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New Character Sketches and Comic-Con Announcement


Go to the Brent Weeks Facebook page, HERE, to see the latest sketches of two major Night Angel characters.

And for those  fans of the Brent Weeks Facebook page who are attending San Diego Comic-Con next week, Yen Press has a special exclusive gift for Night Angel fans.

Be sure to “like” the page for details!


More Graphic Novel Characters

Over on my Facebook page, Orbit/Yen Press have released two more character sketches. Go HERE to see them. (All sketches will appear here on a one-week delay, but because there were no sketches released last Wednesday, today you get nuthin’.) I suggest you read the amusing DGLA post below this one. 😉

The Way of Shadows Graphic Novel Character Sketches


Over at the Brent Weeks Facebook page, we’re rolling out new sketches of Night Angel characters each week — and letting you guess who they are. (For a number of good reasons, Brent’s publisher has chosen to reveal these on Facebook first, but for those of you who don’t do Facebook, we’ll be posting all the sketches here at a one-week delay.)

Go HERE to check out the newest sketches! And “like” the page to stay up-to-date on this and other Brent Weeks news.

Here’s last week’s sketch of Doll Girl & Jarl:

Night Angel 1