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A New Look at Shadows…

When senior design student Herman Chaneco was tasked with designing covers for a book series – which shadowy trilogy  do you think he picked?

Herman Chaneco has managed to pull of some stunning light-and-shadows art here with his own creations for the Night Angel Trilogy covers. As he put it: “Notice that the shadows create two images. One fills in the typography and the other light source creates the character.”

Pretty amazing art!

Here are the three covers, in order, with two shots each so you can see the covers with the light at different angles:

Was it just my imagination, or did that shadow just take a swipe at me with a sword?

The Way of Shadows

Those wetboys… always creeping around on ceilings where you can’t notice them…

The Shadow’s Edge

Somehow, Chaneco managed to make it look like Kylar could be either beyond or in the shadows… at the same time.

Beyond the Shadows

Many thanks to Herman Chaneco for sharing his hard work, I’m pumped I get to share it with you all (and I’m pretty sure he got an A+)!

If any of you has some great original Night Angel Trilogy or Black Prism visual art, feel free to send it to me at Mostly because I love to see it–but every once in a while, if I’m confronted with awesome, I may ask your permission to share them with everyone.