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25 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Jan-Michael says:

    On a whim, I found and bought this book on the bottom shelf (well “weeks” does start with a ‘W’) On Sunday evening (9/21); finding out they stocked it early. I had barely started another book; but the Way of Shadows was calling to me, I had to start it….

    …SOOOOO I just finished The Way of Shadows in 2 1/2 days…Literally reading all morning, and then all evening. I have NEVER been so mesmerized by the depth and soul of these characters like any other. Sorry Tad, sorry Erikson… Listen, I have read just about everyone at this point. Last year alone I read 112 books. Most of them were door stoppers and ALL of them were fantasy(ok a few sci-fi/fantasy). Brent Weeks and his Kylar series will rank in my top 5 series of all time, probably in my top 3… There is just no reason for me to type a long review praising this book to no end… Whatever I write won’t be enough. If you are a fantasy lover, YOU NEED TO READ AND OWN THIS BOOK. If you are lover of dynamic in depth characters you will laugh and cry with, YOU NEED TO READ AND OWN THIS BOOK. This book is wall to wall with intrigue, suspense, gut wrenching and heart pounding action. I can’t imagine for the life of me how anyone could NOT be affected mentally and emotionally by this MASTERPIECE. Now… stop reading this blog, and go get yourself a copy!!!!!

  2. Nick says:

    Man I got this book right before I had to go on an eight hour bus ride to go to a football game. I saw it on the shelf and it caught my eye. I could not put the book down for the life of me. This book has everything you would want in a fantasy: Magic, Knights, Swordsmen, Action, Romance, Mature Dialect, Sex. It has everything. I truly recommend you get it.

  3. brent says:

    Jan-Michael, I need more readers like you. Thank you.

    And thanks to you, too, Nick. You’re a fantasy-reading football player? Watch out. That’s how I started…

  4. Silverine77 says:

    I love this book. Ok I will confess that I was waiting for the midnight release of the new Brisingr book when I saw “The Way of Shadows”. The cover caught my eye and after reading the back cover I just had to have it. I immediately starting reading it at Borders ( While I was still waiting for Brisingr to be released ). All I can say is WOW. I could not put this down. I finished it in 4 hours which meant I didn’t get to bed until almost 5am. I am anxiously awaiting the other 2 books. Keep up the great writing Brent. This series will be in my top 5 also. I feel it is as good if not to some degrees better then Robert Jordan’s Wheel of TIme.

  5. Fiction says:

    The only thing i can say is that i liked reading your book a lot. i managed to finish in about 7 hours of non stop reading. Well worth the time and i am looking forward to the next in the series.

  6. brent says:

    Silverine, I will take all of Paolini’s readers I can get. I just want to know which book you read first… 🙂

    Fiction, thanks. Even though there’s always something a tiny bit sad in the fact that people can read in a few hours what it took me a year and half to write, I do love it when people tear through my books.

  7. James says:

    Just when I thought there weren’t going to be any books left to grab and take hold of me…….
    Picked your book up once before (at Borders) and set it down without really giving it a look.


    Was at a loss as to what I should read and saw your book again. The cover was similar to a book I had read a while back and thought they had published a new one.

    Realized what the book was and decided to give it a chance.


    Thank you for all the work and time and self you put into your book. It was well worth it.

    And so you know, I read the acknowledgments (yes I am quirky that way) so I know what is expected to be written when I finaly get my book done. And to find the connections for agents and publishers and such.

    But mostly I wish to thank you for stating it took you a year and a half to finish writing. It gives me hope that I might get done some time.

    In all sincerity,
    You inspire me to write.
    Thank you!!

  8. Silverine77 says:

    Brent. I can tell you honestly that I read your book FIRST and have read it AGAIN while waiting for the release of Shadow’s Edge. I have not had a book that I was so immersed in in a LONG time. Any books you write from here out, you can be assured I will be buying them

  9. SaraB says:

    Hi! I bought your book and was indeed, thoroughly sucked into the intricacies of the story. There was so much action in your book, that I really had a hard time pulling away.

    I love that your books skip over the whole hard cover wait period, too. It satisfies my need for instant gratification as well as allowing me to buy more than one copy without killing my grocery budget.

    I read your extras, too, and love the modesty in your afterward. Keep writing, please, and I’ll promise to keep reading.

  10. Marc says:

    I was at Barnes and Nobles Tuesday and I had about 15 min. to find a book. I was looking for a new DL, FR, or even an Ebberon series novel, when your book caught my eye. I had never heard of you before, but after reading the back cover and flipping through the pages, I decided I’d give you a shot.

    I was not disappointed, in fact, I honestly believe Kylar could rival Drizzt in legendary status someday.

  11. Quicks?lver says:

    I was at my favorite puzzle website and saw an ad for THE WAY OF SHADOWS. Clicking on it brought me to a preview of Chapter 1, which I read. I wasn’t expecting much; I’ve read my share of fantasy novels, and found very few of them (even from established authors) to be well-conceived and -written. Well, I was most pleasantly impressed by what I read in Chapter 1, in a way that I hadn’t been in years. I thought the writing was quite brilliant, it really grabbed me. I really hope to see this in my local bookstores so I can pick up a copy and find out how it all turns out. Best of luck with the book and trilogy!

  12. Ruth Hunzeker says:

    I just finished reading the excerpt for the Way of Shadows, and I must say, you have impressed me. I love the “anti-hero”, for I collect all of Steven Brust’s Taltos books. (to be honest, I WANT my own “Spellbreaker”!=3)
    I will purchase this book, and possibly (if funding allowed, I’m still in Uni!) the other two. It is not often a book grabs my attention with just an excerpt. And yours did.
    Good Luck with the award!

  13. Nick Allen (Aus) says:

    I am an avid fantasy reader but often struggle to find authors that i truly enjoy. Recently my two favorite authors have both passed away in Gemmel and Jordan and i was looking for something new. In desperation i grabbed a book by an author i had never previously heard of in the hope it would be at worst ok. A few pages in i was hooked, couldn’t put it down. I finished it one day and went shopping to find to other two the next only to find to my complete devastation that they aren’t out yet!
    Brent Weeks, if the others are this good you have a fan for life. I already own all of Gemmel’s and Jordan’s books so i hope you keep writting for years so i can add to my collection!

  14. Artemis Lisserman says:

    I must confess I stopped reading books altogether, because of the American life (busy…busy), Then I started taking the train to work and picked up one of your books at the train station bookstore. After reading about 30 pages into your book, I was surprised and amazed. This book is immensily good. Some parts of it made me cry, and I am not the crying type. Some parts of this book made me go “Hell YEA!” It’s something about growing up with a character from the time he is so young, you really connect with him, as well as the other characters like Momma K, Durzo and Jarl. There is a certain realism in these characters that one could relate to. This is more than a fantasy novel, it’s an adventure that will make you hold the book for hours even into the night.

  15. brent says:

    James, they say you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Uh, apparently they’re wrong. So glad to be an inspiration for you, even if in a small way. If you have to write, you know you do. So don’t fight it, just do it.
    Artemis, if I can make you go from crying to hell-yeahs!, then I count this book a wild success. That is deeply gratifying…and oddly humbling… as are all of these compliments. And here, I think, is why:
    A book is just ink on paper; a STORY is something you and I make together. I have a story (a house if you will) in my head, but the words on the page aren’t that whole house, they’re just a blueprint. So I ship that blueprint out into the world and just hold my breath. That’s why I thank you all and why I feel humbled: you’ve taken something I care deeply about and made something awesome out of it. Something worth crying about, or something that inspires, or something that makes you say HELL YEAH!
    That’s why I love this job. That’s magic.

  16. Cat K. says:

    I use to be an avid fantasy reader but during college I slowly stopped reading for enjoyment. After graduating I was looking for a job (ok still am) and haunting Barnes & Noble. Suddenly this moody ‘wetboy’ is staring at me from the cover of The Way of the Shadow. I resisted,no impulse buying when I didn’t have a job, but then I got a kind birthday gift and the first thing on my mind was getting the book. It was gone. No copy in Barnes & Noble anymore. Doom.

    Long exposition short…I went to Borders and found it.

    ….Yeeeeah, I finished it in three days. I don’t know if I’ve ever read so fast in my life. I had expected to drag through it after so long away from books and the size of it was impressive. I couldn’t put it down. I think I forgot to eat sometimes…hmm.

    Azoth and Durzo Blint are so well-developed, not to mention the side characters, which only get that title in reflection to the overwhelming grandeur of Azoth and Blint. Each character seems more like a real person, acting accordingly to the terrible situations around them, than a fictional creation.

    The book takes you from the highest moments of triumph to the lowest pits of loss so grippingly (sure its a word) that you feel the same shock and pain the characters feel.

    Mr. Weeks has developed a complex and rich world full of death, magic, political intrigue and great twists.

    My only problem was getting so wrapped up that I started skipping words and had to go back to reread.

    I can’t wait for the second book and * put hand to forehead* will faithfully bug all the books stores for when they’ll have it, not if, to increase the hype.

  17. Jessica says:

    So I found this book in a backwoods airport and started reading immediately. I’d spent the week working 10 and 12 hour days, the nights trying desperately to fall asleep. Of course, I started reading immediately. Read on the plane, read in the taxi, read at home until I was done around 1 AM.

    This book. Heartbreakingly beautiful. Hit a chord, though I don’t recall being any type of assassin. Going to Borders to see if I can find ‘Shadow’s Edge’.

  18. Andrew Femling says:

    Wow, really amazing work. Sir you have made a fan for a lifetime, thank you very much! I have a hard time picking up a new author. I find little time to read books like i did when i was younger and to take a risk of a new writer is hard over a old, known author. I choose yours, because it caught me up in the first chapter:)

    I was hooked, i wanted to know more, i wanted to know about this world, the magic, and the characters. I have rarely seen the depth you have used to create the cast of characters in your book. They come alive in my mind, i can feel for them, hope for them, and have even cheered a time or two as i have read this great read. Again thank you!

    I also love the acknowledgments, I caught a glimmer of the writer, and that he is a good person, when he spends time to thank those around him… even the mail man. Again thank you!

    Finally, i hope life is good for you. I hope that these words can show you how your work has touched a reader, played with his emotions, and then left him wanting more. For the last time Thank you! and a good life to you and your family. Drew

  19. marti says:

    OK – I should have read the acknowledgements section of your book first – because if I had known you were a George RR Martin fan before I began your book – I might not have had to throw it across the room! How could you kill Durzo Blint??!! I read your first book over the weekend. I generally get hooked on a series because of the characters – and Durzo is one of the best I’ve found since the Hunter in the Cold Fire Trilogy. But you killed him …just when we were learning such great things about him – 700 years old,in love with Momma K. I had already purchased the second book (I’m also a sucker for mysterious looking gentleman on book covers)- so I guess I will keep reading – hopefully you will also be one of those sneaky authors that kills characters, but somehow they come back to life….I can’t believe an author would tease us readers with interesting tidbits about a major character and then just write him off – I mean, that would just be down right mean – and the interview and “extras” in the back of the book made you seem like such a nice guy….. 🙂 anyway – I really just wanted to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed your first book and even though you have done away with my favorite character in said book – I will keep reading. Thanks for the great story!

  20. Larry says:

    Hey Brent, I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your fantasies, dreams, and most of all your talent as a writer. I as much as any of your readers could only dream of having but an ounce of your courage and skill to script out the fantasies that linger in our minds.

    I’ve trained for years in the art of ninjitsu/bujitsu but I’m sane enough to now that I can’t go around the neighborhood testing my skills out, so it felt good to be able to open a book that pulled me from reality for while.
    Again, thank you and I’m looking forward to reading Shadow’s Edge and Beyond the Shadows.


  21. Brent,
    after finishing the first book i read your end notes and decided that every human who does what they love speaks to others who do the same.
    i am half way through the 2nd and i have a few thank yous. thank you for releasing these books one after the other. the wheel of time and other wonderful series like them start to lose their wonder after 2-3 year between novels. thank you for a fresh story line, like u said, new land, magic, etc…i am utterly involved with your characters and find myself laughing at the banter and wit and screaming as one by one, my favorites perish or become incapacitated for the time being…my relationship to my girlfriend right now is in that baby trueness that kylar and elene are searching for and reading it while feeling it is amazing.
    so thanks so much.
    i am a dancer, choreographer and teacher of contemporary hip hop. i teach around the world, inspiring others with music and movement. i inspire myself through high level anime and novels. if you see some of my choreo you will also see a lot of martial art. i have had kung fu and ballet masters both give compliments…i feel like i am living a dream. so from one dreamer and do-er to another…thanks brotha…if i can ever be of any help, know that you have an honest hard working dreamwalker on your side….
    peace and love,

  22. Jon Sploder says:

    Sorry for kinda reviving this Post, but firstly, by people posting here really shows that you’ve made such a great trilogy that your fans (I am now entitling myself a fan) track you down and leave comments. You should be extremely proud.
    I am 13 and I got the trilogy for Christmas. I read it all on boxing day, I couldn’t put it down, in fact I only got 1 hours sleep that night much to the devastation of my mother.

    I just want to say thanks for making such a great trilogy, more please!! I’ll be hanging around in the shadows. Shhh.

  23. Hannes says:

    Brent Weeks,

    I read this book last year along with all of the rest of the trilogy. This is my favorite series of books that I have ever read. The book is so in depth that I feel as if I have known each character. You did an amazing job writing this book and all of the others. I am looking forward to the next book you write.


  24. While I was researching Bing for my research paper, I came across your website. Crazy, this is going to help me out soooooooo much. I must say that it was very helpful towards my paper. I really appreciate the time you took to write up this post. This is one of the awesome blogs Ive ever read.

  25. All I have to say is that i love how the characters personalities were handled, My favorite is Durzo Blint Who both has no time for lies and lives in lies. So Brent, Keep up the good work!

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