Real Life Fantasy: Rainbow Obsidian

Behold, a giant chunk of hellstone, crafted into a work of fine art:

From Heritage Auctions

And this one, which I think is a

Show Spoilers

chi bane:

From Elegant Stones on Ebay

Here’s a chunk found in Davis, California:

From GeologyIn

And another found in Glass Butte, Oregon:

From Oregon Discovery

And this one, found for sale from someone in the UK:

From Soulful Crystals. But listen, friends: do you really want to trust something that came from the bowels of the Wight King to heal your depression?

This post is, I think, pretty self-explanatory.

3 thoughts on “Real Life Fantasy: Rainbow Obsidian

  1. Tom Conrad says:

    Those are some glorious specimens. I know that I took the family looking for some rainbow obsidian out at Glass Butte, and it’s not as easy to find as it looks.

  2. Jim Preshong says:

    I brought home 100 pounds of black and black/red striped but didn’t have any luck finding rainbow.
    I wonder if it would be worth digging for it as opposed to just picking it up from the surface

  3. Chris S Auflick says:

    I grew up in Oregon. As a kid I would actively look for Obsidian and collect it. I had multiple large coffee cans full. I found at 1 point a piece that had to be 50, 60 pounds. Huge.

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