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Goodreads Winners and Photobomb Winner!

First, congratulations to the winners of the Goodreads Contest: to both Theresa and Irwin in California, Carola in the Netherlands, Tyler in Ontario, and Maria in South Australia  — congratulations! Your signed copies of The Black Prism are on their way.

Now about the photobomb contest: we had some spectacular entries. Here are some of the best:

Fans of the infamous “chicken nuggets” scene.*

from Isabelle D.

Abe? I’m one of your favorites?! No way. You’re one of mine, too!

from Kathlyn H.


This is totally how the boxed set should have come:

from Sasuke U.

Assassins-in-training also use my books as training manuals!

from Alexia A.

Want texts that will engage college freshmen? μολὼν λαβέ!


from Dr. J. Klein

Assassins particularly like working (and reading) at twilight:

from Libbie & Addi L.


Not so easily killed:


from Katie H.

It was a hard decision. But since I gave my “muhaha, there can only be one!” Highlander vow, there could only be one:

from Gloria N.


Congratulations to Gloria N.! We’ll do our best to get you your copy of the sold-out, limited edition Perfect Shadow from Subterranean Press in time for Christmas.

*No, there’s not really a chicken nuggets scene. But now that you mention it, maybe in the 10th anniversary edition…

TWO Contests for the Price of One!

It’s not even Thanksgiving, and Brent’s already breaking out a Christmas tree?

I recently passed the 1,000 fans mark on Goodreads, and I thought I should do something cool to celebrate that.

First, a contest just for those of you who are following me on the book sharing/reviewing site Goodreads. So if you’re a member of Goodreads, simply go to this page on Goodreads, and put in your info, and you will be entered into a drawing to win one of five signed, lined, and personalized paperback copies of The Black Prism. This contest will be open to readers worldwide.

We’re hoping that we’re doing this early enough so that you could give these books as a Christmas present if you so chose, and have them even arrive on time. (No promises, but we will push them out the door as soon as we can.)

That contest got me so excited for Christmas that I didn’t want to leave anyone out! Although, I suppose it is the nature of contests to leave someone out. Therefore, perhaps, I’m not being nice. I’m just hoping to expand the pool of losers! Muhahaha!

So, a second contest: the Brent’s Funtastic Photobomb Contest.  Take a picture of any one of my books (must be identifiable) in any exciting, interesting, exotic, or funny locale. Sadly, I’m going to have to ask you to keep it appropriate. I will post the very best photos on my website, but winners? There can only be one.

Yay, more losers! Why can there be only one winner? Because the prize is so stinking cool. (To clarify: the picture does not have to be an actual photobomb. And, although I appreciate a good photoshop job as well as anyone, photoshopped pictures will not be eligible for The Grand Prize. Obviously, touching up a real photo is fine. You know what I mean.)

The Grand Prize winner will receive a signed, numbered copy of the sweet, sold-out, limited edition of Perfect Shadow. (I’m at the mercy of when I get my own copies of this, but if you win, I will ship it immediately, so you might be able to get it in time for Christmas.)

To enter, submit your photo to by December 5 at 5PM Pacific Standard Time.