What’s Your Favorite Scene In Lightbringer?

We know there are some of you who aren’t into social media (FB, IG, & Twitter), so we’re posting this question here:

What’s your most favorite scene from Lightbringer?

If you could pick one chapter from one book, which one would you pick?

And hey, please include spoiler alerts where necessary.


p.s. My (Dread Pirate CAPSLOCK) favorite is either Chapter 75 of Broken Eye… or Chapter 68 of The Burning White 😉 (you don’t HAVE to reference the chapter number, I’m just doing it to keep everything spoiler-free)

9 thoughts on “What’s Your Favorite Scene In Lightbringer?

  1. Tim says:

    Broken Eye – Kip works out Tremblefist let his brother beat him in the most famous fight ever. Ironfirst cry’s when he realizes the truth of it.

    1. Chantal says:

      This was my answer as well!

  2. Jared Stonecypher says:

    I would have to say chapter 15 of The Broken Eye and chapter 65 of The Blood Mirror. Broken Eye’s ch. 15 because of how Kip’s experience of Orholam’s majesty in the jungle brought on this amazing transformation in him. And then Blood Mirror’s ch. 65 for 2 reasons: 1) because of the huge twists & realizations that were revealed, 2) it really dived into how profound the love between a father and child can still be even when it’s being tortured and twisted by sin.

  3. Josh dingle says:

    The scene where kip goes to the great library.

  4. Kory Kirkland says:

    My favorite book in the series is the Broken Eye.

    I love the conversation with Orholem (galley slave) and Gavin on the deck
    I also love the way Gavin’s thought process is described at his blinding.
    I also love the “locust” plot line.

  5. Brad says:

    It’s gotta be Karris’s shenanigans in the arena in Ruthgar. I love that scene so much. Hard to describe the scene without spoilers, though…

  6. Anonymous says:

    The Blinding Knife, Chapter 79
    [spoilers below]

    Were the sequence of events described therein to happen to someone I knew in the real world, I don’t think I would forgive them, no matter how much how much moral virtue they exhibited in other facets of life (and neither would most legal systems; it’s a textbook example of manslaughter).
    Yet, while reading this book, I found myself completely sympathizing with Gavin. I supported him both morally (his actions were merely an aberrant outburst in a moment of heightened emotion) and utilitarianally (even if his behavior were morally impermissible, enforcing this morality would destroy the Satrapies’ last hope of defeating the Color Prince).
    That I was so caught up in the logic of this fantasy world, so easily able to slip into Gavin’s shoes and see the situation from his perspective, that I abandoned my own personal moral convictions is a testament to how amazing these books are!

  7. D Grantham says:

    My favorite scene is the final black guard testing.

  8. Lorell says:

    I can’t remember the specific chapter in ‘TBE’ but one of my favorite chapters is when Teia went to get tested as a light-splitter and she has to guess the colors while being blind folded and being slightly color blind. It added a few moments of levity during what was supposed to be a serious event/ceremony. I loved it!

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