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The Blood Mirror (Düsterer Ruhm in German) made the bestseller list in Germany — it landed at number 11. Many thanks to all my German readers who helped this happen!


One thought on “German Bestseller

  1. Lind says:

    Fellow German here. Congratiulations! But I have to admit: I haven’t bought even one of your books as a German translation.
    Started reading books from English speaking authors for two reasons: It’s so much cheaper and faster.
    That saved me a lot of money and heartbreaking days of waiting. The Night Angel Trilogy for example: As a boxset in English all three combined were (and still are I guess) cheaper than even two books of the series translated to German.
    As for the “faster” part: Often translated books are split up. Not only is “The Blood Mirror” split up (First part is called “Düsterer Ruhm”), but the second part is sceduled to be released in october next year. Can’t imagine waiting this long for the conclusion of the originally 4th book. Let alone the additional waiting time for the end of the series, which could be even two more books away for German readers if the last one is split up too.
    So again, congrats, but I hope you’re ok with it if I’ll stick to reading your English copys. 😉
    Can’t wait for the (hopefully) last book (of this story)!

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