Book Signing in San Diego

The wonderful folks at the famous Mysterious Galaxy bookstore have invited me to do an informal signing this Friday, July 3rd at 5-6 ish pm. Drop by and see my bright shining face, ask me some questions, and buy a signed book. This will be only like my second official book-signing, so if I haven’t yet mastered the art of chatting while signing, you’ll have to understand that as my mother liked to say, I’m a late-bloomer. Someday, I’ll be a regular James Garfield. (Though I’m not sure you’d want my books signed in Greek and Latin, even if I did do it simultaneously.)

3 thoughts on “Book Signing in San Diego

  1. Neo Windu says:

    The Night Angel Trilogy was ridiculously fantastic.My books are a little beat up from taking them back and forth to work. But if there is a book signing in New York, I’d definitely buy a new set in a heart beat. then again I’ll probably buy them over any way.

  2. Dan says:

    Agh! I can’t believe I missed your signing right in my backyard (or at least at my favorite local bookstore) – I’ve been savoring Shadow’s Edge after reading the first much too quickly and I’m about to embark on the third.

    With that, I have 2 requests: Write and publish more, please! And please make the trek back down here soon.

    In case you need some ego-boosting: You write the most engrossing, dangerously addictive books I’ve come across and all I can say is, “Good job.”

  3. Jules says:

    Will you ever come to a little country called Malaysia? It’s located in between Singapore (baby-like compared to Malaysia) and Thailand. If you do, come over to Penang (the smallest island in M’sia). There are lots of boring tourists, good food (too much), sorta rude locals and…me. I want you to sign my/your book. 🙂

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