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The book reviews are already coming in!

Publisher’s Weekly says: The “plot feels like an orchestrated chess match between genius grandmasters, but [Weeks] also leavens the logic with humor. His characters are charming even as they are threatened with being swept off the chessboard.”

Assistant Peter Recommends: “Books like this are why I read epic fantasy.” 

Fantasy Book Critic notes: “Almost impossible to put down… The Broken Eye starts where Blinding Knife ends and continues the story in the same fast, take no prisoners, twists and turns manner – including another jaw dropping “I can’t believe this” one… The Broken Eye is really worth reading once to find out what happens and once to appreciate its finer points…meets my huge expectations…”

Whedonopolis: “Curse you, Weeks, for your addictive, endorphin-inducing prose! …The only down side to this series is having to wait for the next installment.”

Elitist Book Reviews: “This is what you’ve been waiting for… There was tension, excitement, surprises… the conclusion, as in past books, was amazing and game-changing. I’m eagerly anticipating The Blood Mirror.”

12 thoughts on “The Broken Eye Book Reviews

  1. Robert haight says:

    Don’t stop, look at those reviews … go on look… people love brent and keeps reader on the edge of their seats some forgo bathroom breaks and stick to hot pocket to read these books so don’t stop. Some authors wite book like waves in an ocean up and down, hi tide, low tide. You brent are like a FUKIN TSUNAMI!!! no ups or down, no low tides or high tides just one big devastating wave that leaves readers stunned. The next book is better than the last and when the readers recover from your last you hit them with another wave and leave the reeling. So don’t stop

  2. Brett says:

    Mr. Weeks I hate you so much.
    Spent everyday after the blinding knife waiting for this
    Only to finish it in 2 days. No im trapped as the next installment
    Goes through the same cycle.

  3. Adam Diran says:

    Gotta say I’m with Brett. Fantastic novel, now I get to wait.

    I’d suggest that you try and have lunch with David Weber and find out how he cranks of 2-3 2500 page novels a year.

    Also stay away from George Martin…. It may be contagious.

  4. Carl says:

    This book started out great, but went downhill.

    When bad things happen to good characters it has to be plausible, and in this book it just wasn’t. And it felt like characters had to act out of character to move the plot where you wanted (but we didn’t want).

    The first two books were much better.

    1. Robert haight says:

      You got to under stand that in times of great disaster and war one must change to obtain peace and not set institutes of power in victory but to set peace in the world. if those institutes hinder that peace, would it be worth it turn traitor or savior to benefit mankind than it would to not change and be ignorant to how the world is and let it fall in to darkness. I have not finished the book but of what I have read maybe the answer to the conclusion to this war is not to free those who are about to break the halo by killing them but by using the Blinding Knife to take away there ability to draft thus disconnect them from the magic and keeping there sanity.

    2. Saint Nick says:

      Which events are you talking about?

  5. Mathew says:

    “Also stay away from George Martin…. It may be contagious”

    This is great advice, and I heartily support it.

    In the meantime, Amazon ship the stupid book already.

  6. Wil Anderson says:

    Are you kidding me! You’re an evil twisted writer and I freaking love you for it. 4 days to read it and now to start the series over. I hope there is one more book and I hope the battles to come make Azoths final battle seem miniscule. Damn you again Mr. Weeks.

  7. Tau Kaulima says:


    You fiend.

    The wait begins. Again.

  8. Fletch says:

    AAAAARGH! Cliffhanger

    I used to read a book a day when I was young, now the internet has it’s hooks in to me but I always find time to read your books. Oh well, while waiting for your next book at least Karen Miller has a trilogy out that I haven’t read yet.

  9. Beth says:

    Books one and two were a roller coaster of emotion. Reveals and action around every corner. This book was much more subtle for the first 700 pages or so. The character development and intrigue kept things at a nice simmer but you found yourself kind of holding your breath waiting for something major to happen in the same manner as the first two books. Then, the last 100 pages hit you like a freight train and you just absolutely must completely finish the book before you can allow yourself to do anything else. Then, just as you near the end, the last chapter and the two Epilogues make you slam the book down doing your best Darth Vader impression ( “NOOOOooooooo”) realizing that you now have to read THE ENTIRE SERIES over again with what was revealed therein. (Not that you’re upset about this, it’s more that you have to wait another 2 years to find out what it all means)

    Truly amazing work by one of my favorite authors.

    1. Marco says:

      LOL, i just finished the book myself and you sumary my own feelings TO..THE…LETTER!

      well done Brent!

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