Black Prism Reviews… already?

And now comes the terrifying time when I start to hear from reviewers–who often read differently than fans. Gulp. Here we go…

Grasping for the Wind says, “When I expected [Weeks] to zig, he zagged, and when I expected a character to be a certain type of person, Weeks would throw me for a loop…. Weeks has written an epic fantasy unlike any of its contemporaries. It is a truly visionary and original work, and has set the bar high.” Oh, hey, that wasn’t too bad.

Fantasy Book Review says, “‘The Black Prism’ is first and foremost a novel with tremendous narrative energy. It just grabs you and never lets go…. I am still awed at how Mr. Weeks infuses the story with so much vigor, while keeping quite a few balls in the air and never slipping a bit…. There are dramatic twists and turns and scenes that will just floor you….[and] The world building is superlative.” Yeah, definitely, I’ll take that!


But you know you’re in trouble when The Onion reviews you. “His prose rings like crystal; his dialogue is witty, chatty, and brisk; and his pacing is frictionless, even when he’s embedding convoluted exposition into action scenes… The narrative flies along…” No, no, wait! Don’t go! He didn’t actually like it. There’s a critical art called “damning with faint praise.” Check this out; it’s awesome: “Weeks does deserve props for his oh-so-slight deviation from the fantasy formula, not to mention his lively, engaging storytelling.”

This is what it is to be a writer: one review says “truly visionary and original” the next says, “oh-so-slight deviation.” Is there cognitive dissonance in this job? Oh yes.

I will be posting links to pretty much every review, good and bad, on the review page. The next time you see me, either my skin will be thicker, or my head will be. Thanks to all the reviewers for taking the time to read and write your reviews.


A couple more reviews have rolled in before I head out on book tour.

WordTipping has more of an analysis than purely a review, dissecting what makes my books tick. Although I’m definitely quoting that bit about “flat out great storytelling” and “the best male writer of female characters I’ve ever read.”

Janicu’s Book Blog also gave me such a nice review that I’m going to have to restrain myself from pulling too lengthy of a quote from it. (Ahem) She found the female characters “spot on…the world building unique and better than Weeks’ last series, and the twists and turns addictive.” It was “jam packed with epic goodness.”


The reviews are coming in faster now, so after this round, they’ll go straight to the REVIEWS page of my website. I take a pretty laissez-faire approach to reviews: I’ll post good and bad so long as they appear to be from book-focused blogs or review sites. I don’t post reviews that spring spoilers on you without warning. I always include links so you can see the whole review if you wish.

Civilian Reader gives it a “very highly recommended,” saying, “The dialogue is great (witty, intelligent, brisk); his characters are complex, realistic, and likeable; and the story is highly imaginative and original… this is brilliant, epic fantasy.”

The Bookbag (which was a little tough on the Night Angel Trilogy), says The Black Prism “is an excellent start to what promises to be a superb trilogy. Highly recommended.” “The size of ‘The Black Prism’ is only indicative of the huge imagination Weeks has.”

The Mad Hatter’s Bookshelf and Book Review says, “Weeks managed to surprise me again and again with the depth [his characters] have. His greatest strength to date has been hiding secrets in plain sight yet still making them difficult enough to decipher that you have to laugh at yourself for not realizing the truth.”

Alternative Worlds calls The Black Prism “an exhilarating thriller…. Fast-paced and character-driven.”

The Falcata Times asks, “Is [Weeks] a one world, one series author and [will] his next project expand on his creativity? What unfurls is a rich new tapestry…  Great stuff.”

Got Schephs gives it a 9/10, noting “the trademark humor…great characters…The fight scenes are some of the best I’ve ever read…. Ultimately, this book takes it to another level that even the NAT [Night Angel Trilogy] didn’t reach.”

LEC Book Reviews says “It establishes a thrilling world, fascinating magic system, and satisfying engaging characters.”

The King of the Nerds praises The Black Prism for having “extraordinarily entertaining characters absolutely bubbling over with vitality.”

50 thoughts on “Black Prism Reviews… already?

  1. Aaron says:

    I’m happy for the good reviews. I will admit that I’m a picky reader and I typically never stray from the non-male, non-first person perspective novels, however I have been reading through your Night Angel Trilogy at a blazing fast pace (on the last book now) and anxiously await this new series. I have to admit that I will miss some of the characters from your previous series but hope that I will grow to love characters in your new series equally quickly.

    FYI, as fanatical as I am, I have been using your character’s names in fantasy games that I play on a regular basis

    1. Tristan says:

      Dude that is an awesome idea

  2. Dave says:

    I was a huge fan of the Night Angel trilogy. WTF? Seriously, from that to guys with colored shades playing with light. Give me a break. I got about halfway, punched myself in the face for wasting the money and threw the book in the trash.

    1. Steve says:

      Way to over simplify. Let me try. Night Angel trilogy was just 3 books about an assassin who doesn’t want to kill, his love life and magical balls…

      1. Requiem says:

        Also. I checked. You’re a moron. The Black Prism was fantastic.
        I should also point out that the prism doesn’t need to wear “coloured shades”. Epic fail, Dave. Maybe try actually reading a book before you trash it – both ways.

  3. Dave says:

    I was a huge fan of the Night Angel trilogy. WTF? Seriously, from that to guys with multi colored spectacles playing with light. I punched myself in the face for wasting $26 and threw the book in the trash. Maybe you can write the next teeny bopper vampire series.

    1. Matt Hayes says:

      Oh, yeah? Where’s YOUR bestseller?

      1. RYAN says:

        He threw it in the trash, remember Matt? too bad too, I’m sure there are plenty of people that would love to read it and don’t have the money. Here he is throwing it in the trash……nice! BONEHEAD. i appreciate your honest answer Dave, tells a lot about a person.

    2. Alex says:

      Seriously? Bashing a book without any sort of critique at all? All you give some smarmy comment about guys in shades? That is hardly anything at all, just a biased nose thumber who has no idea what he is talking about. Thanks for giving us an insight that is just as valuable at how you value the book.

    3. luke says:

      sorry dave but i can’t let your statement pass without also showing my loathing for you. Read a whole book THEN dismiss it, especially one from an author who twists and turns on the regular. You think one thing is gonna happen then BAM a shaft of luxin severes your supposition. Brent your a Don

      1. luke says:

        but when is number 2 out?

  4. Ryan says:

    Congrats, the early reviews seem very positive, including the few Amazon reader reviews.

  5. Syku says:

    By God I’ve read the three chapters of The Black Prism about 7 times – the same number of times I’ve read all three Night Angel books, ;P – and I am anticipating the release of this book like stupid.

    Unfortunately, here in Australia, preorders of the book doesn’t ship out until September 1. Until then, I’ll be making sure I don’t stumble across any spoilers on the forums.

    You’re a fantastic author and you deserve those reviews and more. When I bought your books and read them, I gave up trying to be an author ’cause you wrote the books I had wanted to write for years and you did it with much more finesse than I could ever have. Kudos, Brent.

  6. Carlos says:

    well i found out that the book is already out in a go haistings store near where i live and i found that strange.

  7. Zach says:

    Yeah, the bookstore by me had it on the shelves yesterday. I felt like a bad person because I didn’t ask them if it was supposed to be out until after I bought it, but I couldn’t wait!

    And it’s fantastic. I was up all night reading it, and did not even care that it was 5 in the morning. It pretty much solidified my “buy on sight” attitude to anything Weeks-ian.

  8. Jessica says:

    I just finished the THE BLACK PRISM, I must say I loved it very much! I can’t wait for the next book. Being an English major, I did pick up on what you were doing early, but being a fan of your writing and using it to prove points in workshops, it did become easy for me to see what direction the story was going. Still have to say I loved it, and Kip is the greatest.

  9. Nathan says:

    I loved the Night Angel series… and now i’m hooked on the lightbringer series. Picked up my copy yesterday and could not put it down. Fantastic!!

  10. Setari says:

    I have read the first 3 chapters of The Black Prism, and I must say that I definitely will be buying it… hell, my non-book reading friend came across it on the web and said he is gonna read it! I do believe hell just froze over, but nonetheless, that won’t stop me from buying The Black Prism! ^-^

  11. Matt Hayes says:

    THE BLACK PRISM is out at Barnes and Noble Booksellers in San Antonio, TX, and I’ve picked my copy up today. I can’t wait to read it!

  12. Caitlin says:

    Hey Mr Weeks!!! I haven’t read Black Prism yet, but it was in watersstones, and god it just felt amazing to hold it!!! I got all teary eyes just stroking it… but the map rocks, and so do the acknowledgements!!! The only parts I read I SWEAR!!! You rock.

  13. David D. says:

    I read so much that i constantly forget great authors and books, so as i was leaving my local library i passed the cart of new books and saw the small pics from the whole Night Angel Trilogy and it felt like i was slammed in the face with a tire iron. How could i have forgot this guy? I Check George R.R. Martin’s, Patrick Rothfuss, and Bernard Cornwell’s web site at least once month. My hands were shaking and although i was a little disappointed that this was a new series, I know the author rocks and cant wait to read. Please people don’t forget your local libraries!!!! …..And George and Patrick: GET YOUR NEXT BOOKS OUT ALREADY!!!! I’LL SETTLE FOR A FAXED COPY IN PENCIL.

    1. Chenks R. says:

      Didn’t he hint once that he was going to write a spin-off about Kylar’s son?

      1. Diederik says:

        Yeah he said that in the back of the first NightAngel series.

  14. Patrick says:

    I loved your night angel series Brent and am looking forward to reading it some day on my Kindle. Unfortunately, I find its current e-book price to be too high. Once your publisher lowers the price perhaps. 🙁

  15. Kyle says:

    So far into the book, Brent, you deserve all the praise you are recieving. I’m blown away. I am packing up and moving my house over the next 3 days, and I’m finding it near impossible to get anything done because I keep taking “10” (more like 30) minute breaks every “10” (more like 2) minutes.

    Thanks so so much again!!!

  16. Maischeph says:

    I can’t say enough about TBP! And I’d respectfully like to submit my own review of it, from my blog Got Schephs. Hopefully an entertaining read, although not nearly as much as TBP itself.

  17. Derrick says:

    I started the book on Monday and have only put it down for those annoying, yet necessary things called Work, Food, and Sleep. I hope to finish it tonight (Thursday). So far I’ve read the entire Night Angel Trilogy 3 times, and I can’t wait for the second book in The Lightbringer series.

    Brent, I don’t know if anyone has contacted you about getting permission to start a MUD/MUSH or other MU* in the Lightbringer setting (I read somewhere that someone asked about a Night Angel Trilogy one, but I can’t find anything definitive on it), but if you do give them permission, please post a link on your website so that fans like me can find it once it’s up.

    I think this will be another book that I tell Frank about (Frank is a Sci-Fi fan that works at our local B&N, when he recommends a book, everyone who knows about him grabs it, and I bring him suggestions as well) like I did with the Night Angel Trilogy which he loved.

    Over all I just wanted to say great job on another great book and what looks to be another great series. I know that at the end of Beyond the Shadows, there was an interview with you where you mentioned there might be a third series, based around Azoth/Kylar’s descendants. I can’t wait for that one either. Keep up the great work.

  18. robin says:

    really liked the book

    had my doubts following the twist (if anyone considers that spoiler really sorry) but before the end u were able to eliminate my fear.

    gz man

  19. ArrogantBastard says:

    The Black prism has elements of the Night Angel trilogy in, but it is still amazing. Gavin Guile is such n immense character, and Kip is actully the first character ive ever felt i am actually like.

    However, I could already see some things that are typical to this imense author. Gavin Guiles secret didn’t actually surprise me…hehhehe.

    Still, this book is amazing, a brillint follow up to hisNA trilogy. I would like to say Weeks has inspired me to write fantasy, aand i’ll keep it up after recieving positive reviews for some things.

    I’m very glad i gave this guy with a ninja novel a chance.

    1. Evan says:

      I agree with you about having seen his secret coming. It seemed pretty obvious that thats where it was heading by the way Gavin was acting. Now I just want to know what the other “secrets” hes keeping are and about that thing at the end of the book. want to talk about it but don’t want to spoil

  20. Happy says:

    Hi Brent,

    I only just managed to post something on your website here but after The Black Prism, I really thought I should tell you OMG BRING THE NEXT BOOK OUT! I love this new concept of chromaturgy, how it changes the way people treat situations and such compared to the kind of magicks that existed in The Night Angel trilogy (objectification and no flesh healing as far as I can tell! But o hoho the last couple of chapters………….).

    I was so glad I was introduced to NA trilogy after all 3 released… otherwise I’d be floundering and not getting anything done and well yea… ha. NA trilogy was great ;D

    Ok so here I am floundering for the next Lightbringer book… TBP was great! Keep up the good work!

  21. fiction says:

    Bought the book and read the the book on the same day, it was just too good to put down.
    It reminded me off L.e moddesitt’s use of light, without his annoying habit of making the main character supper powerfull and in control straight away.

    Are you nearly done with next one yet………… 😀

  22. RYAN BAUGHMAN says:

    GOOD STUFF MAYNARD! I loved the Night Angel Trilogy and currently on pg. 55 on black prism. I can’t wait to read the rest. official review “freak’n Epic!”

  23. Zik says:

    I have just finished the book yesterday. After I close it, it took me a moment to come back to reality. And… whow, said I.
    It’s an entire new world, entire different plot and perspective, even the characters had entirely another vibes and appearences. ( I mean this as a compliment)
    Still, the cracking-upped humour and the can’t-put-the-book-down narrating makes it a Brent Week’s original. Clap, clap! Great work.
    Now get your pen or start the computer and finish the triology! XD I want to know what’ll happen next.

    1. Kip says:

      i totally agree with you Zik black prism is an amazing book

  24. Evan says:

    Congratulations on the reviews. Got to say I became addicted to your NAT trilogy and this book has lived up to the very high level those books set (although I thought the end of that trilogy was a little cheesy).Anyway, I’m an astrophysicist so the perspective on using light as magic is fascinating and for the most part you’ve gotten most of the physics correct. I’m thoroughly impressed which is hard for me to be. You are now one of my top three authors if not the top. Lets just say you beat Orson Scott Card in the fantasy genre and have tied his Ender’s Game. And you’ve blown away Robert Jordan and Harry Potter. You’re stories are really unique and your explanations about the way magic works is intoxicating. Its not just, oh look he threw a fireball because hes a mage and thats what mages do. Looking forward to the next book already.

  25. Evan says:

    i noticed that this was called the lightbringer series. So does this mean it won’t be a trilogy? will it actually be longer? I hope so i never really want to reach the end of the series. Thats the only thing that depressed me about the NA trilogy. It just had to end…tear.

  26. Miles says:

    Well I just finished the book today, the fastest I’ve ever read a book. Not quite what I was expecting yet still AMAZING. Next book please, I don’t want to swap to some other crummy book while I wait for your second one in the series =P

  27. Sam says:

    Ok never have I written to the writer before about how immensely grand his book is but honestly I felt compelled to in this case! Not sure if Brent reads these post thingys so I think I’ll just state that that was pretty much absolutely brilliantly fantastic, enthusiastic much?, well it was worth every penny I paid for it. Some of the most lovable characters ever and…wait wait I could go on for ever really so just…Wow! There that’ll do, think I’ve praised enough haha. I want to tell you to hurry up getting the next one out but not to rush it, which kind of defeats the object of that argument doesn’t it? Looking forward to it though.

    P.s Night angel trilogy was equally exceptional!

  28. Mark says:

    This is a amazing book. I had to write a book review and this book was the 1 for that. I would have not written on anythig else. Your a amazing writer and deserve alot of praise. Hurry with the next book. We are all waiting ^_^

    thank you for a amazing book

  29. Tim says:

    A friend of mine requested that I read your books (The Night Angel Trilogy) and loved the books! I used to hate reading to the core. But, a few years back, I read Fallen Angels by Walter Dean Meyers and that was the first novel I ever read and it was great! I read your books and was astounded. I craved more. I read The Night Angel Trilogy earlier this year and over the summer I got bored and decided to look up your website. When I seen that your new book, The Black Prism, was coming out in late August I was very eager to buy it. I did and am almost finished with it. Amazing book so far, keep them coming!

  30. Resh says:

    Picked up the Night Angel Trilogy from a bookstore about a month ago. It sat on the bookshelf for a couple of weeks while i read all of the other books i bought (by authors that i know and love). My husband started on the trilogy last week and i started reading it a couple days later…all we’ve being doing for the past couple days is arguing about the fact that he reads tooo slow!!
    I love Brent Weeks…my new favourite author!

  31. Chenks R. says:

    I read the Wikipedia article of “The Black Prism” Mr. Weeks and I must say I am thoroughly impressed with the imaginative concept. The critics were right to call the universe’s magic “fascinating” because it truly is. The concept reminds me of the kakari from the night angel trilogy as well as the whole concept for Avatar the last Airbender.
    However, I have some advice for you Mr. Weeks. Find out who your game-winning characters are and push them forward in your tale (expand on them for god’s sake!).
    That was the “Night Angel Trilogy”‘s downfall, The whole story would lose it’s momentum on the chapters where the comparatively boring characters had their portions play out. (Cough* Cough* Lantano Garuawashi).
    You seem pretty well set with a good set of characters this time round though and I can only hope you read this so you can avoid making the same mistake twice. I love this universe even more than I did for your last trilogy. I wish you good luck.

    1. Caleb says:

      How can you say Lantano is boring most capable swords master in the world and does not even have the advantages that Kaylar has extra speed strength and power. I for one can not wait for their fight. You have to appreciate the side characters and the depth they add to the story. If not for those elements that Weeks uses so well it would be like reading a comic book or graphic novel, enjoyable, concise yet not great work of literature. I look forward to the continued world or Kaylar and the lightbringer series can not wait Mr. Weeks!

  32. drew says:

    If you are going to diss the book, please read it all. anyways your diss is also just an opinion and no one wants to hear your opinions. I can’t wait for the rest of the series to come out. also when it’s done the new night angel series will start. someone please invent a time machine so i can go into the future! i dont wanna wait!!
    PS Mr weeks is an epic author 🙂 and i use his characters names in video games too!

  33. Cody says:

    I absolutely love your books there simply amazing but there is just one thing i do not like about the black prism…. is that kip is fat. It goes good along with the story but when you describe him being completely naked and what not it bugs me to death… I love the other parts though 🙂

  34. I was looking through some of your blog posts on this site and I conceive this website is rattling instructive! Continue putting up.

  35. SomeKid says:

    So I am that quirky person that looks back over your posts and comments at midnight. But some things you just have to do.
    I just read the entire NAT in five days. (record anyone) and I have to say that they were the best books I have read. They were interesting, suspenseful, and realistic. This this was like real life where things aren’t fair. Unlike the rangers apprentice series this series was realistic because characters died, bad things happened, and you (protagonist) have to actually try to win. I believe this series had the perfect “mix” for me and I believe it has helped make me grow up. I know were supposed to be commenting about “this” book (which I’m buying) but I couldn’t help it. I hope you make a new trilogy with the same characters after your done with this one. Im sure that people would not get bored. At least give us a little more closure.
    Yawnnn crap it’s 12 and omg!!! I’m a teenage boy that feels like he is one step closer to growing up now so thanks and good night.
    P.s. I am going go try to get me a vi/elene so wish me luk.

  36. Byron says:

    Whoa! Thanks! I always aspired to produce in my online site something like that.

  37. chinos says:

    Currently reading Black Prism. I like the characters, politics and realm. Looking forward to next installment – put it on my amazon wishlist.

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