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Imaginary Friends, Real Friends, and Friendlier Web Pages


Why, you might ask, is Brent featuring the cover of another author’s book on his webpage? Good question.

If you’ve read  The Night Angel Trilogy, you’ve seen the amazing blurb that Terry Brooks gave me, which was a great push right out of the gate for a new guy just scrapping to make it. Terry has been tremendously gracious to me, personally as well as professionally. It was Terry who introduced me to Shawn Speakman, his long-time “web druid”, who in addition to being a writer himself, runs Suvudu and the Signed Page. Shawn has also become a friend of mine, and he was recently diagnosed with cancer.

It looks like Shawn’s going to be fine once he finishes his treatment, but, hey… cancer. Expensive. The writing life is great–but the benefits stink! So Terry Brooks is listing his short story, Imaginary Friends, for 90 days at $2.99 as an e-book download, with all of the proceeds going toward Shawn’s medical bills.

Imaginary Friends is a short story that has been out of print, so you’re not only doing something nice and getting a steal, you’re reading something people haven’t had access to in years.

You can check out more details at Terry’s webpage, including how to download a Kindle app for your computer if you don’t have one. I hope you’ll all consider buying a copy of the story — I know I will! Imaginary Friends is available on Kindle, Nook.

And as a side note, I wanted to let you all know that we’ve updated the Writing Advice page to make it friendlier for all you aspiring writers out there. We hope that we’ve made navigation a little simpler (one extra click, but much less scrolling!). There’s also a special link at the top of the page to direct you to the newest content quickly.