Barnes & Noble Signed Broken Eye

Signed Broken Eye (B&N)Barnes & Noble is now offering a limited run of signed copies of The Broken Eye.

Go HERE to pre-order!

P.S. Remember to keep a copy of your order confirmation e-mail! We’ll tell you why later.

10 thoughts on “Barnes & Noble Signed Broken Eye

  1. Kai says:


  2. Beverly Collie says:

    Ordering a signed book is not as fulfilling as getting it signed in person which I most likely will never experience. Regardless, I am delighted to be able to get a signed book! I appreciate the hand cramps it must cause you to sign the many books for fans like me who will probably never have the chance to meet you at a book signing.

    1. Daniel Norton says:

      I agree that I would prefer a book that was signed in person, but I am still excited to have a signed book at all! Thank you for making these signed copies available!

    2. I agree as well. Meeting the author for a signing is an experience I may never know, as I live in Des Moines where rarely and author may come, that’s why I purchased the pre-order digital and the pre-order signed hard cover. The digital to read and the hard cover to put with my signed copy of Perfect Shadow. Thank you Mr. Weeks for thinking of the folks who’s only option for a signed copy is to get it through pre-order, much appreciated.

  3. Eric says:

    Done and done.

  4. Scott Campbell says:

    Just put my pre-order in.
    Hopefully the shipping gets to Australia not too long after it is released in stores though.

  5. Allan says:

    Just ordered mine, missed out on the last book, glad I checked here a few months early this time

  6. Woody says:

    A bit late but still managed to preorder mine. 😃

  7. Ed Mitchell says:

    Looks like I missed the boat this time around. I preordered on amazon on 1/30, not realizing that a signed copy would have been the same price.

  8. Xuan Nu says:

    YaY! Still got one ^_^.

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