, isn’t $250 a little bit of a dick move on subterainian press’ part? I mean that over $2 per page that you get to read. $250 I think is more of greed than it is a company doing business. Most companies try and promote that they have fair and honest business and this is like, Apu from the Simpsons completely over charging for products.

    1. Fuu says:

      Thanks for clarifying things for us, Brent.

      I admit I didn’t think much of the “Investor” side of things but only because I didn’t think it would be a significant problem – in terms of the number of books that will actually be purchased with “make profitssss” in mind because anything “limited” will ALWAYS have a copy end up on Ebay or similar, much overpriced – it’s a given. But the thing is, I feel upping the print number by 50% deals a heavier blow to fans (Limited limited limited!!) than to investors. Hmmmm perhaps it’s only to fans who made the purchase BEFORE the change……………. who could have gotten the e-version but didn’t because come on, limited edition! ………………… Fans who would have missed out must be happy for getting another chance to get their hands on it. Aaaaand I went full circle ._.

      In other lines, very very excited to hear news of The Blinding Knife ( you did mean this book by “next book” right?) 😀 Even if it’s just you saying “I have been busy writing” 😀

      1. Fuu says:

        How did I end up replying to Grant???

        I second Tim, we need some form of editing function!

  86. Morkel du Preez says:

    There is a big folowing here in South Africa for all the books. I would love to get the novella as well. Would be quite something to read because of the very interesting character of Durzo.

    Must say, there isn’t an author that compares at the moment.

    Keep it up

  87. Dave says:

    BRAINWAVE !!!!

    Here’s what I’m going to do anyway….
    I’m gonna get the e-book as I can’t afford the Limited Edition (well, I can, but my wife would cut my danglies off for paying that much for a book!), then I’m gonna print it out on paper so that I HAVE a book – great idea eh?!!

    Incidentally Brent, I have been an avid Fantasy Fiction reader for years, and without wanting to blow too much smoke up your talented behind, I have NEVER read anything that came close to the NA trilogy – but I love Ninjas and magic :oD (Lego Ninjago too – get some!)
    The first book got me used to your style of writing, the second book had me immersed, and the third book blew me away and left me craving more. On behalf of myself any many of the friends I recommended your books to, THANK YOU.

    PS – if you’re giving any of these Limited Ed books away for any reason, gimme a holler – hey, if you don’t ask, you don’t get!

    1. brent says:

      It’s a good idea, actually. Maybe I’ll run some kind of contest… Lemme think about that. 🙂

  88. George says:

    I pray to the Gods, that I get a copy if Perfect Shadow. Been so busy with university that I haven’t checked the site in so long and only sent an order through now 🙁 On a brighter note, I super amped for book 2 of the Light bringer series! Brent Weeks = legendary author, and each book he writes is a master piece!!

    P.s – thank you Brent for creating yet another chance to enjoy the best story I have ever read (Night Angel Trilogy), with perfect shadow, here is me hoping to get a copy!


  89. Hunter says:

    Ok, im confused, is the book still coming out in limited copies or is it just for the e-books?

    1. brent says:

      Hunter, there will be the limited edition AND e-book. (There may be a couple other formats too, but I can’t say anything about that yet.)

      1. Hunter says:


  90. kevin shortt says:

    thanks brent, for clearing things up,
    cant wait to get my hands on perfect shadow and part two of lightbringer,
    (please find a way to save gavin/dazen).
    p.s. you re an amazing writer.

  91. philip m says:

    Hi Brent
    Are you not worried those that dont have an e reader or want to use one will buy counterfeit copies of the book that are bound to surface as the original story was brilliant ?

    1. brent says:

      Well, sure I can worry about people stealing my books. I don’t generally though. First, if someone does steal this and loves it, maybe they’ll buy books from me in the future. Second, I can’t stop people from stealing, so why give myself an ulcer about it?

      My priority is to write the best stories I can. Then, as a businessman, I want to get the book out in as many forms as I can so that I can make new fans and satisfy fans who prefer one format or another (I had complaints that Night Angel never came out in hard back, but other people hate hardback, others hate e-books, others love audio books, etcetera). It is business, though, so a publisher has to think they can make money publishing a book a certain way–if people don’t think they can sell a 17k story as an $8 paper book, I don’t blame them. Their experience is that those DON’T sell. And to be honest, I don’t think I would want to pay that sort of price for that small of a book, so I can’t blame them. Maybe they’re wrong, and this story will blow the doors off and sell amazingly well. I hope so! But whether or not it does, I can’t force anyone to publish something.

      I am doing things like trying to sell Perfect Shadow in foreign markets. This is rare. (Both the attempt, and such attempts being successful.) Looks like it might happen in my case. We’ll see. Again, I can’t force that. And if I get too wrapped up in worry about how there are inefficiencies in the e-book markets or things like that, that’s just time I’m not writing.

      And ulcers. And I don’t want ulcers. So I write, I pitch my books when people let me, I try to treat my fans well, and I write. It’s the most sanity-protecting approach I’ve found to this work. Just doing my best.

  92. Guillermo Cañas (spain) says:

    First i have to say thanks for your books and sorry for my poor english, i wanna know if “perfect shadow” will be translate to spanish, when and how i can preorder it.

    I hope i can get it soon or later because here in Leon u have a lot of fans.

    Thx for your time.


    1. brent says:

      I very much hope so. I do not yet have any Spanish-language deal for Perfect Shadow, but maybe after the London Book Fair (this week) where my agent will be pitching the story, we might get some interest in the next month or so. If it happens, I will let you know here!

      1. Guillermo Cañas (spain) says:

        Hi, something new for perfect shadow in spanish? your last books were publised b Plaza&janes editorial here in spain whit a 3 fantastic covers https://www.topbooks.es/autores/WEEKS,+BRENT/

        P.D: I sell all your books in the shop where i work last weekend 😀

  93. Amber says:

    How could you!! Howwww!!!!!

    *is really crying*

    I want this so bad. So freakishly bad. Yet I want it in my hands. I don’t have an e-reader. I read the Night Angel Trilogy in my bed, and so I want to do the same with this story too. But I’ have to pay $45 to do it?

    No fair! Why can’t it be an e-release AND a paperback? Even if it’s some flimsy little thing. I’ve bought books that short.

    Is there ANY way it can come out in some form of paperback?

    I know you don’t mean anything by it. But still…gah this sucks…

    1. brent says:

      Amber, my reply above to Philip was also intended for you. Basically, I can’t force publishers to do anything. They decide where they think they can make money, and they do that. It is very, very rare for a story of this length to be published as a paperback. (Fantasy is full of fat books, after all, and that makes this look even more slender.) They may well publish a few of my novellas together in paperback form–but I haven’t written those novellas yet! I intend (again, intend, who knows what life will throw my way), to write one long-short story/novella between each book. But that means it’s a few years out, at least.

      On the other hand, you should give e-readers a shot. I just bought one a few months ago, and I love it. Sure, there are drawbacks, but they’re getting cheaper all the time, and when you read big fat fantasy novels, it’s nice to be able to hold 6 oz in your hand when you’re in bed, rather than 5 pounds! But I understand the e-book doesn’t give the same feeling. I totally understand the visceral attachment to physical books, too. (shrug)

      1. Amber says:

        First, I’m sorry for my initial reaction. There was no real thought process going on there, I was just typing what I felt at that moment.

        Next, I want an e-reader. I want an iPad. But I can’t afford that and I don’ want to buy a cheap e-reader now, and then buy the iPad later (besides, the cheapest e-reader is still too expensive for me).

        I actually didn’t buy a book the other day (at 1.99 too) because it was too fat. I know that means nothing. But still, I’d pay $8 for a little tiny flimsy thing if it was THIS story. But again, that’s just me and thus means nothing cause you’re right, I suppose
        in the big picture it’s a numbers game and that’s what the numbers tell the publishers.

        I guess my reaction is because it’s a change. I was used to the paperback form of the NightAngel Trilogy. It was in paperback and thus I created a memory with a real book, with that story, those character and that world. So to have the same characters and world in a different format…If I had started reading it as a e-book, then maybe it would have a different feeling.

        Actually, I think I know what this feeling I’m having is. I think your story, even at 17,000 words, is worth more than a $2.99 e-book. I know this is probably not true, but format feels…cheap and of low quality *has to admit she’s never paid for a download before*.

        Even if I paid, it’d feel like I stole it.

        But if I were you, I’d have the same reaction. Don’t worry about it or it’ll drive you nuts. You can’t please everyone and I understand that.

        I wish I could but the limited edition (*was so tempted to put it on her credit card*), Your stories are amazing, and me, who is a picky reader, to get this worked up is a good sign.

        Thanks for your brilliant work and I hope this and your next books are successful regardless of the format ^_^

  94. philip m says:

    Brent You have sold out your just part of the huge money making machine .
    Sure everyone has to make money but to hear you talking like this
    wow what a sell out

    1. robert says:

      HAY DIP SHIT!!!! yea hes looking at this from a business stand point but he has no pull with the publishers. he writes them and they put it in to mass production. once he gives them the story its out of his hands. you call him a sell out? reread the reply to phillip than maby you will bite your toung

      1. Tim says:

        You know, you might have a better chance of being effective if you typed so that it didn’t hurt people’s eyes to read your reply.

        And philip, he does make an ok point. If Brent wants his books out there, he does have to do convince someone it’s worth publishing, and if they’ll only publish it in a certain format, that’s got to be better than not publishing it at all, right?

  95. Chris says:

    Wow, so many other responses! I just want to leave a note and express my interest in an audiobook format. I gave up reading books a long time ago. If there is any chance that you can get an audiobook, please, Please, PLEASE! make sure Paul Boehmer does it. He did really good job with the NA series.

    And, Thanks for the great stories Brent.

  96. Mike says:

    Hey will the perfect shadow be coming out on Audio book format ? I would love to know if it is or not so if I will not have to buy the book twice. And to kinda expanded on what Chris said.

    PS. Thanks for the awesome reads keep’em coming Mr. Weeks.

    1. brent says:

      Hey Mike,
      Thanks so much. I hope to be able to release more information about all this on Friday. Sorry, lots of behind-the-scenes coordinating going on here. 🙂

  97. Rahat says:

    Hey Brent,
    N.A.T is one of the best trilogies I’ve read in a long time, finished all 3 in under a week. I wanted to know if perfect shadow will be available on ebook format outside the US (I’m from UK) because I really don’t want to wait till the fall to read it when I receive my limited edition. As far as I know it is currently only available in the US which is a real let down. Thanks and keep up the great novels, I’m very much looking forward to blinding knife.

    1. brent says:

      Working on it. Was hoping to be able to announce something on this a few weeks ago, but… it’s complicated.

  98. Vince says:

    Hi Brent,

    Ever since i read The Night Angel Trilogy I’ve been wanting to e-mail you just to let you know that your doing an amazing job.

    In a weird kinda of way I’m also sad … because other books just can’t measure up. Why did they have to be so good? I also read The Black Prism and it was, of course, also amazing.

    I’m planing on ordering a Limited copy because I just will not allow my self to read it on e-book ( though it does offer a good alternative for those who want to read and not willing to pay, so good idea there) because A Brent Weeks book deserves nothing more than a leather cover and special attention 🙂

    I also wanted to let you know that the books were perfect in every way. The paperback for the Trilogy was good because they are “small” book and can be carried around while The black prism was big enough to deserve a hardcover.
    The Characters were deep and thorough.

    I read all 4 books at least 3 times in the time i’ve owned then ( around 4 months)

    I have the Trilogy in ebook too just because i always want it with me in case i have a craving… What it happens !

    So all that just to let you know that i think your doing an amazing job and that your work is beyond description and nothing less. Ho and reading this page only made it clear to me that you really care about what people think of it so i thought i would let you know what I think.
    THANK YOU for the best read of my life and keep em’ coming.

    1. Vince says:

      I just found out i cant get it, i asked my parents to pre-order and they said no 🙁 i guess i’ll read the ebook but it’s just not the same as a leather copy from a favorite authors.

  99. Tyler says:

    I leaped out of my chair when i heard about a new Night Angel book. Then I painfully crashed to the cold, hard ground after seeing that I have to pay $45 for leather bound or $100 on an e-reader. I suppose I could give up eating.

  100. Deb says:

    Mr Weeks,
    Just had to write after reading some of the previous comments….I really don’t mean to offend fans of Night Angel, but really?… give it up! #1-Sub Press responds to emails immediately, my first was answered within minutes, #2-I have been a reader of fantasy since I enjoyed LOTR in the 70’s. For years I read paperbacks because I couldn’t afford hardbacks of the books I elected to purchase, now if I want I can have the hardbacks and on occasion a limited edition. (and everyone is aware that there will always be “things” in life you may want but not be able to afford,— everyone! Some people have to work a long time to reach a point in life to be able to “treat” yourself), #3 As I read above–Do tell–who is posting on here who is doing it without a computer and internet access?…Download the ereader app and you can buy the book much cheaper that a paperback would be..last but not least #4 I am thrilled that your books are popular and well enough received that Sub press has decided to issue one of them. Hopefully this means you are making a reasonable living and will therefore be able to continue writing, and just maybe I will someday be able to afford a lettered edition of one of your books! Thank you

  101. Jason says:

    A friend of mine recently got me interested in the Night Angel trilogy, when I went in to get the book, I realized from the memorable cover it was actually a series I had looked at previously, but at the time I had left it in my maybe pile, and grabbed another book from a series I was already reading instead.

    I just finished the first novel, and I was floored. I loved the story, the twists and turns, all of it. So when that same friend came to me and said you were releasing a novella about Blint, I was immediately elated. Then came the news of it being sold for eReaders, or in expensive collector’s editions, and I came crashing down.

    Yes, I can download an eReader application and read it on my computer, that is probably true. But I am classic. My primary fear is that in my lifetime, I will see hard copy fall to the wave of new technology. To Kindles, and iPads, iphones and the like. To me, nothing is better than a bookshelf stacked with all your favorite old novels. The more classic they look the better. I love collecting old books of poetry that are still hard bound, leather, nothing flashy, nothing fancy. Nothing better then pulling a favorite book from the shelf, and pulling it open and jumping back into a favorite world you’ve visited before, and will visit again.

    So my lack of appreciation isn’t just because I can’t afford an eReader, or the collector editions of the books. It’s because I see a novella released purely for eReader as a sign that we’re just one more step toward losing hard copy altogether. And while I also love my technology for some things, in others I feel it is stripping our identity away. So on principle, I will not buy this novella for an eReader or eReader program, and monetary constraints prevent me from buying a collector’s edition, though if I had the money I would have no qualms about buying a leather bound edition. In fact I can imagine no better book for my aesthetic tastes.

    I’m sure that it’s a fantastic story, as you’re a fantastic author, but I suppose my only option is to wait and hope that the book is indeed released in another format. In a collection of shorts, or a less expensive, more mass produced collector’s copy that I stand a chance of being able to afford in the near-to-distant future.

    1. brent says:

      I can totally respect that. I personally love e-readers, but I understand the pang of loss at not having the physical edition. For this story, at this length, and at this point in my career, it’s just not possible to do that. But I plan to keep on writing, and to keep trying to get my stories out in as many ways as possible.

      1. Ian says:

        I just wanted to take this opportunity to say “THANK YOU!” haha. Your Night Angel Series was amazing. The characters mesmerizing, the plot engaging, really it’s the first book I’ve ever read that made me profoundly sad to be finished (not because the book wasn’t great, but bc I know I’m going to miss the heck out of it if I don’t re-read it again and again)

      2. Drew says:

        Brent I must say amazing job on the Night Angel Trilogy it was great. I must ask are you planning on writing any more books set with the same characters and location, because I really felt like the story didn’t wrap up in the end. There were many unanswered questions and options left on the table for another book, however I wasn’t sure since it says it’s just a trilogy? Thanks again and I look forward to more of your novels.

    2. jason says:

      i absolutely agree i guess i’m old fashioned nothing like holding a book hope it comes to print and is affordable

  102. Jon S. says:

    All I have to say is: Thank you

    I enjoyed The Black Prism and can hardly wait for it’s follow-up and conclusion books but I have been waiting and hoping for another glimpse into Midcyru. I’m purchasing a limited edition copy (first time I have for a book) and to be honest that’s because I was too slow to get a lettered edition. I’ve told many of my friends about your books (Jason was one actually) and I’ll be telling many more.

    For anyone here browsing who is unfamiliar or unconvinced let me just say that this is the author for you. Brent Weeks is a fresh new author who not only measures up to the bar his predecessors have set but does so showing exactly why his name deserves to stand alongside names such as: R. A. Salvatore, Steven Erikson and Robert Jordan.

    In the Night Angel trilogy Weeks combines classic fantasy elements with a new and unique system of magic, creating a world unlike any other. A world in which politics, sex, war and assassination are simple currency and the underground sa’kagé are the benefactors of all. 

    The books are written with multiple points of view and each character, while unique to themselves, have qualities about them that one can’t help but find enthralling (if even to only discover their purpose). With multiple paths and plots one might think Weeks would lose focus, but (over the series) not only does he give each character their own moments to shine and amount of depth but the world he has created gives true meaning to the terms: ‘Butterfly Effect’ and ‘Six Degrees of Separation’.

    Without giving anything away, these are books that will make you laugh, cry, furious and even hopeful. 

    Well done to Mr. Weeks and his lovable (yes, even the ones I love to hate) cast of characters. You sir, have raised the bar and made it quite difficult for me to find new books to enjoy.

    1. RAH says:


    2. Leon Aldrich says:

      Before “Butterfly Effect” there was “Replay” by Ken Grimwood.

      All in favor of Brent giving up all freedoms in order to write for us night and day, say “Aye!”

  103. salyer999 says:

    Mr Weeks, I first read the Night Angel Trilogy right after the 3rd book came out. I could not believe you’d never written anything before. I love your characters, writing, humor, magic mythology, all of it. I’m currently re-reading the trilogy right now for about the 8th time. I love The Black Prism too, and cannot wait for the next one to come out. I will definitely be getting the novella too. I have a kindle, and for people that like to gripe about them, tell them I can’t take 5 books on a plane with me. Anyway, I’ve gotten several people to read your series and they all love it too. I never write in to authors to let them know how much i appreciate their work, but hearing about the novella, I felt i had too. Please keep up the good work.

  104. Tyler says:

    is there a relese date for the collecters edition yet? I purchased one and want to read it so bad!

    1. brent says:

      They tell me “late summer,” and I know they’re working hard on it to make that be as soon as possible–but a physical book with illustrations and stuff just takes longer to put together than an ebook.

      1. Tyler says:

        good things come to those who wait, and i cant think of anything better to wait for. your books are simply amazing.

      2. Weston says:

        “late summer” is a welcome estimate. I pre-ordered my copy early (back in March I believe) and have been wondering this same thing myself. I love your books, and look forward to both the limited edition of Perfect Shadow and the next installment of the Lightbringer series

  105. Mike J. says:


    Firstly, thank you for such awesome novels! My brother turned me onto the Night Angel trilogy about a year ago and I have reread it countless times and just recently finished Black Prism. I am so stoked to finally be able to read Perfect Shadow! Your works have been a great read and I greatly look forward to more of the Lightbringer series. Keep up the great work, you have made an avid fan out of this reader.

    Secondly, I was curious if you had any plans for turning any of your current or future works into graphic novels?

    1. brent says:

      Thank you, Mike. Yes, I have put thought into graphic novel adaptations. I honestly only know a little bit about the whole market–I didn’t grow up reading comics or anything, though I’ve been educating myself. We have had interest, but the deals haven’t been right so far. I hope that will change though, and would really love to have a graphic novel that I could be proud to show to people. I mean, how cool would that be?

  106. Zach says:

    So what happens if we already pre-purchased the book? Is that void now, or what?

    1. brent says:

      Zach, No, you’re good. Nothing is void unless you want it to be. I was just saying that IF you’re upset that the print run was increased, you can get your money back. Otherwise, it’s all good. Books are due to ship in “late summer”, and I know they’re working on it as fast as they can.

  107. Lorrae says:

    Hi! I love your work and I was so excited for your new novella coming out. I bought one for myself and one for a friend of mine’s 20th. I know you have been asked this question multiple times but when will the physical book be released? Will they be shipped out at the same time or will there be a delay if it has to be sent to Australia?
    I was introduced to the Night Angel Trilogy by the friend I am buying the copy of Perfect Shadow for and I am so glad he did.
    Thank you so much for allowing me to add another great author to my bookshelf 🙂

    1. brent says:

      “late summer” is all I know. There won’t be any delay for Australia or anywhere else, they send them all out as soon as they’re done.

      1. The Kelvinator says:

        Sweet (on the no delay to Australia). Can you please please please please tell us when “late summer” is? Trying to guess that has been driving me crazy.

  108. Alex C says:

    So to start, I’m happy and sad at the same time, I’m happy because the night angel triligy was amazing, and Durzo was my favorite character in the books, (even compare to other series, I have a list called, “favorite characters of all books ever read”, and his second place last time I checked) I think I passed around those three books so many times the cover itself is basically riped off :P. The fact that theres a Durzo Blint novella is making me jump around 🙂 Yet I’m sad, because I only found out like an hour ago, si pre order for limited edition is most probebly to late, and I don’t have a e-book 🙁 But I’ll find a way.

    second, I got a question, since there’s only around 17 000 pages in the perfect shadow, why not just add it in the second book of the lightbringer as like, bonus features at the end of the book? or is it to long for that?

    1. Tim says:

      I think you’re getting pages and words mixed up. 17,000 pages is A LOT of pages. Perfect Shadow is, from memory, 96.

  109. Frodey says:

    Mr. Weeks I’d like to tell you a little story.

    there once was a university student suffering with heavy debt from university costs. He had gone below zero, he had gone passed what the banks thought was “quite far enough” and sadly had no more money, and no more credit. Yes, it is very sad (don’t be ashamed of the tears) however, all was not lost! the poor student found himself a job in a kitchen and worked and worked for weeks and weeks to make friends with the bank again. And then, on one sweltering Sunday afternoon he finally earned the last of the money that he needed before the bank would even look at him again!

    The bank greeted him like an old friend, with wide smiles and cheers and booming applause.

    Oh what a happy scene it was. All was forgiven, all was forgotten, credit was returned to the woe begotten student, who in the wild hazey elation that followed in the hours that laid the day to rest, heard tell of this novella of yours. with great excitement the student was swift and eager to state claim on a hard copy! and so he ventured forth to the supplied link and was quick to surrender his details and send forth the newly gotten credit and Huzzah! Transaction approved! a huge relief breaks over the student similar to the sensation of waves washing over bare feet at the beach.

    This elation was to be short lived as the bank was quick to hear of this, and he was not pleased with the student, whom he thought fickle and irresponsible. and so the bank sent him a long winded, very boring letter, which, when broken down came to something like this THE END

    (Really looking forward to the book even though Im back in my overdraft! Durzo is one of my favourite characters to have come across in your amazing books! Thank you for revisiting so soon after the Black Prism! (again, amazing book, looking forward to the sequels =D

    1. Frodey says:

      it would appear links are a no no, to anyone wondering it was the “are you f***ing kidding me” meme face =]

  110. Mary says:

    I have read perfect shadow. Love the details.
    I only wish you made another book of Kylar, his child, Vi, Momma K, Durzo, Logan etc. And how life goes on for them.

    Maybe another entire series of Kylar becoming a hero like Acaleus is. Maybe even Vi getting a ka’kari and with him forever. I don’t know. I just really want your “The Night Angel” books to continue. I was really sad when it finished like that. So many cliffhangers. Cliffhangers are good too, but I’m personally just not a fan of them.
    Gah! Anyway, I’m a huge fan. I re-read the books so many times. Keep up the great work! I will be checking out Black Prism as well.

  111. Troy C. says:

    Mr. Weeks.
    first off Thank you for writing “The Night Angel” trilogy. It’s my favorite books. As I’m sure you know “The Night Angel” Trilogy was adapted by Graphic Audio. I’m a Truck driver and I don’t get a lot of time to read to I listen them from Graphic Audio. Do you know if “Perfect Shadow” will be coming out on Graphic Audio as well? Thank you for your time.

    I agree with Mary’s post from July 21, 2011, about how i would like to know what happens with everyone at the end of “The Night Angel” Trilogy. Please continue with the Story of Kylar and everyone else. I know I’d greatly love to hear about them.

  112. Amanda says:

    I LOVED the night angel trilogy, my fiance is reading/writing challenged, and we read them one chapter at a time, together. it was wonderful for us to bond over, and something that held his desire to read. by the end of the second book he was reading the chapters, not me. you’ve given us a wonderful gift with this trilogy and i sincerely hope that you will continue on where you left off, or perhaps years down the road in the storyline? please, dont hold back.i promise to own every book you publish.

  113. Irfan says:

    I read the Night Angel Trilogy because of recommendation from my friend. Night Angel Trilogy was the first English-language novel that I read. I am from Indonesia and never read a novel in English before. After I read it I immediately loved it. The story is absolutely amazing. Unfortunately very few people here who read English-language novel. I hope Night Angel Trilogy was published in the Indonesian language so that others can read it too. And I think this series should be made movie. I am glad that there are additional stories about Durzo Blint.

  114. Viridiana says:

    I love Night Angel Trilogy!!!. I’m very happy we will have more about Durzo Blint, because this is an amazing character. Like Jason said in his comment , there is nothing like holding a book, but I must confess that electronic editions have some advantages . I bought the Night Angel Trilogy for the first time on the kindle edition, just to make sure it was good. Even when I’m old fashioned too and I have a big collection of hard cover books I think the eBooks come handy if you don’t want to spend a good amount of money in a bad book. Of course like I really love the Night Angel Trilogy, after I finished reading the first book I looked for a hard cover first edition and bought it. The other good thing is that my physical edition remain untouched so I can read all the books on my ipad and keep the physical copies new. Oh! and by the way like Mary and Drew I wish you could make another book about the Night Angel Trilogy …after all .. does it have to be a trilogy? cmon Mr. Weeks you have to many fans asking for it 🙂
    I just got the Black Prism kindle edition, and I’m just dying to find out if I would have to buy the physical edition for this one too :).
    Thanks!! Mr. Weeks for all your work and I’m really looking forward to the “Perfect Shadow”

  115. Rick says:

    Any chance of getting Graphic Audio to turn the novella into an audio book? I have the Night Angel Trilogy from them and it is fantastic.

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