Fan Art Tuesday: Fable Blades

We love our version of Retribution, but this fantastic, one-of-a-kind custom blade is pretty amazing:

CorpseMaker (8)CorpseMaker (2)

This is actually a combination of fan art work and professional smithing.
Reader Johnathan B. wanted a sword inspired by Retribution in the Night Angel series and found a professional smith to make it for him.

Brendan Olszowy of Fables Blades, makes one of a kind swords, scabbards, longstem pipes, and knives. You can see more of his work HERE. (Note that he does not replicate pieces but makes original pieces by commission only, to suit each client.)

Many thanks to Johnathan for sharing these pictures with us, and to Brendan for creating such a beautiful piece!

CorpseMaker (18)CorpseMaker (17)

5 thoughts on “Fan Art Tuesday: Fable Blades

  1. Epopisces says:

    Just as impressive as the blade is the scabbard–this is a gorgeous set, and the inscription is perfect! Fantastic work!

  2. Timothy says:

    Amazing. Love the inscription. Of all the authors I’ve seen fan art dedicated to, Brent Weeks wins hands down.

  3. Blase Villano says:

    This guy made my sword, Atrox, years back. He does amazing work.

  4. Caleb Cooper says:

    Lovely, this is kind of how I imagined it as well.
    Imagined retribution was a plain sword.

  5. Johnathon Brandis says:

    Hey there’s my baby. I love this sword, its truly the prize in my collection and Brendan O did a amazing job making it a reality. Thanks Brent for posting this, made my day.

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