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Pre-Order Bonuses

Pre-Order Bonuses

Planning to buy The Broken Eye? Already got the book on order? Awesome. Let me give you free stuff!

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As a special thank-you to those of you who pre-order, I’m giving away a thousand signed bookplates and two brand-new pieces of fiction.

1) From the Lightbringer universe: “GUNNER’S APPRENTICE.” A short story featuring Kip.

2a) From Midcyru: “I, NIGHT ANGEL.” Featuring Kylar. This may be the beginning of a new Night Angel novel.

2b) Prefer audiobooks, or just long to hear the honeyed-gravel tones of my rugged Montana accent? You can either read or listen to me narrate “I, Night Angel.” Or go wild and do both. I don’t judge.

3) Oh, and one more thing. We’re cooking up a new bookplate — that’s a nice sticker to put in the front of your book with custom art on it. For the first thousand people, we’ll mail you one. Signed by me. Free. Postage on us.

You’ll be able to enjoy both stories from your computer, your smart phone, your Kindle Nook, or other e-reader.

To find out how to get your loot, go HERE.*

Haven’t pre-ordered yet???? Go HERE for a long list of retailers.


* Currently U.S., U.K., and Canada only. Fuller explanation HERE.



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  1. Bought The Night Angel trilogy in eBook form when I wanted to re-read the series again and couldn’t find my copies (AHHHHH!!!). Just hit Beyond The Shadows and came here to find out when the graphic novel will arrive. Seeing the bit about “I, NIGHT ANGEL” possibly being the start of a new Night Angel novel has got me about as energized as Kylar was after ripping the diamonds from the back of that poor, poor tortured soul (I’m not glowing, I promise).

    Please, please, please dive back into Midcyru! Additional full-length Kylar adventures would be wonderful but prequel series that delves deeper into the events surrounding the war between Jorsin Alkestes and Roygaris Ursuul would be excellent as well!

  2. *Le Sigh*
    Any chance that their policy to exclude other countries can be dispersed from?
    I can´t think of a single good reason to buy it in anything but the original language.

    Even if your work is translated to danish I will not buy it from an eventual danish publisher for 3 good reasons.
    1. Buying the books in the original language gets me the book without horrible translation mistakes, the loss of finer points and good humor puns lost.
    2. I get it much faster than waiting for a translation. If the rights for it is picked up in the first place.
    3. It´s far cheaper. Even if the 2 others points where not enough this one really clinches it for me. Getting the book in a translated version is anywhere from 50-100% more expensive than it is for me to buy it in English.

  3. Hi! Was just wondering how long to wait for instructions on preorder goodies. I submitted my preorder information a while ago and haven’t heard back. Not trying to nag/rush, just really want these extra stories! Sorry, and thanks. So can’t wait for The Broken Eye!

    • You SHOULD have already gotten the stories. Email or FB message Orbit Books. If you can’t find a contact, ask me Monday, and I’ll get that to you. I should be writing today…

  4. Hi again,

    I know you’re busy and I hate to bother you again, but I’ve still heard nothing from Orbit Books. I would just submit my preorder info again, but the terms say that’s fraud and not to be done. I am just super eager for the Lightbringer story, and the book comes out very soon. Sorry again, and thank you. 😀

  5. I sent my preorder info for the orig 1000 nameplates but I have not recieved it yet. Would like to know if others have had this prob. Thanks! Love borken eye finally came in the mail. Reading it now!

    • Hey Megan,
      It’s going to be 6-8 weeks from the time we ran the giveaway to when you receive the bookplates (i.e. about another 2-3 weeks from now). Brent’s still on book tour, and we’ve only just received the bookplates from the publisher for him to sign. He’ll do that as soon as he’s done with the tour, and we’ll ship the bookplates back to the publisher for them to distribute to everyone who signed up!
      Thanks for your patience!

      • Okay thanks for answering! I can afford to wait since I’ll be going to one of the book signings! Wee!

        Love the book so far and am sad that it is almost done because it means I and MANY OTHERS have to wait 2 whole years!!!

        BRENT!!!! *Moans in sadness for the long, long wiat*

  6. Hi,
    I’m also still awaiting my preorder goodies.
    I waited the couple of weeks that the other posters were told it would take but I still haven’t recieved them.
    I’m not angry or anything, im just really looking forward to getting them and being such a fan I’m a little worried that they may have gotten lost in the mail or something.
    If it makes any difference I live in Australia.

    Any info would be great thanks,

    PS. I love the book Brent, thanks for yet another GREAT read

  7. Pre order bookplate?

  8. Hi there!

    I pre-ordered your book, but when I clicked on the link for how to get the free short story/be entered for the signed bookplate, I got an error saying the page could not be found. Would you be able to post the instructions again?

    Thanks so much!!

    • Hi Sarah,

      This was a post about pre-ordering for the third book in The Lightbringer Series, the Broken Eye. We stopped offering the bonus bookplates/free short stories for pre-ordering The Broken Eye once it published in 2014.

      If you pre-ordered the fourth book (The Blood Mirror), thank you! And though we aren’t doing any pre-order bonuses this time, you can access some of the short stories Brent’s written over on Wattpad:

      I hope that helps!

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