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Live Interview with Geekerati this Wednesday

On Wednesday, February 11th at 7pm PST (3AM GMT), I’ll be doing my first live interview for the Blog Talk Radio program Geekerati. Details and call in number HERE, along with a nice reminder feature if you want to tune in. They do field a couple of phone calls depending on time, and it looks like each program lasts about an hour. I’m just glad I’m not famous enough to get my own “You Know” counter. Ouch. But if you are interested in listening to the “you knows,” “ums,” and “likes” (or even the gibberish in between) but you miss the live version, you can also catch the podcast after the fact through the links above or in the iTunes stores (search Geekerati). They also have some other, more impressive folks you can listen to. More info about Geekerati on their blog HERE.