Real Life Fantasy: Animal Vision In Ultraviolet

Happy 2019 friends!

We are so excited to share the buttload of cool [BLEEP] we found with all of you. Also, you should know that Jefe is in the weeds editing, and we’re wading through the tall grass and cattails cheering him on. Gooooooooo Jefe! 

At any rate, Real Life Fantasy is back with a couple of mind-bending articles from Live Science, about animals that can see in ultraviolet:

A scorpion glowing pale blue against a black background

Cats and Dogs Can See In Ultraviolet

Butterflies Use UV Vision to Find Mates

There’s even a piece in The Atlantic about animals that not only SEE in ultraviolet, but they GLOW in UV light as well. And here you thought you were so clever with your black velvet Hendrix poster and your empty Amaretto bottles full of water and highlighter filament. *tsk*

One thought on “Real Life Fantasy: Animal Vision In Ultraviolet

  1. Sebastiaan says:

    Happy 2019, Brent and family!
    I just finished The way of Shadows, includig the Acknowledgments, 5 minutes ago.
    Thank you for a wonderful ride! I’ll order the other 2 + 1 books as well 😉

    My wife was surprised to see the frequincy and lengths of time I spent reading it. She also enjoyed the plot updates and my son (10) actively asked for them.

    Anyway, naure is awesome, huh? Grew up on David Attenburough, rant … rant. Oh, and I never read Orient inspired fantasy rant … Robin Hobb, Robert Jordan and … rant. Also writing for a game project rant, rant, rant.

    But thanks, sincerely and all the best.

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