The Way of Shadows: New French Edition

Brent’s French publisher, Bragelonne, is releasing a special collector’s edition of the first Night Angel book, The Way of Shadows. Take a look:

Night Angel

The books are covered in soft imitation leather, rounded spines, and feature creamy white paper. All for just €16.90. The first three books in this special collectors edition series will be published April 15, will be followed by two more books in August.

Check out this detail from the cover!

Night Angel Bragelonne2


For more pictures of other books that will be included in this special line, go to the Bragelonne website for more details.

Update: If you’d like to order a copy, you can find them HERE.


7 thoughts on “The Way of Shadows: New French Edition

  1. Valen Campion says:

    where can I buy these? I need them!!!!!!!!!

  2. mundanename says:

    For anyone curious I was able to pre-order from

    It was $28 and 12 days shipping to the west coast USA =)

    This post was brought to you by high school french 😉

  3. TurtleBear says:

    Just preordered, ended up coming to a total of $26.98 for east coast USA. I suppose this will be good encouragement to continue taking French in college.

  4. Steven P says:

    Will there be an edition like this (the leather and such) published in english? I would drop the money for this in a HEARTBEAT but I cannot read French… So… Yeah.

  5. Audi says:

    Need this in english. Now. Right now!!

  6. JM says:

    Im with Steven! I’ve read my paper backs enough times to have them fall apart on me, i would love to get my hands on a leather cover copy!!!

  7. ascdren says:

    Can’t speak a word of french but couldn’t resist. Just got a copy

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