Fan Art Tuesdays: Jacob W.

A fan sent us these fun “Magic: the Gathering” cards using characters from The Black Prism trailer. Enjoy!

Blue Wight Idea Iron Fist Idea

Kip Guile Idea Gavin Guile Idea

3 thoughts on “Fan Art Tuesdays: Jacob W.

  1. Tom H. says:

    Gavin Guile should have been a morph card, right? Good stuff either way.

  2. James M. says:

    Kipp’s flavour text (quote or something about them to those unfamiliar with magic:tcg) should definitely be “I’m the ****ing turtle bear!”.

    I am certain most would agree on that.

  3. Travis Smith says:

    Lol I know these aren’t even close to real magic cards hence they shouldn’t follow any of MTG actual rules. But the planeswalker in me is dying.

    Hyrbrid mana symbols shouldn’t appear in the card with solid color symbols
    On blue white a card should either tap for all colorless mana or all colored mana.
    Also why would a blue wight need white mana to cast? I can understand the hybrid because the wight mana would theoretically produce all colors (in the lightbringer universe).

    Commander Iron Fist is way too good. Much better than Gavin Guile. Though the most offensive thing about him is his second ability is target player, creature or planeswalker. When you target a player you can redirect damage to a planewalker. Also, there are no planeswalkers in the lightbringer universe. It should say to target mage, or perhaps color. Or even better deity. Perhaps the gods could replace planeswalkers….

    I really want to make a lightbringer set now….
    Well back to my cube draft on moto….

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