New German Cover!

Check out this cover for the next Lightbringer book in Germany:


If you read German, you can pre-order here. (Though the release date on is just a placeholder!)

3 thoughts on “New German Cover!

  1. sz says:

    It looks like this book has been cancelled. Is there any information on what happened? Unfortunately the publisher has not made any statement.

    I am surprised since this series appeared to be selling well in Germany.

    I am sure other readers such as me would like to know if it will ever be released and how long the wait will be, so that a decision on buying the English version can be made.

    1. The Dread Pirate CAPSLOCK says:

      Good news, friend! It hasn’t been canceled. This is the cover for the German edition of The Burning White, which Brent is editing right now. It was put up early (oops!), before it was announced that the book would be delayed for a year.

      Sorry about that!

  2. Eric says:

    Is there news on when the german translation will be available?
    I just recently started reading books in english but I think i want to finish this series in german.

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