Last Among Equals

So after being knocked off my perch on the New York Times Extended Best Seller List after a mere two weeks, it looks like I’m…

That’s right. I’m BACK. Yeah, keep scrolling. Further. Further. There I am! At number 35, out of–you guessed it!–35. Needless to say, this isn’t a bad place to be last place. The odd thing I learned is that my sales numbers have been pretty much rock solid over the last month, so my fluctuations up and down and off the list are either because other people on the list have had their sales fluctuate or because of that pencil-neck joke. But hey, I’m not complaining. Getting on the list for even one week is a whole lot more than most writers get. Ever.

So, cheers, New York Times, and if I make it high enough, I promise I’ll buy a print edition. (But $10 for the Sunday paper? Seriously?)

6 thoughts on “Last Among Equals

  1. Allison says:

    That’s fantastic! I’m really sorry, your drop off the list may be due to the fact that I did stop talking about your books for a couple of weeks… I may have been slightly responsible for the sales drop. I will start promoting again to friends and family and maybe you’ll move back up to at least 34! 😛

    Congratulations, I wish you continued success, and can’t wait until your next book comes out!

  2. Pauline Belleville says:

    HI Brent,
    Congratulations on the success of your trilogy!
    I am currently reading the third book.
    Your characters are compelling, and the arc of your story is masterful!

  3. Kiruban Naidoo says:


    Just completed the Night Angel Trilogy. Thought it was brilliant. Awesome characters and the story was excellent. You have a wealth of material here for future novels as each of your characters seem to have really exciting histories… Looking forward to more from you.


  4. Peter karby says:

    Hi Weeks. I have just finished the whole trilogy and I thought this
    was the work of a master. Its the best story I have read in
    yeaaars.. and I read a lot.

    Kylar, Durzo and Vi were some of the most exciting characters
    I have read about in ages. You really found a way to bring forth their
    power and human frailties at the same time. Deadly!

    Could you please hurry up and come back to
    this universe with these characters!! plleeeeeaaasseeee… 😀


  5. Michael Wu says:

    Any chance we’ll be able to see one of the many lifetime’s Durzo has lived through?

  6. Marla says:

    Just finished book one, and will start book two in a few minutes. I should be studying for finals next week, but…..I’m hooked.

    Someday in the future I’ll read the Traditional Chinese version (I’m in Taiwan), but it may be a couple of years before I can read Chinese as quickly and easily as I can read English. I will definitely be recommending the books to my Taiwanese friends, though.

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