A Book Signing & Beyond the Shadows…

Despite that the official pub date is still two weeks away, Beyond the Shadows is now on shelves in some bookstores. I haven’t received my own copies–but the little bookstore down the street has. This left me in a quandary. Is it gauche to buy your own book? I decided that if I was going to pad my sales numbers, I’d at least do it on Amazon, so I could see the little sales rank counter jump… but then I’d have to wait anyway, so I just stared at my own book longingly a while and made comments to passersby like “Wow, this book looks great. Heard this guy is real talented. Look, a blurb from Terry Brooks!” Finally, I walked out of the store empty-handed. (But the manager says I can come back if I promise to stop harassing the customers.)

I will be taking part in a group book signing in Beaverton, Oregon at Powell’s Books at Cedar Hills Crossing on November 20. Check the link for lots of details and directions. Look for the guy with the short line. I haven’t been to this event before, but I heard it was a wild success last year (its inaugural year), and with twelve sci-fi/fantasy authors and artists including Timothy Zahn, Lilith Saintcrow, Eldon Thompson, and Jay Lake, I’m just really excited to have been invited. The only thing that makes me nervous? The line that concludes the event announcement:

“The Cloud City garrison of the 501st Imperial Legion will also be in attendance.”

Does that mean what I think it means?

21 thoughts on “A Book Signing & Beyond the Shadows…

  1. brian says:

    Had to laugh at that! I did the same thing at my local B&N.

    “The Way of Shadows” is next on my list after I finish “Breaking Dawn”. Cannot wait!

  2. Todd says:

    I’m about 150 pages into WoS right now. I’m really enjoying it, and should have it finished soon, considering that I just bought book 2 last night.

  3. Scott S. says:

    AK! I ran out to Borders right away but it’s not there…yet.

    And I think that buying ONE book would not be padding your sales.

  4. Nik says:

    Well, that depends what you think it means ;). The 501st are a super bunch of lads, according to some friends of mine.

    Finished Shadow’s Edge last week, and it was probably the most enjoyable frustrating book I’ve ever read. I liken it to a dream where I have to watch myself and others make really dumb decisions, where I can do nothing but watch and scream silent warnings that go unheeded…

    I can’t wait for Beyond the Shadows. Unfortunately, my local Chapters has been getting pretty religious about release dates, which is mildly annoying. I just KNOW they’ve got more than a few books I want sitting in the back…

  5. Sean says:

    I’m almost 300 pages into WoS and am awed by how complex it had gotten…It started pretty straightforward but now its gotten really good…gonna buy the second book friday and I hope its as good as this…

  6. Nick says:

    Ah! It looks like I am going to have to change my name. There is another Nick here………From now on I shall be called Glass……Okay on to important issues….Yeah my borders has it, and wow, I mean WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

  7. Drew says:

    I am trying to hold out on the last book ’cause I know that it is the last, and that makes me kinda sad.

  8. Ajahli says:

    What Drew said D: My bookstore doesn’t have it yet. Noooo~

  9. Paul Karyakos says:

    I am on the last stretch of SE…I have been trying to finish it slowly so that I will have the third book at hand when I am done with SE.

    I don’t see that happening…This story is far too addictive to set down.

  10. Pontus says:

    first thing i gotta say is wow!

    thanks for not taking 3 years to release these books, but only 3 months.
    and waiting for book 2 was a pain but now after finishing book 2 now i really want to find these so called stores that already have it. you created a wonderful world here and i hope u write more books that take place in it very soon. to me these books are as good or better than George r.r. Martins throne books!

    i’m very happy with myself for trying out a new writer and i couldn’t be more happy with myself for it.

    keep up the good work u just got yourself a loyal reader for all your future work.

  11. Glass says:

    Brent I have to say that I hate you…..I cannot describe the pain you are making me feel to pick who I like better, Vi or Elene……Hahaha, well played though it keeps you in the book and makes you read every characters story, because you like all of them. Well done, well done. Best so far, I’m only 1/4 through.

  12. Glass says:

    Noooooo!!!!! You made the choice for me. Ahhhhh!!!!!!!! Wow it just really makes you want to cry. You are by far the best author I have ever read.

  13. Glass says:

    Great Ending. That’s all I have to say. Great Trilogy. Words cannot describe how good it was.

  14. Ryan Carter says:

    I must admit that this series has been one of the most original that I have read in some time. I greatly enjoyed myself. I picked up the first one on a whim and ended up reading it all night and going to the store the next morning to get the next one. I was so looking forward to the third one as it was there when I purchased the first but I guess my local barnes and nobel realized it was out to early and put it back in the stock room. I was pissed to say the least lol. All well patience is a virtue I guess….

  15. Zohar says:

    Well, I just want to say that I am from Brazil and as a leap of faith I have bought your entire trilogy on Amazon. Hearing only good finds about your books so far, I am certain that I will enjoy them.

    PS: The three month releases really add to my choice.

  16. Kat says:

    You know, if I ever got published, that’s prooobably what I’d do. And get kicked out and banned… XD

    Right after I blurt out to whoever makes the phonecall, “You actually accepted that pile of hogwash?!”

    Partially through Shadow’s Edge, I alternatively love Kylar, and also want to throttle the idiot!

  17. brent says:

    Hey, everyone. Again, thank you for your posts. I want you to know that I DO read all of your comments and absolutely appreciate them, even if I haven’t been good at responding to all of them recently. Orbit is working on putting together something better for us to keep some conversations going.

  18. David lucas says:

    hey You will be just down the street from me im gonna have to come by and say hi hope you will have time for an old student =)

  19. Jeff says:

    i Think you should write more books about kylars other lives. You know like Durzo had all those famous names…

  20. Daniel says:

    Simply amazing. Amazing how one becomes so attuned to the perfect fairytale ending. It’s, dare I say “refreshing,” to see a break from the norm. A brainwashed part of me still wanted to see the two who went through so much to have their “perfect ending.”

    You have woven such a vivid and elaborate tapestry, that I personally would pay to see these intricate and completely compelling characters come to life in illustration…

  21. Jarrod says:

    What can I say , fantastic. I have always been a bit hesitant to try out new authors, having been burned before, but all i can say is when is your next book is coming out!!! Seriously mate don’t ever give up writing, because if that’s your first internationally published set of books, you have a fan for life in me. Keep it up and whose butt do i have to kiss to get an autographed copy of one of your books. I live in Australia so going to you signing is a bit expensive.

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