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The Biggest Awards in Literature

The Biggest Awards in Literature


Nobel Prize


Pulitzer Prize



Man Booker Prize





Reddit Award on Display

Awesome… with edges.
The Blinding Knife Reddit Award Engraving

A big thanks to elquesogrande of reddit/r/Fantasy for putting together the contest and the fantastic prize. And of course — thanks to all of you who voted so I could win the prize!

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  1. I love how its for the Blinding Knife, and its on a knife(dagger) haha!

  2. How cool. Congratulations.

  3. Well I would also choose the last reward to display and to show everyone how awesome it is but really I wouldn’t be so rough to Nobel Prize. They don’t have money to give a winner awesome knife cause they give you over 1 mln $ instead. 😛

    Still awesome award I’m from Poland and I’m currently reading The Bliding Knife and it’s awesome….I haven’t slept in like 3 days 😀

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