Power to the People! Or…

Well, you’ve spoken. The Demand It Now Tour voting has closed, votes have been tabulated, bookstores have been contacted, and the winning city is… Orlando, Florida! So, it will either be me and legions of screaming fans (in book circles this is defined as “ten”); or me, the clerk, and one fan who logged in to a lot of different computers to show his enthusiasm. Power to the fan with a muscular clicking finger. May your ip addresses prosper.

Ah, I can see it now…

Props to Parnell for making fun of both himself and something that makes writers wake in a cold sweat.

Seriously, we’re delighted that so many of you wanted me to come to your home town, and even if your city (or country) didn’t snag me, the data will be useful for Orbit when they put together a tour next time. And speaking of Orbit–they not only added Orlando, but they also totally came through by adding ANOTHER top vote-getter to the tour:  Denver, Colorado! (That’s Caul-uh-reh (as in rad)-dough, people, not Caul-uh-RAW-dough.)

Ew, I just kind of grossed myself out with the caul thing.

All the tour details are below. Please come. Please drag a friend with you. I’m a nice guy, my wife is nicer, and hey, The Black Prism ain’t half bad.

7 thoughts on “Power to the People! Or…

  1. Leah Perry says:

    I’m…. flabbergasted.
    Teach me to not check this place out since I finished reading the first book of the Night Angel trilogy.
    I came back by to let you know how wonderfully unexpected the second book ended, only to find that not only is there a book tour, but it got VOTED to go to the town I just ~days~ ago, moved to Kansas from!
    Needless to say, I’ll be scrambling to find a way to what is now the next nearest site: Color-ah-DOH!
    My best friend lives two hours north of Denver, so I’m sure I’ll be dragging her along with me.

    I read the first, and half of the second books of the Night Angel trilogy in paperback, and the last half of the second book on my Sony ereader. I’ll read the third book, probably starting in a few minutes from now, also on my ereader, though I do have the paper version as well.
    So, the question is: do I ask for your (electronic)autograph on my ereader now? ~_^

    Hearty congratulations on the tour, and the new book! I know I’ll be buying both paper and electronic versions! ^_^

  2. Rob says:

    Might have to drive 3 hours to come get my book signed. IT MUST BE DONE!

  3. Erin says:

    Poor sad Midwest… I know that I am not the only one who will miss your presence in this region of the country.

  4. silentdante says:

    quick question, is it a thing to buy the book at the place your signing or is it accepted that you have bought the book the day it came out and you can bring it in to the store? i can wait the days to buy it at the store your signing in support but i wonder what the etiquette is on that?

    1. brent says:

      The people who put on the event like to see that they are actually seeing some benefit for their work–so it’s nice if you can buy _something_ while you’re there. Or if you buy TBP there, bring in your receipt. Every place handles it differently.

    2. brent says:

      It really depends on the store. I suggest calling the store before the signing and asking for their particular policy.

  5. Anne says:

    I love your books so much! I sadly have not checked this site in like a month, and forgot to mark down your new series on my calander. So I just checked on here and it turns out it already came out. haha silly me. Sadly I live no where near Florida. 😛 OH well. Stuck in Illinois in the middle of nowhere. haha. Keep on writing! Your books are amazing! Your amazing story telling is trying to get me to force my friends to read more. I am actually trying to recommend this book to non frequant readers to read. hopefully it works.

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