Fan Art Tuesday: Pen Astridge

Check out this awesome fan art by Pen Astridge.

She explains:
“It’s not an overly complex style, really it’s just figure photography with some photoshop work.
“Basically it’s piecing together different nendoroids (which is the name for these particular chibi style of figures) to look as close to the cover character as possible. Then I pose them and photograph them. Finally I photoshop them onto a background to complete the cover art. And that’s what I call them, ‘Cover Art’ kind of like a cover/remake of a song but of a cover of a book instead. So really it’s a cover cover.”

(Find more of her work HERE.)

2 thoughts on “Fan Art Tuesday: Pen Astridge

  1. Pete says:

    This would be a perfect pockie ninja character. Nice work!

  2. Brett says:

    That is kirito from sword art online trying to be Kylar and its so badass

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