New Fan Art!


Although we’re no longer running the fan art contest, we’ve had a great piece submitted by Jaik O. to the Brent Weeks forum. We wanted to share it with you here. 

Meet Ironfist:



You can view more of Jaik’s work HERE.

5 thoughts on “New Fan Art!

  1. L says:

    Wrong Link? is where i get out.

    Great work, I would like to see more.

    Greetings L

  2. Dustin says:

    Great work. Also, FYI your link to Jaik’s work actually goes to the Legend Award voting.

  3. CAPSLOCK says:

    Fixed! Thanks!

  4. Darakna says:

    OMG! Exactly how I imagined him! =)

  5. Znhunter says:

    I always figured him as more of a Michael Clark Duncan looking person.

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