Night Angel Cosplay: Durzo Duster & Body Armor

Museum Replicas now has both body armor and a duster modeled after Durzo Blint in The Way of Shadows graphic novel!

Check out this Night Angel duster:
889801_h (1)

The body armor:

You can purchase the duster HERE and the leather body armor HERE. All the other awesome Night Angel cosplay pieces are available HERE.

3 thoughts on “Night Angel Cosplay: Durzo Duster & Body Armor

  1. Harry G says:

    I have a mighty need….. Why do you hate my bank account?

    BTW whens the next set of Retribution/The poisoner’s knife come out?

    1. CAPSLOCK says:

      Hi Harry!

      Both Retribution and the poisoner’s knife should still be available to order! You can check those out here:

      Let us know here if you have any trouble ordering those!

  2. Weevo74 says:

    A replica of the blinders knife would be amazing.

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