Digital Graphic Novel Sampler

A big thank-you to Barnes & Noble, who are making their exclusive The Way of Shadows graphic novel sampler available FREE to everyone via digital download. So if you couldn’t make it in to a Barnes & Noble this past weekend to grab the admittedly-cooler physical version, you can still get your copy HERE. (The download link for the PDF is right below the cover image.)


8 Responses to “Digital Graphic Novel Sampler”

  1. Brad Bourbina

    And now I will go read the Night Angel Trilogy…

    For the sixth time. 🙂

  2. Evgeni "Eugene" Kirilov

    Just a heads up, I just called my local Barnes & Noble, and they said they still have free samples, so it might be a while-supplies-last kind of promotion, at least for some of the stores. Worth checking out.

  3. Tim

    Barnes & Noble seems to really be taking the opportunity to become the good guys of booksellers granted by Amazon’s stepping into the role of bad guys.

  4. Jim

    Got a copy and LOVED it!! Your Night Angel trilogy SO lends itself to the medium of a graphic novel. I cannot wait until they all come out and will be buying them. When’s the anime movie? Just kidding. No, really, when?

  5. Adam

    Sorry, but I can’t seem to find the download link mentioned.

    • L Morgan

      Click on the word HERE above. Then look for the link under the picture of the book. It takes a little while, but you’ll get it.

  6. Jesper

    Hey Brent,

    I just tried to order your graphic novel (for Nook) via Barnes & Noble, but they say it’s only available in the US? how can a digital product only be available in the US?

    When will it be available for Europeans?


      Hi Jesper,
      Brent’s assistant here — I’m sorry you weren’t able to get a copy of the digital graphic novel!
      Though it is a digital product, the graphic novel is still governed by copyright laws for different territories/areas of the world. Brent would be delighted to have it available in as many places as possible, but some of these availability issues are out of his control. If and when it becomes available outside the US/UK, we’ll be sure to announce it on his social media!


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