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And finally… coming in Español

PLAZA, a Random House Mondadori imprint, has just acquired the world Spanish language rights, hoping to publish all in 2011. The way I understand how this is likely to work is that they will release in Spain, and depending on sales, will export to other Spanish language markets. They even can export to the US, which strikes me as very cool. I, of course, have no control over any of this, but I will post updates as I learn more and cover art when they send it to me and allow me to show it.

The “and finally” in the title here isn’t because I’m being snarky–no, really! It’s because I had quite a number of emails from people asking when I would publish in Spanish–which I appreciate, but I don’t really publish anything. A publisher has to come to an author first and say that they want to publish your book in language X. Like it seems happens a lot in publishing, we had no interest, followed by no interest, followed by a sudden flurry of interest from numerous corners all at once.