New Hardcover: PERFECT SHADOW–even signed!

The novella prequel to the Night Angel trilogy,  PERFECT SHADOW is now available for pre-order in a beautiful new hardcover edition! This novella–it’s not a full-length novel!–has previously been available as an ebook and audiobook, so this edition is meant for those of you who prefer to read a book on paper, and enjoy another gorgeous cover gracing your shelves and completing your collection. (If you prefer digital or want to check out a sample before the November 7th publication date of the hardcover, the digital versions remain available, and still for the same low prices.)

Also included will be a bonus short story (“I, Night Angel”) that’s never before been published in physical format. If you’d like to hear more about why I chose to publish this now (or, heck, at all!), fill in your email in the banner above to get my newest newsletter and hear all the gory details. (I send only about 4 notes each year.)

Design by Lauren Panepinto. Photo-Illustration by Gene Mollica (

Here’s the blurb:

Discover the origins of Durzo Blint in this original novella set in the world of Brent Weeks’ New York Times bestselling Night Angel trilogy.

“I got a bit of prophecy,” the old assassin said. “Not enough to be useful, you know. Just glimpses. My wife dead, things like that to keep me up late at night. I had this vision that I was going to be killed by forty men, all at once. But now that you’re here, I see they’re all you. Durzo Blint.”

Durzo Blint? Gaelan had never even heard the name.

Gaelan Starfire is a farmer, happy to be a husband and a father; a careful, quiet, simple man. He’s also an immortal, peerless in the arts of war. Over the centuries, he’s worn many faces to hide his gift, but he is a man ill-fit for obscurity, and all too often he’s become a hero, his very names passing into legend: Acaelus Thorne, Yric the Black, Hrothan Steelbender, Tal Drakkan, Rebus Nimble.

But when Gaelan must take a job hunting down the world’s finest assassins for the beautiful courtesan-and-crimelord Gwinvere Kirena, what he finds may destroy everything he’s ever believed in.

(Because I’m weird, PERFECT SHADOW is set before the events of The Night Angel trilogy, but is best read afterward.)


For those of you who love books defaced by the actual physical pen of the author, in the US, Barnes & Noble is doing a special print run of signed copies, and I’m delighted that Barnes & Noble is going to be offering these for no additional cost! (To you. My hand is really tired.) These will be available exclusively through–so please don’t haunt your friendly local B&N asking for copies if you miss out!  Pre-orders start today, but stock is limited. (Those will ship on publication date, November 7th.)

(Collectors outside the US:  because BN only ships domestically, this offer is exclusively for the United States, but keep your eyes here for more news soon.)

To pre-order this hardcover at your other favorite vendors, click below:


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15 thoughts on “New Hardcover: PERFECT SHADOW–even signed!

  1. Lars Henrici says:

    I would be very happy should there be a possibility to get a signed copie outside the USA.

    1. CAPSLOCK says:

      Hi Lars,

      For international customers only, you can go to the Signed Page to pre-order a signed copy of Perfect Shadow!

  2. Jarred De Salvo says:

    I went to look at the Amazon kindle option and received a page not found message 🙁

    1. brent says:

      Jarred, I just took a look at the page on Amazon (US) and was able to find the Kindle version ok. Perhaps the web browser you’re using? Or are you outside the US? If things are still wonky, and you’re able, please shoot my assistant Elisa ( an email with a screenshot. We’ll see if we can have my publisher figure this out. Thanks!

  3. Blaque says:

    Now I have a cover to go with my sword!

    1. brent says:

      Isn’t that awesome?! I bought my long-time editor that sword, and then she took a sweet promotion at another company since then… so my current editor went across town and borrowed it for the photo shoot. This industry is awesome and hilarious.

  4. Justin Stonehouse says:

    Happy to see this get released again I have the original leather bound and numbered copy and I just ordered the signed edition of it to go with my collection

  5. Zarai Castro says:

    This is a very weird question but I thought I’d ask anyhow. My husbands birthday is coming up. I already preordered this book on amazon for my husband. By the way you are his favorite author. I wanted to give him something unique something meaningful, something that I know he will probably have a heart attack over. My question to you Sir is, is there anyway you can send a birthday card or a signed autograph? If so how much do you charge? Thank you so very much. Much love and respect from Kodiak, AK

  6. Miles Bode says:

    Dear Brent Week,
    I was wondering if you could donate one of these books to my friend Corbin. He is a very big fan of your books. He had read the first two Night Angel books at least five times each.

  7. Krissi Folsom says:

    I ordered mine using the link provided from Barnes and Noble the day this message was posted and just received my copy….unsigned. 🙁
    How do I get the signed copy??

    1. CAPSLOCK says:

      Krissi, I’m so sorry to hear that! Brent is traveling today for his Seattle signing, but if you can send me a screenshot or copy of your order form, I can forward that to the appropriate people and try to get this fixed ASAP. My email is: elisa_at_brentweeks_dot_com.

  8. Ben Masterton says:

    I have a lettered edition of Perfect Shadow and would like to get my hands on the short story “I, Night Angel”. Is there a way to obtain it without buying another copy of Perfect Shadow? If not I’ll just add another book to the collection. Thanks Brent for writing the Night Angel Trilogy, currently re-reading and enjoying. Keep it up!

  9. Joshua says:

    Just now finding out about this, I’m a terrible fan of late. Unfortunately the service keeps me constantly out on field exercises… hopefully there are still some signed copies on the shelf when I get back in late Feb. Brent, is there any chance of you doing another tour in the near future?!

    1. The Dread Pirate CAPSLOCK says:

      Hi Joshua,

      Depends on how soon is “soon” to you… He’ll be in Atlanta in late April, St Louis in July, and there’s likely going to be a promo tour for The Burning White some time this fall (but that’s not guaranteed–so much can change between now and then). Cheers!

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