Fan Art Tuesday: A Stunning Lightbringer Bookcase

Patrick Heffernan (of Mysterious Galaxy infamy) made this striking board and vinyl case that perfectly holds all five Lightbringer hardcover books.

The picture doesn’t do it justice!
In case you can’t see it, LIGHTBRINGER is the vertical word, and BRENT & WEEKS are the horizontal words.
Like a glove.

Not much else to say about this one, except well done, Patrick! He gave this one-of-a-kind case to Brent during his book tour stop in San Diego last year.

Ahhh, I remember book tour events… And bookstores… Book signings… Book festivals… Author speaking engagements… Browsing library stacks… Eyeballing tchotchkes and board games and socks at Powell’s… Lurking among the packed and crooked shelves that made the too-narrow aisles in my favorite used bookstore, petting the shop cat while I chatted with the staff, the smell of old paper lingering on my shirt after I left.

Sorry, I wandered off there.

Any way, hold fast and stay the course, friends. We’re all doing this quarantine thing for each other.

7 thoughts on “Fan Art Tuesday: A Stunning Lightbringer Bookcase

  1. Dan says:

    That is an awesome! Does it happen to be for sale anywhere? I’d love to buy that to add to my Weeks collection!

    1. The Dread Pirate CAPSLOCK says:

      It IS pretty awesome, isn’t it? I’d love to have one too! Patrick only made the one, specifically for Brent. Bummer for us–I’d love to have one as well!

  2. Jasper says:

    Hi, are you planning on doing a 10th year anniversary cover redesigns?

    1. brent says:

      They never tell me these things. However, I don’t expect it. The trade paperback will be coming out in late summer, and I could see them worrying rightly about screwing up its sales by doing a refresh of the earlier books’ cover art. You don’t want your new book that’s just hit the shelves to have an “old” looking cover. (Which isn’t old looking at all, unless you put out a new style.) Cover art refreshes are definitely a thing publishers keep in their arsenal, but I wouldn’t expect it for several years yet (if ever).

  3. Danilo says:

    There’s no need for new covers since they’re beautiful, however we need new hardcover print. The books are great, but in harcover it’s much better. I hope Orbit will print them again someday. TOR still prints The Way of Kings in hardcover even after 10 years.

  4. James says:

    I desperately need a HC reprint.. and perhaps Orbit could use the opportunity to fix the inconsistency between book 1 and the rest >.<

    1. The Dread Pirate CAPSLOCK says:

      We have Black Prism hardcovers available in Brent’s store (with updated slipcovers). We’ll open some time in October, and will definitely let everyone know when that happens!

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