How to Verb Twitter

Confession: I tweet. (Twit? Twitter?) At first, it started as a whim, an experiment with the social experiment known as Twitter. At first thought, the whole thing reeks of narcissism. Why should anyone care about my latest trip to the dentist? Or what wine Joe Bob had with dinner? Then, a great college friend (whose own TWEETS are highly entertaining), sent me THIS thoughtful article.  So I tried Twitter, quietly. I’m not an addict. I can stop any time I want to. And no, it isn’t taking away from my writing: tweeting is a good medium for brief wry observations on life or circumstances. There are no dentists in Midcyru. (A flaw in my worldbuilding? Perhaps. Or perhaps in fiction it’s nice to escape the mudanity of the Muggle world.)

So if you’re into this sort of web 2.0 wonkery, you can follow me HERE. Or if you want to weigh in on proper verb form, you can leave a comment below.

2 thoughts on “How to Verb Twitter

  1. John Thomas says:

    I keep wondering if people who use Twitter (like me) are Tweeters or Twits. {smirk}

    I’ll admit, there are times with me that it could be either. 😉

  2. Owen Charters says:

    It scares me more than anything really. In the space of a few minutes I know that you’ll be moving in 3 days and are considering making the Boss Lady do all the work – unwise, I caution.

    At any rate, I think a Twitterer Twitters on Twitter. None of this Tweeting nonsense, now!

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